Urgent Issues to be addressed: from Heaven to Valentina for all mankind

Urgent Issues to be Addressed:  from Heaven to Valentina for All Mankind

The Urgent Need to Pray for World Peace

5th August, 04

Our Lord has revealed to me the message spoken about three days ago, on the 2nd of August, 2004.

Our Blessed Mother appeared with Jesus and she said, “Praised be Jesus forever, my daughter. Love my Son very much and tell others to love Him too. His Sacred Heart is pierced by so many offences received daily from ungrateful people of this world.”

“I come to plead with you again, my children, and tell you of this urgent message. They are preparing for the Third World War, which is about to break.”

“The leaders are lying to you to tell you that everything is peaceful and well. Satan is raging throughout the world trying to destroy you all. This war they are preparing is ever so near. I wish and I desire that all my children start to pray the most Holy Rosary starting from the 13th of this month onward and everyday after for world peace.”

Blessed Mother then said, “If the world will obey and respond to this call and plea, maybe God in His mercy and goodness can stop this horrific war that is upon you all.”

“Take this message seriously, my children, and pray, pray, pray right through the world, my children must pray.”

Holy Mary was crying for she knows how dangerous the time is in which we live.

I responded, “Lord in Your mercy and goodness, have mercy on us and on the world. Queen of the most Holy Rosary, Pray for us.” Valentina.


The Reception of the Holy Eucharist

January, 04

Today while I was praying, an Angel appeared and said, “I am the Angel of the Lord. He sends me to take you to the place where souls are kept and are suffering”.

In the next instant, I found myself in a very grey and depressing place, all rocky and damp like a gallery or tunnel. The Angel said to me, “You will experience many bishops and priests who offended God during life and didn’t serve Him as they should”.

The Angel raised one hand and called a person who approached us. The angel gave the person permission to talk to me. The person was tall with blond hair and young. As he came forward he was holding both hands out, palms upward. Between his fingers there was a flame.

He spoke, “Valentina, look how I suffer. While I was alive I was a bishop but I didn’t serve the Lord properly. These changes in the church are devastating. Serving Holy Communion in the hand is the greatest sacrilege against God”. He continued, “Valentina, don’t be afraid! Speak out. You have to let them know how we suffer. Tell them not to serve Holy Communion in the hand. No one should touch the Blessed Eucharist except consecrated priests”. He said, “Look at our hands. They are on fire and burning constantly. Who knows how long we are going to stay here and suffer?” He was pleading and I felt so sorry for him, He concluded, “Please help us, pray for us. God gives you this grace so you can see how we suffer”.

When he finished talking, another priest appeared before me and said, “Valentina, the world is in such a sinful state and living in darkness. God is going to punish the world severely soon and it will be worse than Sodom and Gomorrah. We all fear for you. The time is approaching fast. There is nothing left but prayer and conversion for you people on Earth”.


The Importance of Preparing Ourselves Before Receiving the Holy Eucharist

20th May, 04

After receiving Holy Communion, Our Lord Jesus spoke, “Offer Me all those who are ungrateful after receiving Me. Thank Me on behalf of all of them. My children, be always grateful and thank Me for being present in the church. It is My will that you are there.”

“I want to remind you again that it doesn’t please Me when the Priest announces the sign of peace and people begin shaking hands and waving to one another, it distracts you just before receiving the Holy Eucharist. You should kneel down and unite yourselves to Me and ask Me to be merciful toward you. My children, you must remember that you are all sinners. In My Holy Presence you must be sorry for offending Me and ask Me to be merciful to you.”

“Valentina, tell people that shaking hands and greeting others should be done outside the church. I disapprove because it is the devil who wants you to be distracted and you turn your backs toward the altar. How sad I am to see all this. You are disobedient and irreverent. My children, you lose many graces for doing this. Pray very hard for the churches when many laws are being changed which doesn’t please Me. By prayer I will sanctify My churches.”

I said, “My Lord, remind me each time I am in a church, not to shake hands and clap but to be reverent toward you. Lord Jesus be merciful to us.”


The Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist

2nd March, 04

This morning, while praying The Angelas, Blessed Mother Mary appeared. In Her right hand outstretched, there was a Host. On the Host, I saw a tiny figure of Jesus as a baby, gold. She told me that in each Host we receive during Mass and reception of Holy Communion, Jesus is present truly. On each white Host, I saw a totally gold figure of the baby Jesus.

It was so beautiful to see. We do not see this when we receive the
Eucharist, but it is truly the baby Jesus present in each Consecrated Host.

The Blessed Mary smiled and said, “See, my daughter. My Son is so Holy. The gold represents Holy Mass and graces. Tell people that Jesus wishes when you come to receive Him to be worthy and not with a sin. If only they would understand and see what I show you, people would cry and be more remorseful and sorry for receiving unworthily. I wish My priest sons would speak in the churches more about confessing sin.”

“My Son is very offended by sacrilege and abuse by people receiving Communion out of habit. He cannot cleanse you unless you come to Him and ask Him to be merciful. You must realise, my children, that you are all sinners. When you confess and repent all your sins and try hard not to fall back into the same sins, slowly, my children, you become more and more holy. This is very pleasing to My Son Jesus. He loves each one of you so much. So be very careful, my children, how you come to receive Him. Remember each Host you receive, think of Jesus truly present in the Eucharistic Bread. My little Golden Baby, so Holy.”

She said, “After receiving Jesus, go back to your seat, kneel down and close your eyes and thank Him from your heart. He is in you then to nourish you and to give you life here on earth, and you also benefit for the after life for your soul.”

I said, “Thankyou, my loving Mother and my Lord Jesus. I love you and thank you for feeding me in the Holy Eucharist.”


The Need for Prayer

8th May, 04

When reciting the Creed to begin the Holy Rosary, Our Blessed Mother came and she said, “I come to tell you and warn you that people should pray more and devote themselves more to God than to worldly things. I tell you from the beginning of this year many catastrophic events will happen all over the world. There will be a great earthquake in which the whole Earth will be affected and many people will die. God will permit this to happen because people will not turn away from sinful deeds. God has already planned in advance where these events will happen. He is in charge of all creation, but men still resist His commands and reject His mercy and love. Mankind rebels against God. My children, you must be blind not to see what is happening in so many countries in the world with so much bloodshed and unhappiness. Innocent people are suffering because of injustice.”

“My children, I always warn you to change your way of life and call you to conversion, repentance and prayer. I always pray and intercede to the Most Holy Trinity on your behalf. Many souls go to hell because they live in terrible sin, especially young people and men. Priests don’t seem to care much and do not teach repentance and prayer in the churches. Everyone thinks it is not necessary to confess and be in a state of grace before receiving Holy Communion.”

“My daughter, do you see the changes in the weather and how quickly it changes? These are the signs given by your God and Creator so that mankind will wake up from their sleep. Evil spirits blind them and deceive them so they believe that all is well. My children, wake up, pray, change and convert. Many things can be stopped through your sacrifice and prayers.”

“Be at peace. My children, I love you and bless you.”

I replied, “Blessed Mother, Thankyou and thankyou for your prayers.” The Blessed Mary always tells me to pray to the Holy Spirit. Pray to the Holy Spirit for enlightenment and guidance.


The Urgent need to Repent

31st May, 04

Message 2:

My Lord appeared and greeted me, “Peace be with you, My child.” He was very angry. He then said, “Pray always for peace. Look around, what do you see? Do you see a peaceful world? There is nothing but corruption and killing. I can no longer look at this world, full of malicious pagans! They give to the sinful flesh, money, ambition and power from satan. The leader of a trio of unfortunate kings, who reign in full power in the world, is a liar and deceiver. He leads others into a sin of no return. All that he does, is lead you into a terrible abyss of sin of eternal punishment.”

Our Lord continued with a very sad expression, “My truth is light and life which leads you into fullness of life. I struggle to convince you to come to Me, and constantly I am forgiving you. I wash you with My Precious Blood, the blood that was poured on the cross in My suffering on Calvary. How then can you accuse Me of not doing enough for you? I consume Myself to continuously redeem you but many are slanderers and hypocrites and repay with malice and hypocrisy. Blessed are those who close the door to the sin of the flesh and all desires of the world and the devil who opens these doors of temptation.” Our Lord looked at me, tears were welling up in His eyes, and then said, “I give you everything I have, and 1 continue to give My love and goodness but you people give Me so little. Always you are afraid that you are doing too much for your God, who gave you everything (the ultimate sacrifice).”

We must return to Our Lord in the Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation in an attempt to make up for our errors. Our Lord asked that I write this serious message as it is a warning. Many are dying, unprepared, in the disasters throughout the world. We must approach Our Lord’s mercy otherwise we have to face His Judgement after death.


The Need to Pray for Priests and Bishops

May, 04

After receiving Holy Communion, My Lord Jesus said, “Valentina, My child. My churches are persecuted everywhere and are poisoned.”

He looked at me and said, “Not all Bishops and Priests are truthful to Me. Only some. Others offend Me very much. They cover all sinful deeds that are in their lives. Not enough prayers and sacrifices are offered to Me. They succumb to a lot of temptation which is around them. Pray for them. You must pray for Bishops and Priests.”


Reverence in Jesus’ Presence

28th March, 04

Lord Jesus said today after receiving Holy Communion, “Suffer with Me, My child, and console Me. I suffer for my churches, they are all attacked by the devil. There is no reverence at all in them. People are talking in full voices, laughing, clapping for every little event that happens. They make it like a theatre. They ignore My Holy Presence. In various parts of the churches throughout the world, especially around the tabernacle I am very much abused.”

Our Lord looked at me and said, “You know My altars in the church are like a burning bush, they are so sacred. No-one should walk wearing their shoes near them. When Moses came to the mountain of Sinai, I told him not to come so near and I also told him to remove his shoes for he was standing on Holy and Sacred ground. That law remains still today. I am a living God and My Holy ground in these places should be revered and highly respected, and the Priest should teach people about it. Instead I am abused, ridiculed and pushed aside more and more. Today everything is accepted in the churches. The devil lives in My churches and he controls everyone and people go along with it. I am sad to see all this disrespect. My Angels and Saints are crying for Me in Heaven. They are so sorry for Me. Think of how much I suffered for you all and what do I get in return? You repay Me with your sinful deeds and abuses in My Sacred Presence. I tell you, no-one will escape My punishment.”

“Pray for them and console Me, My children, especially the Priests and Bishops for they are the ones I shall judge the most. Pray to My Divine Mercy.”

I answered, “My Lord and My God, have mercy on Priests and Bishops”.


Modesty in Dress

5th May, 1997

This message was given to me by the almighty Father and creator. He began by saying, “My daughter, write down what I am going to tell you. I wish that you would obey My Holy commandments before I send a punishment on the whole of humanity because of the great blasphemy even with fashion, the way you all dress today offends Me greatly. The evil Spirit leads you into terrible sin because of the way you dress, especially when you enter My Holy House, (the Church) you think I do not see the way you dress and behave. You offend Me greatly. The whole of Heaven is very upset. I beg of you My children to be decent and humble. Do not look at the fashion with which Satan is tempting you. Obey Me, your Father and creator, who sees and judges everything.

Ladies, you must know that you are the spouses of My Beloved Son, Jesus Christ. Please cover your bodies and do not expose your flesh. He bought you all with great suffering, with His precious blood, and you must know that you all belong to Him. I wish that you would all dress like ladies and wear long dresses that cover your bodies and long sleeves when you enter into My Holy Church. This applies also to the men. Please dress in a modest way with long trousers and a long sleeve shirt or jacket. You all belong to Jesus Christ and you must take example from my Son and the way He dresses.

My daughter, please speak about this message to everyone and spread it widely – I beg you. I also wish that you give this message to my priests; My shepherds. They must speak of this message to the people in the Churches. This is how I, your Father, wish you to dress today. My devoted shepherds, I your Father am speaking. Listen to me because you will be responsible for all these things. You do not teach My Holy Commandments any more”.

I said, “My Father, can I ask you something concerning this message, about the way you want us to dress, because in the summer it is very hot and not comfortable to wear long sleeves?” Then Almighty Father turned and looked seriously at me, I thought in my heart that He would say that we must suffer for Him, but instead He very gently suggested, “That we must look for material which is suitable for the climate we live in and the sleeves should be made wider so that the air can penetrate”. He again begged me to spread this message, “Do not be afraid if people ridicule you”.

Almighty Father concluded, “I, your Father Almighty, am always with you and I protect you and see everything. Tell my children that I love them all very much. Please obey the Holy Commandments everyday and I bless you all in My name, the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen”.

Thankyou my beloved Father for the beautiful Holy words that you gave to us and I also ask you to have mercy on us and forgive us.

Pray for our Pope, John Paul II

17th October, 2003

Our Lord appeared to me while I was saying the Angelus and said, “Valentina, my child, pray very much for My successor, the Pope John Paul II, that I placed on the seat of St. Peter. Soon I will take him away. He is getting very tired and weak, but I still prolong and extend the graces for a very good reason and purpose. While he is in charge, you are all safe in your faith. I tell you, his enemies want him to go. My children, the seat of St. Peter will change for the worse. Many things will change in your doctrines within the church. You will all be surprised to see the difference between now and after. They will tell you to accept and go along with all the modem changes. Modernists can hardly wait for this to happen. Pray, pray for him, and remember to stay the way you were taught about your true faith. Trust in your True and One God, the Most Holy Trinity. I bless you, fear not. My children. I will pour many graces on My faithful children, those who listen to My Holy Word. Don’t change. Remain steadfast in your True Faith and Lord Jesus Christ.”

I answered, “Lord, please protect us and strengthen our faith. May Your blessing and peace be upon Pope John Paul”.