24th December 2017

Christmas Eve


This morning while I was praying the Angelus, the Holy Family appeared to me. Blessed Mother was holding Baby Jesus. He looked so beautiful, dressed in a pure white garment. Blessed Mother looked radiant and beautiful, dressed all in white, with St Joseph next to her wearing a dusty pale purple tunic.


Blessed mother outstretched her arms towards me while holding Baby Jesus. She said, “Take Him. Help me to put Him in the manger.”


I then took Baby Jesus in my arms, and gently lowered Him down to place Him in the little straw manger, but then He started to cry.  Each time I tried to put Him in the manger, he would just cry and cry.


He said, “Don’t put Me down! Hold Me close to yourself and console Me. The people of the world reject Me and offend Me so much. I come to give you this message for the world. How much I would like for the people of the world to accept Me and love Me, the way I love them.”


“People of the world love material things. They do not care about God and Faith anymore. I come from Heaven to give you an abundance of Love and Peace, so you can share it with one another, so that you can live in tranquillity and peace with one another. The world has become so sinful and so evil. Life does not mean very much to one another. There is constant hate and killing. The hearts of people have become very cold. Their hearts have become ice cold!”

“You must pray very much for non-believers, so that they will come to recognise the Truth.”


“Tell people that the Life and the Truth only come through Jesus Christ. There is no other God, except for Jesus Christ, who came down from heaven to give you blessings and abundance in everything.”

“Adore and Love Me, for I love you and I bless you abundantly this Holy Christmas.”

“Be in peace My children.”


Thank you Lord Jesus, have mercy on us and on the whole world.

10 December 2017

A Christmas Lesson of Love for Everyone


Our Lord Jesus said, ‘Do you know, when I came down to earth and was born in a poor stable, the world stopped for a period of time? Science has tried to work out where is the missing time, but they can never find it.”


He said, “Just imagine that the whole of creation and the whole universe stopped because the Saviour came down from Heaven to be born. If people would only understand the majesty and meaning of God, they would praise Me and love Me much more deeply than how they do now, but rather they choose to condemn Me.”


He said, “All of nature on earth bows to Me, and loves Me. But you My children, so seldomly say ‘I love You my Lord.’


Our Lord loves us so deeply that He comes down from Heaven for us. He wishes that we return at least a little bit of love and respect to Him, our God and our Saviour.


Our Lord was very sad when He was telling me all of this. It was so touching and emotional that I cried.

He still continues to love us, and never gives up on us.


I hope Jesus will give you peace and special blessings this Christmas. He loves you very much.





9 December 2017

The angel came and took me to Purgatory where we saw many suffering souls.


After we finished seeing many of these souls, some needing encouragement and others needing consolation, we came out of this huge place where the souls were being detained.


The angel said, “I was also sent to you to reveal and to show you how a very bad disaster will happen in Melbourne.”


I asked the angel, “What kind of disaster?”


He then showed me in a vision, very destructive winds, a lot of water and debris.


Then I turned to the angel and said, “Oh the poor people!”


With a stern look the angel responded, “Do not say that! Think of how God is very offended! You should say, ‘Let it be Your Holy Will’ and pray for all of what has been shown to you, before it has happened. Maybe then by praying, God will be merciful towards these people.”


Then the angel showed me a huge wall which was part of a very long building. The wall was a light cream colour.


I was greatly disturbed by what I saw next. I could see many, many coffins lined upright against this long wall. The lids of the coffins were all black.


The angel said, “They will be ready for when the disaster will happen.”


I said, “This is very scary.”


The angel responded, “Things happen. You are all mortal and you are not here forever.”


This vision gave me an eerie feeling and made me very unsettled. I haven’t experienced anything like this before.


I said, “Lord Jesus, please protect the people of Melbourne.

8 December 2017

St Patrick’s Cathedral, Parramatta

Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception



During Holy Mass, our Lord asked me to offer Him everyone that I could think of.


Jesus said, “Do you know there is so much misery and confusion in the world today, even in this country of Australia? I want to tell you how sad it makes Me for your leaders in Government to permit same-sex marriage. Tell people not to judge them but rather pray for their souls. I know that it makes everyone very unhappy to see what is happening. Only I can judge and condemn. All these events that you see, and that are happening right now in front of your eyes, have been prophesised long ago.”


Jesus said, “Sacrilege, blasphemy and abomination are now here, and you are living in them, because you are living in the end of times. Then the new event which is prophesised will follow soon. Do not lose hope. Courageously believe in your Saviour.”


“Once again, I want to remind you that you are now living in the end of times.”


Jesus Christ then said, “Stay very close to Me so that I can protect you.”


Lord Jesus, have mercy on us and protect us.

8 December 2017



This morning while I was praying, our Lord Jesus came and said to me, “My child, see what is happening in Jerusalem right now. People are not happy. You know that even the students from universities are demonstrating against this announcement. This is not right. Jerusalem belongs to everyone. There will be a lot of trouble because of this. Pray My children for this announcement which is causing a lot of division.”


Our Lord was referring to President Donald Trump’s decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.


28 November 2017

This morning while I was praying, our Blessed Mother came with a gentle smile and said, “Peace be with you, my child. Praise Jesus for He is the King of Kings, of everlasting joy, yet He is so denied in the world.”


Our blessed Mother continued, “I come to tell you how there is much confusion in the Church today amongst the priests and bishops. They do not speak the Truth of the Gospel to people. My Son Jesus is very upset because of the wrong teachings and they deny Him. They lead people astray.”


“My children pray, pray! I want to tell you to keep the Cenacle Rosary alive. Do not give up and do not relax. You do not know how essential this Cenacle Rosary is and how powerful it is in this crucial time in which you live. The devil would like you to give up, and would like to discourage you, so that you will not pray. Be strong and participate in this prayer of the Cenacle Rosary. Pray from your heart. I am among you and I guide you. Things can change and you will receive graces. Encourage one another to join in this powerful Rosary, the Cenacle and Consecration to my Immaculate Heart.”


“Remember my children that I am guiding you in this church, St Patrick’s Parramatta. I love you my children and I bless you all in the Name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” Our Blessed Mother made the Sign of the Cross.


Our Blessed Mother comes to give us encouragement.


Blessed Mother we love you to stay with all of us, your children.





23 November 2017

The Holy Family


Jesus, Blessed Mother and St Joseph appeared to me in the morning. Jesus appeared to be about two to three years old.


St Joseph said, “We come to tell you how happy we are that you love Jesus so tenderly and so gently. He is very joyous. We wish the world would show a little respect for our Son, instead they deny Him. Only some people love Him, but He wants to be loved by everyone. He loves little children. He wishes that parents would teach their children to know Him and to love Him. He, too, was once a little Child.”


Little Jesus, we love You. May the whole world love You and recognise You. Bless everyone and have mercy on everyone.


22 November 2017

This morning the angel of the Lord took me to meet many Holy Prophets in Heaven.


I stood next to the angel and watched these Holy People talking about how bad it is in the world today. How the world is sinful and corrupt. They said that it has never been this bad before.


They said that people must know that great changes are coming to the world. People must change, repent and pray.


They said, “This is very near and this must be announced to the world. It is very urgent.”


I said to them, “I, too, was informed of these great changes and that they will come soon.”


As I said this the Saints turned around and gave me a stern look.


The angel said to me, “Do not interfere with their talk and discussion, just listen to them. They know everything that will happen because they live in Heaven. God gives them Prophetic knowledge before it reaches the earth.”


I continued to listen to the Holy Prophets. They said, “When these changes are about to happen on earth, Gordon has been chosen to announce the warning through the computer.”


I asked, “Who is Gordon?”


The Saints said, “He is in charge of messages that are put up on the computer. He searches the messages to determine whether they are correct or not.”


I kept repeating the name Gordon to myself so that I would not forget it.


Later that morning, as I was offering my prayers, our Lord Jesus came and said, “What you just heard is all true. It is very urgent that you attend Holy Mass today and offer Me all that you heard from these Holy Prophets, so that I can sanctify and bless for what is coming to the world.”


Jesus said, “I Am holy and My work is holy. Whatever I do is holy. You can do this for Me My Child because you live on earth and I give you this task to do and I give you My permission.”


“Go and announce My Holy Word. I Am always with you. Fear not.”


Thank You My Lord Jesus. I trust in You.

16 November 2017

16 November 2017


Today, I had plans to tend to my house chores and then to do some baking.


Suddenly, our Lord appeared to me and said, “Listen, My child, I know you have other plans but they can wait till later on. I urge you and I ask you, to go to Holy Mass today. I want you to offer Me everything that happened yesterday.”


Yesterday, the result of the survey to allow people of the same gender to marry each other in Australia, was announced with the majority of people voting yes. Sadly, there was much euphoria and celebration afterwards by those in favour of these results.


Jesus said, “What the government agreed to yesterday, to allow these people to bring in their own laws and have their own rights, is to disobey all My Commandments. This nation, along with the leaders of this country, who made the decision to bring in this indecency by disobeying My Commandments, are not worthy of My Blessing.”


“Any nation that accepts this abomination is not worthy of My Blessing.”


“Valentina, tell this nation that My Hand of Justice is very reluctant to punish them, but because of their disobedience I Am forced to correct them. Every nation that disobeys My Commandments and implements laws that go against My Laws, My Hand of Justice is forced to correct them.”


Jesus said, “As has happened many times in history when nations disobeyed My Commandments and offended Me terribly in their sins, these nations were corrected through My punishment of them.”


“This sin of the flesh between a man and a man and between a woman and a woman offends Me the most. I cannot tolerate this anymore.”


“Now the devil has confused humanity to such a level that people have lost all sense of sin. The same behaviour happened in Sodom and Gomorrah when God was forced to destroy these cities due to their sinful behaviour.”


“My child, that is why I urge you to go to Holy Mass and to offer Me all of this.”


I left all my chores and did what our Lord asked of me. I caught a bus and went to Parramatta to attend Holy Mass.


After I received Holy Communion, our Lord Jesus said, “Thank you My child for doing all this that I asked of you. It is the obedience that counts the most. Your obedience is very important and I thank you for it. By being obedient to Me you fulfilled My Will.”


I smiled at Jesus and said, “Lord, I should thank You. I am only Your little servant.”


Lord Jesus, have mercy on us all.



12 November 2017

12 November 2017

I was suddenly awoken about three o’clock in the morning by a loud noise. I heard many voices crying and screaming.


I jumped out of bed and when I looked down I saw this big opening. In the middle of this hole was a huge fire and around the edge were many people, screaming and begging for help. There were both young and old people. I believe this was a place in the deepest Purgatory.


It was a most frightening scene. I was so scared. I immediately prayed the Divine Mercy Chaplet for them and I sprinkled them with Holy Water to refresh them.


The next night I said to our Lord, “Lord, I hope you don’t show me again these frightening places. Be merciful to those souls and please give me a peaceful night so that I can rest a little bit.”


Our Lord would listen to me and would give me a little peace and relief but then the following night I would go through suffering again. I would again see souls and how they suffer in Purgatory. There is a never-ending stream of souls, millions of souls.


Many times I would ask the souls, “Why did you not pray while you were alive on earth?”


They do not answer. I feel pity for them when they look at me with such sadness on their faces. They cannot help themselves anymore. They depend totally on our prayers, sacrifices and charitable works that we offer to our Lord daily. All this helps the Holy Souls.



12 November 2017

12 November 2017

St Patrick’s Cathedral, Parramatta


During Holy Mass today, our Lord Jesus spoke to me and said, “Valentina, My child, nothing is more important right now, in this confusing time that you live in, than to proclaim My Holy Word. That is your number one job, to spread My Word among people.”


“When you invite people to hear about the messages tell them, ‘Come, listen, hear and learn!’. So whatever you tell them, there is something for everyone to learn. When you talk to people about Me, you console Me and you bring joyfulness to My Sacred Heart.”


When we talk about our Lord Jesus we console Him and, at the same time, we also offer up reparation for the offences committed against His Most Sacred Heart which is so offended.


He listens to us and loves us and blesses us.


Lord Jesus come amongst us, touch us, heal us and bless us.


While I was writing down this message the Holy presence of Jesus appeared in the form of a golden aura of light.


Thank you Lord Jesus for being present with us. We love You and we thank You.

8 November 2017

8 November 2017

The World will be much smaller


In the morning while I was praying, the angel appeared to me and said, “I was sent by the Lord to remind you that the Lord is very offended by the world now. It is so sinful. There is so much wretchedness, evil and injustice in the world. Our Lord can no longer watch and tolerate all this sinfulness.”


He said, “I also want to remind you that our Lord spoke to you previously that He is preparing to change the world. He is working on this right now. The world will be much smaller than it is now. He will purify the world.”


I asked the angel, “Do you mean that the earth itself will be much smaller?”


He said, smiling, “Not by the size of the globe but by the number of inhabitants on earth. That will be much smaller.”


He continued, “Your task is to tell people to convert and to come to know Jesus, our Lord, to come to Him and to repent.”


Very seriously, the Angel then said, “There is very little time left for people to change and to convert.”

7 November 2017

7 November 2017

Vision of our Blessed Mother in the Sky


This morning about 9.30am I was in my back garden. It was a beautiful morning, I was praying the “I Believe” and I was saying a decade of the Rosary for the Holy Souls, when suddenly I felt in my heart to look up to the sky.


As I looked up, all of a sudden, right above my garden, I could see a shape of an arch, which was surrounded by a misty golden aura. In the centre of the arch, I could see our Blessed Mother standing. She had her hands held in Grace. She was dressed all in pure white.


As soon as I saw the Mother of God, I bowed my head and made the Sign of the Cross. I glorified her saying, “Glory to you my Mother, how beautiful you are.”


Not far from her, a few metres to her right, I could see a patchwork of many colours such as orange, purple, green and red. I knew in my heart that these colours were a warning sign as I had seen them before. Blessed Mother had previously explained to me, “Every time you see these colours appearing in the sky, that means that God is about to send a punishment to the world.”


When I saw the patches of colour I said to Blessed Mother, “Mother, you are trying to tell me something. Something is going to happen somewhere in the world.”


She said, “Every time you see these patches of colour, they are signs from Heaven, from God that something will happen in the world, some kind of disaster. It can happen anywhere. It can happen in two days time, it could be the next day or it could be in five days time. That is why I have come to tell you, my child, to tell my children to pray. Many bad things are happening in the world and they will continue to happen. People must return to God and change their way of life. They should live a good and pure life, not a sinful one.”


This must be very urgent that Blessed Mother herself has come to ask for prayer and conversion. I felt in my heart that she said, “Son, let me go and warn my children before the event happens.”


The vision was so vivid, so alive. Never before have I seen Blessed Mother appear beside the patches of colours as I have seen today.


The vision lasted for quite a long time.


Lord Jesus, have mercy on us and on the whole world.

4 November 2017

4 November 2017


While I was saying my morning prayers, the angel appeared to me.


He said, “I am the angel of the Lord, I was sent by the Lord to tell you that you will experience many changes in the weather.”


“For instance, the weather is very changeable. Four seasons can occur in the one day, from hot to cold, to wind, to rain all in one day. They are signs given from God so that people will wake up and see that something is not right, and that God is not pleased.”


He said, “I have to tell you something else. You will experience a very hot summer, and a lot of fires that will burn because of the scorching hot weather.”


“There will be a scarcity of meat. You should start to stock up on a little bit of meat.” The Angel did not explain why there would be a scarcity of meat.


He repeated this a few times, “You best tell people to stock up on meat.”


It could be due to a shortage of grain or the hot weather.


We should take seriously the warnings that come from Heaven.

3 November 2017

3 November 2017


The angel appeared and said to me, “Come with me. I will take you to meet some suffering souls. They need your help.”


We came to an open place that looked very barren and drab. I could see many, many souls there. We were walking among them. The angel said, “See how they suffer. They have been here for a long time. You can talk to them and give them a little relief from their suffering.”


The souls were telling me that they committed many sins while on earth and did not have the chance to repent before they died.


One particular lady asked me to come near her. I did so and sat down next to her. She told me that she had been in hospital and was very sick. She was showing me some sort of legal papers and then said, “They are supposed to be resolved in court and dismissed but I never had the chance to do that. That is why I ask you to stay one more day and this will be resolved and cleared up. But you have to stay here with me one more day.”


I understood that I will have to offer her up during Holy Mass, but for more than one day. Only then will she be purified.


The angel then said to me, “Come, we have to go and see another part where Holy Souls are waiting.”


As we came to this other part, I saw many men in a group. They ran over to me. A couple of them spoke to me and said, “We know you do not like us because we were very rich while living on earth.”


I stopped and said, “I have never said that. I have never met you. I never knew you.”


They said, “Come here, we want to show you something.” All of them approached me, each with a green paper in their hand. On each paper, written in black, were names and petitions for what they were asking.


In an instant, my hands were full, holding all these green papers. They said, “Please help us and don’t neglect us.”


The colours green and black represent suffering. It means these souls are still being purified.


I took all their papers and offered them to our Lord during Holy Mass.