10 January 2021

Unite your Spirit with our Lord’s Spirit


Early this morning, while I was praying, the angel came and said, “Come with me. There are many souls waiting to see you.”


Suddenly, we found ourselves in a large open space, like a countryside, where nothing was green, there was no life, it was all bare ground, but it was not a bad place. There were thousands and thousands of people waiting there.


I found myself standing in the middle of all these souls. There were men and women and even teenagers dressed in conventional clothes and wearing many different colours.


Standing there, I raised my arms and started swirling around, saying, “Freedom! Freedom! No Coronavirus here.”


The angel smiled and said to me, “You are not so free yourself. You will never be free because look at how many people are around you and are waiting for you to help them.”


I then looked around and asked, “They are all waiting for me? Why are they waiting for me?”


The angel answered, “You have to help these people. They are waiting for you. You will never be free for as long as you are living on earth.”


For a short moment, I felt so peaceful and so free of every attachment. I felt released from the stress of listening to the constant news about the Coronavirus. The world is now placing so much negativity in us; so much fear causing depression and anxiety.


By closing your eyes, you can ask our Lord, to experience the peace and joy that only comes from Him. Unite your spirit with our Lord’s Spirit and try to do this many times throughout the day. Having this meditation with our Lord, He will help you, and He will restore peace in your soul.


The freedom that I was feeling, I cannot explain to you how beautiful it was. I felt a complete release from all the negativity of the world.


Thank you, Lord Jesus, for giving us Your peace and joy.


9 January 2021

Rest for My Valentina


For the last few days, I had guests; my family was staying with me. Today, throughout the day, I could see a strong golden reflection in the sky, which I knew was the presence of our Lord Jesus.


During the day, our Lord spoke to me in my heart. He said, “My child, there are many things that I would like to tell you and reveal to you, but of course, you are preoccupied with your chores.”


I said, “Lord, here is your servant listening to you.”


After my guests left, our Lord said, “Now, rest for My Valentina.”

9 January 2021

Souls walking a long time searching for our Lord


It was about five o’clock in the morning when I was praying, and I had a visit from a group of souls; a group of about twenty came into my room. They were a little shy and reluctant to approach me, but a few of them came close to me.


They said, “Valentina, sorry that we come to you. We’ve come to ask you to help us. We want to tell you that many people on earth pray for Holy Souls, but still, it takes a long, long time for our Lord to answer their prayers. That’s why we come to you because you are very close to God, and your prayers are answered very quickly. Other people’s prayers are not answered as quickly as yours. You are very united to our Lord.”


“Would you recommend us to our Lord, because we have walked a long time searching for Him?” asked the souls.


I answered, “If you give me your names, I will offer you to our Lord, where I go to Church.”


I tried to find a clean piece of paper to write down their names, but it was all full of scribble. They were waiting, so I said, “Our Lord would know your names, and I will offer you as a group in the Church during the Mass.”


The group of souls were happy, and then they left. I don’t know where they were from, but they have been searching for help for a long time.


Lord Jesus have mercy on this group of souls, who have been waiting a long time.

03 January 2021

Souls in Purgatory that heard my Messages while alive


Many times when I go through Purgatory with the Holy Angels, I meet people that I knew on earth. I am very surprised and very happy to see these people.


They say to me, “Valentina, help us and pray for us.”


On one occasion the souls said to me, “You have no idea how much it helped us when you talked to us while we were alive, and we listened to you when you were sharing the Word of God with us. We learnt a lot from the teachings, and that helped us a lot. It shortened our Purgatory.”


I said, “Oh, that is good!”



3 January 2021

Wearing the Mask in Church

St Patrick’s Cathedral Parramatta


Today the government placed even more restrictions upon the people, making it compulsory for us to wear masks indoors, including while shopping and in the churches, or risk being fined. I was quite upset and felt like crying in church as we were all forced to wear a mask.


This morning during the Holy Mass, I was feeling disappointed and disheartened. I complained to our Lord saying, “Lord, I feel embarrassed. It’s so horrible wearing a mask,”


Lord Jesus said, “Do not be afraid, be courageous and trust Me and feed My sheep because they need it.”


I said, “Lord, maybe the real little sheep would probably listen, but not people, they do not listen.”


Our Lord smiled and said, “Yes, but you must keep repeating, over and over again to them.”


Referring to the restrictions placed on the people, He said, “Today, I give you hope. Nothing lasts forever. It will all pass. Do not worry; no one can harm you.”


Thank you, Lord Jesus, for giving us hope and courage. Lord Jesus, we trust in You.


1 January 2021

The Key Word for the New Year

I asked our Lord, “Lord Jesus, what is the key word for the New Year?”

He answered, “Prayer. A lot of prayer. That is the most powerful weapon against all evil now.”

Thank you, Lord Jesus.

1 January 2021

The Cup is Full

New Year’s Day


In the morning, while I was praying, suddenly the holy angel appeared. He said, “Come with me, and I will show you what good fruits you have produced, from the place where the souls were doing their penance.”


Suddenly, we found ourselves in a place in Purgatory. We walked into a building, and as we stepped inside, the angel turned his gaze to the floor. He said, “Have a look at the floor!”


I looked at the polished floor and said, “It looks pretty clean.”


Then we moved further inside, heading towards another door to take us out. As we moved through the building, the angel pointed towards the room’s edges where the floor meets the walls.


He said, “You see the edges, they still need some cleaning, that you can finish.”


The clean floor represents how all the sacrifices, sufferings, prayers and holy masses offered by me, for the holy souls, produced many good fruits for the souls in this place. The edges that still need cleaning mean more prayers and sacrifices are required to remove the remaining dirt. This all represents the cleansing of these souls from their sins.


After we finished inspecting the floor, the angel said, “We are not staying here, now we have to go, and there will be a little surprise for you.”


So suddenly we found ourselves in a place which I knew right away was Heaven. It was a heavenly garden. We entered a building, and in the middle of the room, I saw a little stool which looked more like a child’s desk. Sitting in the centre of the desk was a large silver Chalice. Looking inside, I noticed that the lining of the Chalice was all white. However, over the white lining, I could see many freshly painted strips of colours; red, green, purple, and yellow all kinds of colours, like the colours of the rainbow, but much deeper and stronger. The colours were painted right up to the top of the rim.


In my heart, I felt that it was the little boy Jesus who had painted it and then left it all there.


Instinctively, I picked up the Chalice and carried it to a nearby bench that had a little washbasin, to wash it.


As I was about to wash it, suddenly I could see Blessed Mother approach me, with a beautiful smile on her face, she greeted me, saying, “Happy Blessed New Year!”


“My daughter,” she said, “I wish you lots of good health this year.” We then embraced, and I could feel her motherly love. It was so beautiful.


Then, Blessed Mother talked about the world. She said, “The world is very ill and sick with the virus and full of sin, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to get better. If people do not change, this year will not be a good year.”


She said, “People panic and worry, but they do not want to change. I want you to tell the whole world that it needs a lot of prayer. That is the only solution. Tell people to be courageous and to pray. Health can only come from God, and only He can heal this sick humanity.”


Blessed Mother looked concerned and worried for her children because they are not listening and changing to live the way our Lord wants them to live.


She looked at the Chalice said, “No, don’t wash it. My Son has put the colours there for a purpose, and you are not supposed to clean and wash it. He put them there. His anger is great, and the Cup is full.”


I understood that the colours represent the anger and the wrath of God, which is about to be thrown upon the earth. We must pray. Blessed Mother is very concerned for us.


31 December 2020

I have Chosen you as My Prophet

New Year’s Eve – Saint Silvester

I was speaking to a friend over the phone telling her about the problems I have been having lately with my phone.

She said, “But you are always having problems with your phone.”

I said, “Yes, there must be some problem with the cable.”

After I finished the conversation with my friend, I went back to the kitchen to continue cooking.

Our Lord immediately spoke to me. He was not happy. He said, “Why explain everything to her? Am I not enough that you tell Me? She does not need to know all your problems. I Am the One that wants to know your problems.”

Then our Lord continued. He said, “You see when you talk to some people, they always compare themselves to you. That does not please Me. Valentina, My child, I choose you to be My servant and My instrument, My prophet. I did not choose them. I Am with everyone, but I speak through you, and I come to you, and that is the difference. So, you cannot compare yourself to others, or others compare themselves to you. You are different. You are My prophet.”

I said, “Lord, I am sorry, but people like to receive a blessing from You. They like to be in Your holy presence.”

Jesus said, “Yes, but I speak to you, I give messages to you and not to them, you then pass on the messages. You have to realise that. I only speak through certain people that I choose. I do not speak through everyone.”

I said, “Thank you very much, Lord.”

Our Lord wants us to trust Him completely and not to trust in people. He wants each of us to be intimate with Him, to talk to Him about everything that is happening in our lives, even the littlest things. I pass on the messages received from our Lord so that people can learn about Him and come closer to Him. It is very beneficial for them in the afterlife.


27 December 2020

Pray for the Holy Innocents

St Patrick’s Cathedral Parramatta


During the Holy Mass today, our Lord Jesus appeared. He said, “My daughter Valentina, today I want you to contemplate the aborted children, the Holy Innocents. I want you to pray for them, to think of how much I Am offended by the slaughtering of the little children through abortion.”


He said, “It wasn’t only during the time of Herod that they slaughtered the innocent children. Today, My innocent children are slaughtered in the most horrific way all over the world, and because they are innocent, they cannot help themselves. They cry, and they scream so loudly that their cries reach all the way to Heaven. I cry in Heaven for My little innocent children because they have no chance to live and grow. Such a crime is committed all over the world; a world which is now completely covered in darkness, and it will only get worse because people do not want to repent.”


As Father Chris was celebrating Holy Mass, and while our Lord was explaining to me about the Holy Innocents, suddenly, I could see many beautiful angelic babies floating around the Altar, high up, but not too high. They were all dressed in white and oh so beautiful as I gazed upon them. Some of the babies had blonde hair, some brown.


Our Lord said, “These are all the aborted babies.”


I offered them to our Lord in atonement for the sins committed by the parents and the doctors. Our Lord still wishes that I offer them all to Him so that they are all with Him in Heaven.


Our Lord then continued to talk to me about the state of the world. He said, “You will experience many changes in the world, that will both shock you and surprise you, and you will be controlled by evil more and more. Even the churches will change, you will see. They will be affected very much. You will not be as free as you are now. Even now you are not free, but still, you can go to church. Soon, this will all go.”


“The Coronavirus is sweeping throughout the world, and it is changing its course and going around and around, and each time it goes around, it becomes a more powerful and deadly virus.”


“People think that the New Year will bring good things to the world. It will not get better but will get much worse. How much I beg you, and I wish for people to change and come back to Me. I Am the only One Who can save you and protect you from all this evil. Be strong and be united with Me,” He said.


I said, “Lord, I am going to call on You and scream so loudly that You will hear me from Heaven.”


Lord Jesus responded, “Valentina My child I don’t want you to panic. I want you to give courage and hope to people and for them not to fear. My Reign is ever so close. You must go through this suffering which is prophesied.


As I was writing this message, I could see a flash of blue and golden light appear above the writing. The Holy Spirit was present to enlighten us and help us write the True Word of God.


27 December 2020

Sunday 27 December 2020

Pray for the Families

St Patrick’s Cathedral, Parramatta


After the Mass, I went to pray a decade of the Holy Rosary. I went to the little Chapel of our Lady of Grace. Blessed Mother appeared looking very sad. She was dressed all in white.


I said, “Blessed Mother, you should be very happy. Today is the Feast of the Holy Family.”


She said, “Tell my children how sad I am. So many families in the world are no longer together as a family, that is why I am so upset. They are torn apart because they have forgotten to pray and forgotten to have God in the centre of their lives. They live in sin and no longer live as a Sacred Family.”


She said, “So much sin is in the world, and how much I suffer to see all of this. The devil is really dividing families in the world; dividing the children within the families.”


“Pray and encourage My children to pray to bring their families back together, and to come back to God, to the True Faith.”

20 December 2020

Contemplation on the Nativity of Jesus

Today, there are only a few days left until Christmas, and I was contemplating the birth of our Lord Jesus. It is a special time awaiting the birth of our Saviour and the Prince of Peace. It is a time of prayer, and a time to grow closer to Him and to love Him intimately.

Here I republish the message, about the beautiful and holy vision of the Nativity of the Holy Family, which I received on 5th December 2018:

After I had just finished my evening prayers, I had a most beautiful vision of the Nativity of the Holy Family.

In the darkness of the night a most brilliant light, and radiance surrounded the stable, which was a large open cave. The silvery brightness from the light of the star was so intense that it was as though the star from the heavens had descended and shone directly above the cave. Everything was so bright.

Sitting in the middle of the stable was Mary, the Mother of Baby Jesus, holding Baby Jesus on her lap. She was dressed in a most beautiful red tunic with a white mantilla that extended to her elbows. I could see how her hair was beautifully twisted around her head. Baby Jesus was all in white. I could see St Joseph kneeling beside them.

Multitudes of shining bright angels surrounded them, praising and adoring the newly born King. Around the stable, facing Blessed Mother and Baby Jesus, I could also see many shepherds, kneeling in adoration. The holy shepherds were wearing garments of a combination of white and brown shades.

In front of the stable, I could see many lambs and sheep. The little lambs came up close to Baby Jesus. They were sleeping peacefully and gently resting their little heads on top of each other, as though they were resting their heads on the softest pillow. Their wool was so long and beautiful.

On the other side, behind blessed Mother, I could see lying on the ground an ox and a donkey. This donkey was the one that carried Blessed Mother and accompanied St Joseph to Bethlehem.

As it was so cold in the stable, the animals surrounded the Holy Family to keep them warm. Everything looked so beautiful and colourful and real.

So many angels were present, and I could see them prostrating before our Lord Jesus. Then they raised their heads to Heaven and, all in harmony, started to sing the divine canticle:

“Gloria Gloria Gloria”
“Gloria in Excelsis Deo, et in terra pax hominibus bonae voluntatis”

So that I would understand what they were singing the angels said aloud, “Glory to God in the Highest and Peace to people of goodwill.”

The Blessed Mother, most holy, was very joyful and smiling.
This scene took my breath away. I was praising the newly born King and the Holy Family of Bethlehem.

I said, “My little Jesus, may You be praised and loved by everyone in the world.”

On the 28 December 2018, I was invited to a friend’s house to pray the Holy Rosary with a group of people. After we had finished praying the Holy Rosary, I asked my friend to read the above message from the 5th December 2018 which was about the vision shown to me of the Nativity of Baby Jesus and the Holy Family. Everybody listened and meditated as the message was read. During the reading, I saw a flash of golden light pass by the window.

The next morning on the 29th December 2018, Blessed Mother Mary Most Holy appeared with Baby Jesus. With a gentle and loving smile, she said, “My children, how joyful I feel when you gather in prayer around the manger with my little Baby Jesus, that for more than two thousand years repeats itself but is still ever so new even now, He comes to be born for all of you, to save you and to redeem you because He loves you.”

Blessed Mother said, “The Nativity message that we gave you on the 5th December came directly from Heaven. We want you to distribute it everywhere to people, let people read it. When they share it among family and friends, it will touch their hearts, and the true light and star will descend on their home with blessings from Heaven.”

The Holy Mother and Queen said, “The time of the Nativity at Christmas should be the most joyful time for all people; instead, there is so much evil, and sin committed throughout the world, sin that offends my Son so much. Pray, pray my children, for the world needs so much prayer.”

As she was looking at me, her facial expression changed from one of joy to one of sadness, especially while she was telling me about all the evil and sin in the world.

She said, “Valentina, my daughter, as for you, Jesus needs to be consoled.” Pointing to my garden, she said, “Go to the garden and find the smallest flower that you can, bring it to the manger and place it next to my Son, and tell Him that you love Him.”

While Blessed Mother was telling me how Jesus is so offended by the world, it touched my heart so deeply, that I cried. Please tell Jesus that you love Him, and in that way, you console Him.

Our Lord, being our King and lowering Himself so much and only asking for the smallest little flower, He is still ignored by the world.

May the Christ Child, Lord Jesus our Saviour, bless you and your families this Christmas.
May you continue to contemplate His holy birth and always be faithful to Him.

20 December 2020

Their Souls are Empty

St Patrick’s Cathedral, Parramatta


During the Holy Mass, and also after the Mass, Blessed Mother appeared. She said, “My daughter Valentina, this should be the most joyous time of the year when my Son Jesus, the Saviour, was born. People should accept Him with much more love and reverence. Instead, He is so abandoned and rejected very much in the world. People are too busy running around, buying and accumulating material goods and preparing for the celebrations; what they are going to eat and how they are going to enjoy themselves.”


She said, “There is not much spirituality in any of these people. Their souls are empty. That is why we are so upset, my Son and I. To change humanity, the Coronavirus is circulating and circulating, and then coming back to wake up people, to make them realise that they must turn to God, to pray, and to change; otherwise, they will never get out of it.”


I said, “Blessed Mother, I tried to do my best to tell people, but they didn’t listen.”


She said, “Yes, I know. Offer all the sufferings that you go through and your sacrifices and tell my children to pray so that my Son can save sinners.”


Blessed Mother was so sad, and she placed her sadness in my heart so that I could feel how she was feeling. Suddenly, deep sadness and extreme emotional pain overcame me.


She said, “My Son Jesus, is now giving a limited time of Mercy and Graces for people to change and convert.”


People take this message seriously. The world offends God very much, and we will never get out of this Coronavirus unless people turn to God.


Have Mercy on us, Lord, be merciful to the whole world.


20 December 2020

Unite your Suffering with our Lord’s Suffering


This message was given to me on 9 July 1999 and has not been previously published.


While I was praying the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Holy Rosary, our Lord Jesus said, “Unite your suffering with Mine, by carrying the Cross on the way to Calvary. Console Me, My child. Help Me. My suffering is beyond your understanding for I Am so gravely offended today in the world and rejected. Just think how much I have done for all of you because I love you but so little I receive in return.”


He said, “I Am so sad watching all My children accept evil so easily, following the wrong way of life, being deceived by the evil Master of Lies.”


Our Lord was very sad and angry as He was telling me all of this.


He said, “Turn to Me for I suffer for you to save you, so that you can have life in Me and Eternal Happiness. Come to Me for I have so much to offer you, and I love you, your Lord Jesus.”


Oh My Lord, have pity and mercy on all of us. How long can our Lord beg us to change? Souls, where are you going to run to? Where are you going to escape to and hide? Because He knows everything, He judges, and He sees everything. Nothing escapes Him.

20 December 2020

Appreciate this Time of Mercy


This message was given to me on 1 July 1999 and has not been previously published.


While I was praying, the angel of the Lord appeared to me. He said, “You people have a very short time now. You must appreciate this time that you live in, it is a special time of Mercy and Graces, given to you, by your God.”


He said, “Give thanks and praise to God every day.”

19 December 2020

Saturday 19 December 2020

Our Lord’s Heart is a Flame of Love


This is a special grace given by our Lord for Christmas. He wants to share His Love with us, to show how much He loves us, and He wants us to think of Him.


Today, our Lord Jesus surprised me and brought my mother with Him to visit me. He was casually leaning against my kitchen bench with His Arms folded, and talking to my mother, who was at the dining table. He was neatly dressed in a white shirt and creamy-grey coloured pants. My mother was young and beautiful, wearing a long, light blue dress. They were talking quite a lot, especially about the state of the world today.


Lord Jesus was telling my mother, “The world is not how it used to be.”


My mum said, “How things are different today to the way I brought up my children. Of all my six children, Valentina was the most calm and obedient.”


“Not many are like that today, the children don’t obey their parents. That is why I chose her,” He said.


My mother and our Lord then continued to converse, I did not know what they were talking about, and I did not want to eavesdrop.


When they finished, our Lord came to my kitchen sink, where I was washing the dishes and He stood beside me on my left.


He said, “Let me help you!”


I said, “Lord, it’s all right! You’re so holy You don’t wash dishes. You’re too holy to do that.”


Our Lord insisted, and said, “No, no let Me help you. I want to help you.”


He then came even closer and started rinsing the dishes for me. He stood so close to me that suddenly I was overcome by a great wave of Love coming from Him. It was like a huge wave of fire. The heat of His Love completely consumed my being. It was so strong that, at that moment, I was so in Love with Him. We should all be in Love with our Lord!


The power of Love that emanated from Our Lord was so overwhelmingly strong that I thought I would jump out of my body.


I exclaimed, “Lord, this is too much!”


With a beautiful and gentle smile on His Face, He replied, “This is only a little! If I were to give you all My Love, you would not be able to handle it.”


A little longer and I thought that I was going to burst. I felt embarrassed to look at Him. Our Lord looked so beautiful, He is tall and so handsome. I observed His beautiful Hands and long Fingers.


He would rinse the dishes as I washed them, placing them upside down to dry. I could see a few suds left on one or two of the dishes, so I took them back to rinse again.

As I did so, in a cheerful tone, our Lord said, “I have already rinsed that!”


“But there are still a little bit of soap suds on them,” I replied.


Our Lord shows us how He wants to be completely part of our lives, intimately united with us with the littlest things.


He said, “Whatever you do, I give you the grace and the strength and knowledge to do it. I have done all of this to demonstrate to you how much I want people to come to Me and not to fear to come to Me. I am a God of Love and Mercy, and I want to save My children.”


Our Lord was teasing me while He was saying, “I want you to write this; how much I love you, My Heart is burning for you. See how much we are united, and I want you to tell My children how much I love each one of them and My Heart is bursting of Love for them. It is like a fire that you, My children have to extinguish. When you come to Me, and you accept My Love, you extinguish the burning flames that are so much in Me.”


His Heart is a Flame of Love. It is so real!


Lord Jesus also talked to me about the virus in Australia. He said, “People think that I permit the virus to happen only in some countries and only some parts of Australia, but I tell My children that I Am offended by their sins. It doesn’t matter whether it is a poor area or a rich area. I permit for this to happen. I want people to wake up and turn to Me and ask Me to be merciful and help them, but they don’t. If they would ask Me, I would help them and protect that part of the world from the virus, but they refuse My help.”


Our Lord wants to show us how much Love He has to give us and how intimate He wants to be with each one of us. He shows how simple He wishes us to be and to share all with Him.


Lord Jesus, thank You for Your Love and Mercy.