4 September 2020

St Patrick’s Cathedral, Parramatta
My Son is so Offended

Today during Holy Mass at St Patrick’s Cathedral, Parramatta, our Blessed Mother said to me, “You need to tell them the truth about what was revealed to you yesterday about this Church. My Son is so offended. Do not be afraid. We are with you, and nobody can harm you.”

“A good Bishop and good priests need to revive this Church and bring back the people so that it comes alive once again,” She said.

I understood that when this Church is revived, brought out of the darkness, our Lord Jesus will once again be dressed beautifully and glorified. Much prayer is needed to lift up this Church.

3 September 2020

St Patrick’s Cathedral, Parramatta
This Church needs strong Spiritual Revival

During my morning prayers, the angel of the Lord appeared to me and said, “Our Lord Jesus sent me to bring sad news today. Do you know that the Cathedral in Parramatta has crumbled right down to the ground? Do you know what this means?”

The angel continued, “This church needs a strong spiritual revival and a good shepherd to lead it and to raise it up again. Most people no longer attend Mass (there) due to the Coronavirus and the fear instilled in them by the government and society. The church should be open, and people should not fear to attend Mass. Jesus will protect them.”

“All the recent trouble that has entered this Church has caused it to crumble right down to the ground, and it will be very difficult to raise it up again. A lot of prayers are needed for this Church to change, and to bring it into the Light once again. Our Lord Jesus is very offended by all the trouble, that is going on in this Church. It needs a good Shepherd and leader to revive it,” said the angel.

The angel then said, “I want to show you how our Lord is offended by this Church.”

Our Lord Jesus then appeared as a teenager, of about twelve to thirteen years of age.

The angel said, “Look how He weeps because of all the wrong things they are doing in the Church.”

Our Lord Jesus was wearing dull-coloured overalls that were covered with dirty marks all over. He was crying profusely. Tears were pouring down His cheeks.

The angel said, “Try to console our Lord for He is so gravely offended.”

I asked our Lord, “Why are you crying so much? Can I help you? What can I do to make you feel better?”

Our Lord responded, “Look at what they have put on Me! This dirty outfit that looks like a straight-jacket, that they have forced upon Me and I don’t want it!”

He repeated, “I don’t want it! I don’t want it!”

I have never seen our Lord dressed like this before. He was crying and crying and repeating over and over again that He does not want this dirty outfit on Himself. I consoled our Lord by gently patting Him on His back and saying to Him, “But maybe they will change, maybe I can help you.”

Lord Jesus said, “You cannot do it on your own. You can only warn them of this danger that is upon them. I want to be glorified and dressed beautifully, not in this dirty garment they have forced upon Me. I want My Church raised up in the Glory of the Light, but now it is in complete darkness.”

The angel said, “See how our Lord is offended. Tell them, now it is bad, but it can become even worse. Quickly they need to change and to raise up this church, otherwise worse is to come.”

30 August 2020

St Patrick’s Cathedral, Parramatta
Now is the Time I must Renew the World

During the reading of the Gospel (Mathew 16:21-27) at Sunday Mass, our Lord said, “Every two thousand years I renew the world. When I came to the world, when I was born, not everybody accepted Me. They rejected Me. I tried to teach them the Truth, but they would not listen, only very few listened to Me and accepted My Teachings.”

Jesus continued, “They rejected Me so badly and ignored Me until they crucified Me because I bothered them! That was a bad generation when I came to the world, but as the years went by, I patiently watched and sent My Prophets to teach and spread the True Word. Only a few accepted My True Word through the centuries, but most ignored and rejected It. But now we have come to the present time, and this generation is the worst. They completely reject God. They try to do everything on their own without God. They have become very materialistic, and they play gods, so they do not need Me. They disobey all My Commandments, but blessed are those who believe and trust in Me.”

“So, My child, I repeat to you again, now is the time that I have to renew the world so that people will acknowledge Me again, and to tell them that I Am Supreme, above all. They will be amazed when they discover that God exists and is alive and is the Creator of everything!”

Our Lord is showing people there is still a chance for them to come back to God, who loves them greatly.

29 August 2020

Appreciate Everything

In the afternoon, I baked some biscuits, but they did not turn out the way I liked. Even though I was not too pleased with the result, I still asked our Lord to bless them.

I said, “Lord, still bless these biscuits, but I don’t think they are edible. I don’t think I will offer them to anybody.”

Our Lord was watching me as I was talking to him. He said, “My child, be grateful that you have food in front of you. You have no idea how many children are starving in the world. They would not complain whether the biscuits are good or not good to eat. They would appreciate every crumb that would be in front of them.”

Then wistfully shaking His Holy Head, our Lord said, “But they have nothing to eat. How sad I Am.”

Our Lord Jesus continued, “Do you know how much My Heart is agonized, to watch My children starving? All because people in the world are spoilt. They do not think of the poor at all, and they are very selfish.”

Our Lord then instructed, “Write this down: The day of My Coming is very near, nearer than you think, and My Justice will be revealed to the world. There will be no more greed, but justice for My children, everything will be shared equally. There will be no more poor people pushed into the corner and ignored. If one has a little bit more, that person will share with the other one, who has less. I shall multiply everything and bless abundantly for My children so that they will all be happy and joyful. Everything will be beautiful.”

“Pray that this will come soon.”

Lord, I am sorry that we do not appreciate everything that you put in front of us. Have mercy on us.

23 August 2020

While you remain Humble you remain Protected

During my morning prayers, the angel of the Lord appeared and said, “I know you are now living in confusing times, you hear all kinds of things; men changing into women, women changing into men. The devil is confusing people.”

He said, “Listen to me, be grateful that God created you as a woman. Remain faithful to our Lord and stay very close to Him.”

The angel then drew an oval shape, and within this oval, I could see myself. The angel explained to me, “The oval line represents that you are protected. While you remain humble, you are in the oval, and you receive protection from our Lord. Many women, however, who are protected, they step outside of that line. They want to be important and powerful. They want the world to recognise them. In this way, they are no longer humble, and therefore lose all protection. Our Lord is not pleased with all this. Women should remain humble and be grateful to our Lord who created them.”

22 August 2020

This Stubborn Humanity Needs to Repent

During my morning prayers, our Lord Jesus appeared and said, “Valentina, tell people to repent of their sins! If they continue to ignore My warning, worse things are to come.”

Gesturing with His Index Finger, our Lord said, “I really mean it! With this Coronavirus, people are ignoring how serious it is, and are not repenting. People are dying from this disease without repentance.”

“My Heart is constantly grieving to watch this stubborn humanity. I Am waiting for their repentance, but they ignore Me completely. Their only salvation is repentance! I can change things instantly, but I Am waiting for humanity to change,” He said.

9 August 2020

Message of Hope

This morning when I was praying, our Lord came with an angel. He appeared as a young teenager, with slightly long hair. The angel accompanying our Lord was much taller than Him.

The angel greeted me and said, “We’ve met before.”

Our Lord Jesus came close to me. We were both sitting at a table. He said, “Valentina, I come to you as a young lad, I know how much you love Me when I appear so young. I heard your prayer when you asked when will all this end? You tell Me how you are depressed, and you talk to Me about other people who are also depressed, so there is just negativity, and no prayer. People are becoming more and more depressed.”

Our Lord continued, “My Mother came to tell you about the meeting we had, and I come to give you hope about this Coronavirus. Have faith. Things will get better and improve very soon because I know how frail is humanity. People lose hope and become very depressed, and it is difficult to get out of the depression, so, I Am going to lift all of this very soon.”

“Pray and trust Me and tell people to be courageous, and not to lose hope, thinking that it is the end of everything. It is not, I can lift everything,” He said.

“Do you know I Am Almighty God?” Our Lord asked.

Our Lord was smiling, and He was happy. Then, to my utter surprise, He came close to me and laid His Head on my shoulder.

He said, “You have to be more courageous too, not to give up so easily. See how close we are, how we love to be together and even joke.”

I said, “You look so different and yet You are Almighty God! It is so hard to understand You, Lord.”

I was trying to tell our Lord how He is so powerful, He is God, yet he comes to me as a young teenager!

Our Lord said, “I come to you the way I was as a teenager, and I fully understand humanity. Now, I will show you how I shared food and everything with everyone!”

Suddenly, before me, on the table appeared a pure white tablecloth with food on it; the food looked like mashed avocado. Our Lord was wearing a beautiful, pure white shirt. With His Hand, He reached for the food and began consuming it.”

I took a napkin that was on the table, and with motherly instinct, I said, “Oh no, wipe Your Hands.”

Like a typical teenager, He wiped His Hands on His pure white shirt. As He did so, He looked at me and smiled. He said, “You worry too much, you see!”

Our Lord Jesus wanted to show that He is Human yet Divine. The angel was watching and smiling.

Again, our Lord leaned His Head on my shoulder. As I ruffled His light-coloured hair, I said, “Gee, You have thick hair.”

He said, “Be happy, today is your joyful day. You are sitting at My Banquet. You should be very joyful. Be happy, love everyone and forgive everyone, like I do and then you will be in peace. Tell all My children to do the same, not to give up hope but to trust Me!”

9 August 2020

Praying the Lord’s Prayer during Holy Mass
Many people, during Holy Mass, hold out their hands while praying the Our Father prayer.
The angel came and said, “Tell people, why are they holding their hands up, are they trying to catch apples? Tell them to be humble and join their hands together in prayer.”
Blessed Mother always comes with her hands joined together. She is so holy and yet so humble. Praying this way is a sign of humility.

9 August 2020

I Am the Most Holy of all Holiness
St Patrick’s Cathedral, Parramatta

Today, during Holy Mass, after I received Holy Communion, I said, “Lord, I had no choice, but to receive You in my hand.”

Today, I held a small tissue in the palm of my hand and received Holy Communion, and then I consumed the Holy Host directly from my palm to my mouth.

Our Lord immediately answered, “Valentina, My child, see how much I Am sacrileged in the Eucharist. They do not realise that I Am the Most Holiest of all Holiness! They do not realise what they are dealing with. I would protect My people if they served Me properly. I would not allow them to be sick, but because they are afraid of the government and its threats, they disobey all My Commandments, and they sacrilege Me so badly.”

We have to have hope. Jesus knows everything. He will change things for the better. For now, we just have to accept the suffering.

5 August 2020

Encouraging People to pray for their Loved Ones

When I prayed this morning, at about five o’clock, our Blessed Mother suddenly appeared. She was quite joyful. She embraced me and, in an almost whisper, said, “I have come to tell you we have just had a meeting in Heaven, and it looks promising.”

Blessed Mother did not reveal the rest of the meeting. It was like a little secret.
She then said to me, “You know the suffering that you had, that my Son permitted you to have, you should be joyful and happy, for so many souls went to Heaven through that, and they are rejoicing in eternal happiness.”

She then said, “I have to ask you something, would you offer some prayers for Diana (Princess Diana), she is so upset because not one prayer comes to Heaven from her family. They talk about her, but no prayer reaches Heaven. I tell you she is very sad. I go to her, and I embrace her, and I cover her with my Motherly Mantle, and I console her. In that way, she feels much better.”

In a vision, I could see Blessed Mother wearing a deep, pink-coloured mantle. Then I watched as she wrapped the mantle around Diana and hugged her, to console her. Diana looked so beautiful, standing in the Garden of Heaven.

Blessed Mother said, “That is why I come to ask you to pray for her so that at least some prayer will come to her from a stranger, that will make her much happier.”

People do not pray for her anymore, especially her family. She does not receive any Mass offerings, and her anniversary is at the end of this month, that is why Blessed Mother comes.

Blessed Mother said, “She is already in Heaven, but she still is very appreciative and happy if she is remembered on earth through prayer. If she does not need the prayer, then it will go to other people who need it.”

We should never stop praying for souls, even if they are in Heaven. They still like to be remembered. The only way we can remember them is in prayer.

Our Lord told me one day that while we are still living on earth, we need to pray. That prayer will be stored for the time when we cannot pray, and it will be stored in Heaven, similar to when you would put a little bit of money into your bank account, to save for a rainy day when you need it. So, too, prayer is stored in Heaven for when we need it. This is a teaching for all of us.

2 August 2020

My Son will make all new Creation

Today, I attended Holy Mass at St Patrick’s Cathedral, Parramatta.

Before Mass started, I made all my offerings to our Lord. As I was feeling down and emotional, I lamented to our Lord, “Lord, I feel that nothing is nice anymore, not even in Church. I miss my son and everything around us is making me very sad and depressed.”

As soon as I said these words, our Blessed Mother appeared holding Baby Jesus in her arms. Blessed Mother looked ever so beautiful, richly dressed in a white flowing garment and long, flowing mantilla. Our Lord Jesus had light-coloured wavy hair and was also wearing white.

Blessed Mother said, “I know you are sad. Do not be sad and emotional. Trust my Son. He will help you. Now you are all suffering, but you cannot comprehend what is coming very soon; what my Son is preparing for the world, for all the nations. All the evil and evildoers will disappear off the face of the Earth. My Son will make all new creation, and it is already waiting for you. You have no idea what wonder and beauty awaits you. Look forward to this, trust in my Son. You just have to go through this short period of suffering. All the nations will praise God for what is coming. You will all witness what is to come, and then you will forget all the suffering you went through. You will all be renewed. The Earth will be renewed. You will all love one another.”

Holy Mass then started, and later, during the Consecration, our Blessed Mother appeared above the Altar and offered her Son, Baby Jesus, as the Sacrificial Lamb. This vision during the Consecration I experienced often.

During the distribution of Holy Communion, the priest would not allow anyone to receive the Eucharist on the tongue, but we all had to receive It on our hands. As soon as I returned to my seat, our Lord said to me, “Valentina My child, kneel and do reparation for all this sacrilege! There is no need to do this. They just want to suppress people, to control them and to instil fear in them. They want to control My Church.”

Lord, help us and come quick, rescue your people.

1 August 2020

Visit to Souls in Purgatory – Muslims

During the night, as with most nights, my room was filled with many, many souls. Also, I experienced intense suffering in my body, to the point where I could not get up and walk. The pain was so severe that I called out to the Lord, “Lord, I am going to die! Please help me! I don’t know what is going on.”

The angel then appeared and said, “I have been sent by our Lord Jesus. I want you to come with me. I will take you to the place where souls have been suffering much lately. Many of them have recently died from the virus.”

I asked, “But what about all the souls in my room?”

He smiled and said, “They can wait. They will be alright; your suffering will sustain them. You still have to come with me. I have much to reveal to you. Today I will show you many people that need your help and need deliverance. Do not be surprised by what I am going to show you and reveal to you.”

While my body remained behind, in intense physical suffering to sustain the souls in my room, my spirit was taken to Purgatory to visit other poor souls.

We came to a place in Purgatory where there was a neglected building, in total disrepair. Inside, it was full of people. There were groups of men and groups of women, dressed in traditional Muslim clothing, in shades of a dull grey. The women wore head coverings, but their faces were not covered.

The angel explained that these were just ordinary people with families, but who worshipped the wrong god. They did not believe in the Truth. These people were Muslims.

I could see that their penance was severe and exhausting. I asked one of the ladies, “What are you doing?”

They answered, “We work for the Lord. While we were living on earth, we did not know Him. His teaching is right.”

I noticed that these people did not complain about where they were. They knew that they had to do their penance to be purified, unlike Christians who tend to complain about their penance and want to get to Heaven quickly.

I could see some of the women doing house cleaning. As soon as they would finish cleaning, all the dirt would reappear, and they would have to clean all over again. This action they repeated over and over.

The women said to me, “We are hungry, and we are thirsty, lady. Can you help us and give us something?”

I replied, “I have nothing here, but I promise you I will pray for you and ask Jesus to have mercy on you.”

I understood that they thirst for God’s Mercy and hunger for the True God.

The angel then took me to a drab-looking garden, a very depressing place. Here, I could see many Muslim men doing their penance. They were pretending to trim trees. These trees were completely dry with no life. The more they would cut and trim them, the more the branches would reappear. They repeated this action trimming the trees over and over again.

I was then taken further in, to an even darker place, total darkness. Suddenly the bright light reflecting from the angel was illuminating the souls standing before us. I could see a group of Muslim women, with sad faces, all standing, tightly packed together, so close to each other, that they could not move. They were afraid to come out, and they were not allowed to come out. They were waiting for someone to release them, to deliver them.

The angel said, “They are waiting for you to take them out of darkness. After they died, they became confused. Now, they do not know where they are, nor how they are going to get out.”

In another part of the building, the angel showed me a group of men doing their penance. The angel said, “These men received a very harsh penance.”

The building had shabby door screens with intricately, patterned, metal grills. These souls had to clean the metal grills using tiny, pointed needles. This job of cleaning was so tedious and excruciating. I understood that the point of the needle represents the sharp pain these men inflicted upon our Lord during their life on earth. This action of cleaning they repeated over and over, again.

I said to the angel, “I can now view Muslims from a different perspective. I am so deeply touched to see how hopeless they are in Purgatory. They cannot help themselves. They depend on us to pray for them.”

Please pray for these souls. We are all connected to the One True God.

26 July 2020

Queen Elizabeth II

This morning around six o’clock while I was praying, an angel of the Lord appeared.

Suddenly, to my surprise, accompanied by the angel, I was taken to the front gates of Kensington Palace in London.

There, in the grounds of the palace, I could see Queen Elizabeth II seated in an open brown-coloured carriage. She looked elegant, wearing a black dress. I did not see any guards around her, but I did see many policemen. I could hear them talking to each other, saying that they ordered a special carriage for the Queen, a lighter carriage as the one she was seated in was too heavy.

A policeman said to the Queen, “This carriage is just a bit too big and too heavy for you. We will bring around another carriage.”

The next one they brought around was also open, but was all black, smaller in size and not as heavy. The horse pulling the carriage was also black.

The Queen then sat in the black carriage. She took the reins in her hands. On her left, seated next to her was a young little boy, around ten years old, with light brown hair, wearing a little suit.

I asked the angel, “Where are the Queen’s guards? She is all on her own!”

The angel responded, “She does not need any guards. She has a guard next to her. He is her guardian angel.”

“But how is he going to protect her, he is so little, and he is on his own?” I asked the angel.

He said, “You’ll be surprised. She will be alright, she is in good hands.”

“Pray for the Queen,” said the angel.

The angel then returned me to my room. I felt quite nauseous on my return, because, as much as it is my spirit that travelled, it was quite sudden and far away. My body reacted to the suddenness of the journey.

Later that morning, I attended Holy Mass at St Patrick’s Cathedral, Parramatta. When I offered Queen Elizabeth at Holy Mass, our Lord said, “Once she goes, the Monarchy will not be the same, it will be all corrupt. For now, the Monarchy is safe while she is on the Throne.”

Lord, please protect Queen Elizabeth while she is still on the Throne.

20 July 2020

The Famine is Coming

Our Lord keeps repeating the things that are to come.

Our Lord said, “Appreciate everything you have, because with the economies collapsing so fast before your very eyes, unemployment is reaching high levels, and will only get worse and will spread all over the world. Do not waste your food while you still have everything in front of you. Appreciate what you have, the famine is coming, and it will reach the whole world. There will be tremendous suffering leading to many crimes and robberies and unrest.”

Jesus said, “I warn you, but do not panic, do not fear, but have faith in Me. Pray that these things will not last long. Pray that they will be of short duration.”

Lord Jesus have mercy on us and on the whole world.

19 July 2020

The Sins of the Perpetrators affect the whole Congregation
St Patrick’s Cathedral, Parramatta

During the Holy Mass, I said to our Lord, “Lord, I offer You all the people in this church, and all that You want me to offer to You.”

Instantly, the Lord responded, “Offer Me all those who have died lately. They are in the torment of suffering, and there is no one to offer them to Me, for the atonement of their sins, so that I can be merciful to them. Keep them in your prayers.”

Today, Reverend Father Peter Williams celebrated the Holy Mass. While I was praying to our Lord, I was also pondering on what had happened to Father Bob in recent weeks. I was upset, thinking of how the Church could ignore this situation so easily, and pretend it never happened. Like it was nothing.

Our Lord said, “I will explain to you. For instance, in this church, you all went through a lot with the dismissal of Father Bob. The perpetrators, all their swift wrongdoing was swept under the carpet, and they keep going ahead. The damage, however, has been done, and it will affect the whole congregation. You are all living on earth, and you are all part of this, so that whatever wrong was done will affect you all. Automatically, you inherit whatever was wrongly committed, and you are part of all of this. You are in it.”

I said, “Lord, but we had nothing to do with it! Not only me but neither the congregation!”

He responded, “Yes, but because you are part of the congregation, you are part of the Church, automatically you inherit this because it falls on all of you too. All the sin that was committed by them falls on you all, and you are all automatically affected by it, most of all, the person who was falsely accused.”

“He might forgive because he is a Christian and a Catholic, but his soul will be damaged for good, while he lives on earth. His hurt is very deep. Pray for the ones who have done the wrong so that they will truly be repentant and sorry for their deeds. Ask Me for My Mercy to forgive them,” He said.