Urgent Issues to be addressed: from Heaven to Valentina for all Priests & Bishops

Urgent Issues to be Addressed:  from Heaven to Valentina for All Priests & Bishops

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12th September, 1994

Our Lord Jesus appeared in a vision looking very sad. He said, “Valentina, my child, I come to tell you why I asked you yesterday to pray the Divine Mercy chaplet in the Church before the Blessed Sacrament at the end of Mass”.

With great sadness and tears He said: “I am so sad. My Sacred Body and My Precious Blood is so little honoured today among people. They do not even think anything of it anymore, much less do they venerate it. In some places I do not any longer exist on the main altar but am on the side or completely removed from sight. In the Church, people come with little thought of showing any reverence in front of Me. Often, they do not genuflect and they talk in full voice to the distraction of others who would otherwise like to be with Me in silence. In the world, blasphemy, sacrilege, ridicule pushes Me aside more and m o re every day. Deeper and deeper they go into the abyss of sin. This offends Me so much. I am so sad. I beg of you, my child, help Me. Spread this message to people so that they will honour My Sacred Body and My Precious Blood which was sacrificed on the Cross for all of you and is sacrificed daily still.”

Very sadly He said, “Pray the Divine Mercy chaplet every day as often as you can, I beg you, and repeat this prayer as often as you can throughout the day for the forgiveness of sin”.

“Tell people to honour My Sacred Presence in the Blessed Sacrament abiding in their Churches. I also wish My priests to speak about this Holy Mystery so that people will know Me more. I am your Lord and your God and I desire that you all come to Me.” He had become more cheerful as He opened out His arms and lots of little lambs gathered around Him. Embracing them He smiled and said: “I am your Good Shepherd. Amen.”

I have never seen Our Lord so sad, so tearful and I too was crying in receiving this message.

I answered, “Thank You, My Lord Jesus, have mercy on us.”


3rd July, 1995

An angel appeared saying, “Come, I will show you what will happen in the very near future. The persecution of the churches.” I was shown three churches. In one church I saw people waiting for Mass to begin, but as the Mass didn’t start the people were confused and anxiously conferred with one another. I saw the altar around which, six ladies were sitting. A priest was sitting in the midst of them, talking and laughing with them in a light hearted manner.

I asked the angel, “Who are those ladies?” He answered, “they are the ministers of the Eucharist. They forced themselves into the church long ago. The priests no longer care to do anything anymore in the church and they leave all to these ladies. The devil gives all the power to these ladies”.

The people were in panic. There was no Mass, just a reading, all-sitting down. One of the lady ministers at the alter said, “The Mass is not necessary anymore, nor Holy Communion.” The Tabernacle was completely removed from the church. They continued, “No need to worry about this. Jesus is in your heart, no need to receive Him, that is old fashioned. We live in the modern world.”

On the altar I saw a bottle of wine and a Chalice. Without any ceremony, the ladies held out the Chalice and said, “you can still receive the wine if you want to.” But the people didn’t go to receive it. The lady ministers drank the wine themselves, while talking and laughing amongst themselves. Among the people many were crying at what was happening. They started leaving the church, empty and unsatisfied. I was taken out of the church and around to the side where I saw these lady ministers drinking the wine among themselves, making a mockery of Jesus” precious Blood. Some, they gave to their own friends to take and drink with their meal. I heard them saying, “Why should we give this wine to all of the people when we can drink it all ourselves.”

I cried and cried at what I saw. I said to the angel, “Why does Our Lord allow this to happen? This is the worst thing that can happen.” The angel said to me, “The earth will be dry, there will be no more Eucharist. So will be the souls be dry. Go now, receive while you still can. Tell people how precious is the Body of the Lord. Receive Him and appreciate Him while you still can because the time is very near for all these events to happen.”


10th May, 1996

When I was praying the Holy Rosary I saw a beautiful white dove coming from very high up towards me. After awhile the Blessed Mother appeared. She was very happy and joyous and she was smiling. She was dressed all in white. She said to me. “Oh, my child, it is here! It is here! The first sign that was foretold and prophesied along time ago all through my children. It is here!”

With a great joy, Mary the Mother of our Lord, was saying to me, “Look my child, I will show you a secret before the whole world sees and experiences it. This grace is given to you from the Most High and the Most Holy Trinity.” Then she said, “Look my child!” And she raised her right Holy hand up and the vision came:

When I saw this vision it took my breath away. It was magnificent, the beauty and the colours. I was ecstatic with joy and said, “Oh, my beautiful and Beloved Mother, I have never experienced such beauty.” The blessed Mother was so joyful she pulled me towards her and hugged and she said, “See my child, when this sign appears in the sky, everyone will be amazed. They will see and they will know that it came from God and that God does exist. This sign was designed by the most Holy Trinity in Heaven and it will be visible for the whole world and for all humanity to see.

People will stare at the sky and they will run out of the buildings to see the sign, and where ever they are they will throw themselves on their knees and they will beg God for mercy.

She said, “See my child, now the Churches are all closed through the day and only very few people go into them after the experience of the visible sign, the Churches will be too small too hold all the people. They will queue outside the footpath in large numbers waiting for people to come out so that they can go in.”

She said, “One more secret that I want to reveal to you, the most Holy Trinity decided that now is the time to give the world this sign. It is here! My children, pray a lot now, offer everyone to the most Blessed Trinity so that God will give the grace of conversion. Especially pray for all the priests because they are going to be so busy with Masses and confessions. There will be a great shortage of priests.”

He looked at me and hugged me again and said, “you to will be very busy, people will need you and they will pull you on each side to help them. Be courageous My child, God will give you strength and support so you could help others.”

I said, “Oh, my beloved mother I would love to come home with you now, especially after experiencing such beauty that comes from heaven. I miss you so much when you leave me.” She again hugged me and kissed me and she smiled and said, “I know My child that you desire to come with me. Be happy My child you will soon, but not yet. My Son still needs your help here on earth.” She smiled, hugged me and blessed me and then she departed.

I concluded by saying, “thank you a million times my beloved mother for loving us so much. Please thank the Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I will praise and glorify them forever.”


12th August, 1996

This morning when I had almost finished my morning prayers. Our Lord came in a vision, very cheerful and happy. He smiled and said, “Valentina, my child, I come to explain to you about the Blessed Sacrament so you will understand better and tell others, so that they too will understand. The reason I asked you yesterday to offer everything to Me – before the Priest raised Me up – is because it is necessary for all of you to know the meaning and the power and blessing you all receive at that moment from Me. When mere is My Precious Body on Exposition, I wish and desire that you all ask Me for whatever you need and you can also offer everything to Me, before the Priest raises Me to bless you. When the Priest or Bishop lifts Me up, at that very moment I come to you from heaven to bless you all. I do not come alone but with Me comes the whole Heavenly Court with all the Angels and Saints.”

He extended His Holy Hand and said, “Now I will show you.” I cannot explain the beauty I experienced at that moment and I said: “My Lord, You are a living God, with all the Angels and Saints accompanying You, praising You and glorifying You.” I also saw the Blessed Sacrament. It was magnificent all gleaming and shining with holiness. The brilliant colours I saw were beyond description. I said. “My Lord and My God, how happy I am to see and experience all this. I love You my Lord. I thank You for the many graces you have given me.”

Jesus replied, “You know my child, if people could see and experience all that I have shown you, they would fall on their faces and cry with happiness. They would also praise and honour Me in a much deeper way and give Me thanks. They would be entranced and surprised. But because this gift is not given to people to see Me in this way, they accept Me only in a very cold manner. Valentina, my child, do you know that I am very Holy? Do you believe that I am Holy?” I said, “Oh yes my Lord and my God. I do believe You are Holy. You are the holiest above all. No one is holier than you are my Lord and my God. For all this I praise You and glorify You and thank You constantly, because You are worthy of all praise.”

Our Lord then said, “Please tell everyone about Me and what I have shown you and explained to you about my Blessed Sacrament. Tell them to honour and praise Me more and to love Me in the most Holy and Blessed Sacrament. I give you a promise; Everyone who sincerely from their hearts, humbly asks Me, I will fulfil their wishes and their desires and grant all their petition.”

When Our Lord explained all this to me. He came so close to me and embraced me. He put his Holy Face next to mine and pressed tightly to my cheek and asked me again: “Valentina do you really believe that I am Holy?” I was so joyous and I said to Him, “Oh yes my Lord, You are the Holiest of all Holiness. None can go above you!” Our Lord knew all this but He still wanted to hear it from me, so I can tell you all about His holiness. After all He likes to be told and to be praised by all His children. This makes Our Lord very happy. I beg you all, please love and praise Our Lord and honour Him in the Most Blessed Sacrament. He loves us all very much.

I concluded by saying, “Thank you my Lord and my God, how I love You.”


5th May, 1997

This message was given to me by the almighty Father and creator. He began by saying, “My daughter, write down what I am going to tell you. I wish that you would obey My Holy commandments before I send a punishment on the whole of humanity because of the great blasphemy even with fashion, the way you all dress today offends Me greatly. The evil Spirit leads you into terrible sin because of the way you dress, especially when you enter My Holy House,(the Church).you think I do not see the way you dress and behave. You offend Me greatly. The whole of Heaven is very upset. I beg of you My children to be decent and humble. Do not look at the fashion with which Satan is tempting you. Obey Me, your Father and creator, who sees and judges everything.

Ladies, you must know that you are the spouses of My Beloved Son, Jesus Christ. Please cover your bodies and do not expose your flesh. He bought you all with great suffering, with His precious blood, and you must know that you all belong to Him. I wish that you would all dress like ladies and wear long dresses that cover your bodies and long sleeves when you enter into My Holy Church. This applies also to the men. Please dress in a modest way with long trousers and a long sleeve shirt or jacket. You all belong to Jesus Christ and you must take example from my Son and the way He dresses.

My daughter, please speak about this message to everyone and spread it widely – I beg you. I also wish that you give this message to my priests; My shepherds. They must speak of this message to the people in the Churches. This is how I, your Father, wish you to dress today. My devoted shepherds, I your Father am speaking. Listen to me because you will be responsible for all these things. You do not teach My Holy Commandments any more”.

I said, “My Father, can I ask you something concerning this message, about the way you want us to dress, because in the summer it is very hot and not comfortable to wear long sleeves?” Then Almighty Father turned and looked seriously at me, I thought in my heart that He would say that we must suffer for Him, but instead He very gently suggested, “That we must look for material which is suitable for the climate we live in and the sleeves should be made wider so that the air can penetrate”. He again begged me to spread this message, “Do not be afraid if people ridicule you”.

Almighty Father concluded, “I, your Father Almighty, am always with you and I protect you and see everything. Tell my children that I love them all very much. Please obey the Holy Commandments everyday and I bless you all in My name, the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen”.

I replied, “Thankyou my beloved Father for the beautiful Holy words that you gave to us and I also ask you to have mercy on us and forgive us”.


30th November, 1997

Today Our Lord gave me a message. He came to me with a gentle smile and then He said. “Peace be with you Valentina. Proclaim my peace to all the people wherever you go and to whom you meet. Pray for peace in these critical times you live in. I give you an extraordinary sign in the weather that you experience all over the world. Here in this country of Australia you will have all sorts of weather and it will be catastrophical. I wish that people would open their eyes to all these changes and to recognise that God exists. They must change their lives and so stop offending God.
Instead they must beg Him for forgiveness and mercy.”

“My children I am very sorry that you must all suffer through all this- But do not give up and do not despair I am always with you and I love you all. Tell everyone to trust in Me your Lord Jesus.” Our Lord continued with the message. “Valentina will you do something for Me?” “Yes my Lord I will.”

“I wish you to talk to people about my Holy Mama, The Holy Virgin Mary, so that people will give her honour praise and thanks and get to know her better. She is constantly interceding for all of you. I wish you also to speak to priests. I want them to talk more about My beloved Mother in the Churches. I beg you Valentina even in this church (St Raphaels Merrylands) speak to your priest. Up until now none of my requests were granted. All were rejected. This upsets Me very much. Ask them at least that this petition be granted. Beg your priest Father Valerijan that I wish that at the end of each Mass this prayer be said to My beloved Mother.

We come to thy patronage, O holy Mother of God,
despise not our petitions in our necessities;
but deliver us from all evil,
O glorious and blessed Virgin.

This will please my Mother very much. Both of Us will be present in the church when this prayer is recited. My children give glory and honour to my Mother. I want the world to recognise my Mother, after all it will be through Her that the world will be saved. She constantly intercedes for all of you because She loves you so much.”

I said, “Thank you my Lord Jesus Christ for giving us your beloved and beautiful Mother. Thank you my beautiful Mother for loving us so much. Pray for us your children who love you very much.” Our Lord Jesus always gives us hope and assures us not to be afraid but to trust in Him because He is always with us. Have mercy on us O Lord Jesus.



While I was praying, an Angel of the Lord appeared. He said, “I am the Angel of the Lord, He sends me to reveal things to you.” Then he said, “Come with me, I will show you what will happen in the very near future.”

He took me to several different catholic churches (in the spirit). What I saw was the ladies all dressed in white. They were all circled around the Altar. 1 asked the Angel, “Who are these ladies?” He said, “I was waiting for you to ask me. These ladies, they call themselves Eucharistic ministers. See these changes in the churches. They are no good in God’s eye. The devil opened the door for these ministers to enter the temple of God, and slowly they push themselves in to become priests. In some churches, the priests will give way to the ladies, who are very eager to accept the position, but when these things happen. God will no longer be present in the Tabernacle.”

These women spoke, “People as you can see, we live in a modem age and we carry Jesus in our hearts. What we are going to do today, we will have a small service with a reading and you don’t have to feel bad.” I looked around and I saw people crying and confused. Some were leaving the church. I myself was crying and I said to the Angel, “How can God permit such a thing to happen?”

The Angel said, “See the earth is dry and so are your hearts. God permits this because people are disobeying His laws. Fear not, go and receive Jesus as often as you can, while you can. These things are approaching very fast and they will happen. Trust in the Lord. He will provide and you will still find a good faithful Priest and who secretly will celebrate the Mass and will nourish you with the Body of Jesus to give you strength to go through the Purification. Never lose hope. Pray for Priests and Bishops.”

The Angel revealed the Precious Blood of Jesus. The women were making a mockery of it. They said, “Why should we give this to people to drink when we can drink all ourselves.” The Angel continued, “See, this is another blasphemy to God.”

I replied, “My Lord God, have mercy on us”.


30th January, 1998

Blessed Mother came to me while I was praying. She said, “My Son gives each a different teaching and different gifts. For instance, you Valentina are very compassionate towards people and your prayers are very sincere and this pleases my Son very much. When you talk to people you open yourself so beautifully, you explain the word of God so clearly and when you praise my Son, you make Him so happy.” The Blessed Mother was looking at me and she too was very joyful.

The I asked, “Blessed Mother, when is your Son Lord Jesus coming? Look at the suffering of the people here on earth. They are pleading and calling to Him. When will He do something about all this suffering?” She replied, “My Son hears your calls and knows all about your suffering, but God allows all these things to happen, like sickness and different suffering, for the sins committed. Every house and family on tis planet is living in sin. Pray my children, pray everyday, pray in-groups, go to Mass, pray together in the Churches. Pray for priests, they need so much prayer everyday. Join together and pray for the world. Encourage one another to go to Mass. Mass is the most powerful above everything and the atonement for sin against God. For instance if you offer a Mass for a person’s conversion, or for a different intention like healing etc, at the moment that my Son is truly present on the alter during the Mass, the sins just fall off that person, both on the left and the right side. You my children do not know the value of the Mass. Try to encourage one another to go to Mass, if you can, on a daily basis. It is dirt that stains your soul, I compare it to when you wash your dishes and when you finish you let the water out. But the stain remains all around until you wash I with soap. Sin is the same. Until you confess the stain is there in your soul.”

Then she said, “My Son is coming very soon to heal you all. He will come to heal your bodies and your souls.” I answered, “Thank you Blessed Mother for explaining these things and teaching us.”


25th April, 1999

Lord Jesus appeared very sad. He said, “My child how sad I am today for the many offences and blasphemies I receive throughout the world. Then He said, “Look at my Sacred Heart, it is bleeding, full of thorns that pierce Me constantly. The world today is full of hate and corruption, there is no peace, and no love among mankind. Everywhere I look there is no peace, but crime, corruption, killing, abortion of little innocent lives, murder, impurity, greed and pride. They do not live my Commandments any more. There is no more remorse for sin. Even in the Church it is full of pride. Everybody is handling Me in the Eucharist as if I am some kind of sweet or a lolly. The people receive Me unworthily, full of unconfessed sins. They read the Word of God but they do not live the Word and they do not run away from sin. They continue to offend Me.”

My child how sad I am. Please help Me. Speak these true holy words of mine to Priests. Tell them to speak openly to people and to teach them my Commandments. For all the things that are wrong in the churches today, they shall suffer and be judged severely. Tell them to genuflect before the Blessed Sacrament. Teach my little children to give Me, reverence for I am offended in front of all Heaven. All Heaven is crying for Me, your Lord and your Saviour Jesus Christ. Please I beg you my children do not handle Me in the Eucharist, but receive Me worthily and reverently on your tongues, for I am full of mercy and love, waiting for you to change. Ask Me. I will help you, for I know your weaknesses.

Ladies, please do not handle Me and run around the Altar. You think you please Me. No my children, you offend Me gravely. For I did not choose women. I chose men to be Priests from the very beginning. I chose the apostles. They were my first Priests. Pray my children and be humble. I love you without your running around the Sacred Table, for this is not for you. I love you all and bless you, please console Me my children for I am gravely offended.”

When Lord Jesus was speaking to me I started to cry because He was so sad and His Heart was bleeding because of the many offences He receives. Please console Our Lord by changing the way we live.


3rd June, 1999

This morning during the Mass at St. Raphael’s Church, Our Lord Jesus said to me, “Today my children you celebrate My Holy Body and Precious Blood, ‘Corpus Christi!’ My children this feast is very special. It is to remind you that at the Last Supper I gave myself to my disciples to share, first with them, and then through them to all of you. At each Mass that is celebrated, I give my Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity over and over to you when you receive Me in the Eucharist. Please my child speak of my Holy Presence in the Eucharist and tell Priests not to be afraid to tell people to confess before they receive Me in Holy Communion.

How offended I am when I come to your soul which is dark, like black mud. Why My children, why do you do this to Me? Do not listen to these modem Bishops and Priests who tell you not to confess any more. They are, very wrong. My children go to the good shepherds and faithful priests. They will help you. Make a good confession, it will free you from all the guilt you carry in yourselves. My children please obey Me. A good confession is a healing process for your souls. This is the first step towards your healing. I speak in regard to sick people, very sick people. The first step is a good confession, then the healing proceeds slowly when these souls are free from all the dirt and darkness. Please obey Me. I am waiting to free you from all your sins. Your loving Lord Jesus.”

Our Lord Jesus very often laments to me about how people receive Him unworthily, without first going to confession. If we only knew the sorrow we cause Our Lord Jesus, we would do anything rather than offend Him.


14th February, 2000

At 3am, I woke with a severe pain under my ribs. It was like a knife piercing me and the pain was unbearable. I was in tears and didn’t understand why I was experiencing this. I tried to get up and walk, but couldn’t move and kept calling to Our Blessed Mother and Our Lord to help me. All was silent and very peaceful around me and I even thought that I would die, because of the persistent pain. After a while, during this severe agony, Our Lord Jesus appeared to me, very sad.
He spoke and said, “My child, the pain that you have I gave to you. Please accept with love. Bear it for me and please console me for I am gravely offended. I suffer for so many offences I receive from mankind. Look at my Sacred Heart. It is pierced daily and I am crucified over and over again. The suffering I give you is for impurity, the sin of the flesh of mankind.”

He looked at me very sadly and said, “my child, don’t misunderstand me. I don’t give you suffering for them, but to console me, your Lord. You know, my child, they have to answer for all and give an account for all the sins they commit. See, my child, no one cares any more for the sin of the flesh, or any sin. The priests in the church don’t teach people any more about purity these days. Everything is accepted. Mortal sin is no more counted as a sin.”

Then Our Lord showed me in a vision how dirty the sin is on our souls. He gathered all the darkness together. He mixed the substance to a paste and when the filth became hard, like plaster with green and black spots, he told me that when this covers our souls and mankind slowly cannot recognise mortal sin and no longer has remorse in their conscience as a sin. Our Lord was so sad, he was in tears while giving me this message and explained so that I would better understand.
Please console Our Lord. Stop offending Him for He is already offended too much.

The Angel stayed with me when Our Lord left. He said, “Mankind do not understand the love of God, but keep on offending Him. If only they would understand. I tell you, nothing in this world matters, no matter how great it is, nothing can compare to the beauty of God’s glory, that is in Heaven.”

I said, ‘My Lord and my God, have mercy on all mankind.”


12th April, 2000

During Mass at St Patrick’s.

During the consecration Our Lord appeared to me looking very sad. He said, “My child, how sad and offended I am. Even in my Holy Churches people don’t kneel any more to give me reverence. They stand up. All over the world I see most of the modem churches don’t have kneelers any more. Priests don’t care much any more. They don’t think to teach people and to remind them that they are all sinners. You come beg me for forgiveness before my Heavenly Throne. You must humble yourselves and beg me to be forgiving. Please, my child, speak in My Name that I am very sad to see you all standing, even during the Consecration. This is the most important moment when you should all plead for my mercy.”


25th April, 2001

This morning while I was praying the Lord Jesus appeared to me very sad and angry and said, “Valentina, my child, tell people of this world to change and repent, this is my last warning to them. Tell them I am very angry for all their evil doings, and their continuous disregard of My warning, which comes from Heaven. My voice is heard throughout the world and it is My voice, echoing through My little chosen prophets, yet ignored and ridiculed completely. Not many hear My voice, only very few. Go ahead, you murderers, continue with your filthy doings. You love the worldly goods and your sinful pleasures too much. But remember soon you will perish in the dust if you don’t turn away from your sinful deeds.

You teach the young and innocent ones to follow your sinful road. I tell you, you shall be responsible for this and unless you change your ways you will bring them to the abyss of hell. And you My priests, My very chosen ones, you are not faithful and obedient to Mother Church and you lead My sheep astray. Where are My commandments? No one speaks of them anymore. There is no more reverence to My Holy presence especially in the Holy Eucharist, when you come to receive Me full of sin. Everybody says oh yes. But God is good and merciful and forgives when we receive Him in Holy Communion. No My children, I am very offended and sad and angry when you do this to Me. Confess and change yourselves. Be repentenent and don’t live in a sinful state. Change your way of fife for I love you and will forgive you. I tell you my mercy will end soon and you will not stop Me punishing you all. The world will tremble, the Chastisement is here my children and My anger is great. Repent; repent for this is my last warning for the world. I your Lord and God and Creator of all, I speak and My voice is above all voices. Listen and repent. Don’t wait, I your Lord am speaking.”

Our Lord was looking at me and He pointed to His Sacred Heart and said, “Look at My Sacred Heart, it is bleeding of anger and sorrow for all the things I see in the world. I have done all for you. I consume Myself for you all; so you can have life in all its fullness. And what do I get in return? You repay me with your evil deeds, no gratitude at all.” He then left very sadly.

I was crying very much and I felt very sad. I have never seen Our Lord so angry speaking to me in a loud voice. I felt I wanted to console Him and I was saying please My Lord, please come down. Maybe they will listen to your voice and change. I was frightened but I felt very sorry and sad for Our Lord, that He has to beg and beg and there is no response to his call. His Sacred Heart was bleeding and beating very fast when He spoke.

While I was crying I said, “Have mercy on us Lord, have mercy on us.” A few minutes after this vision, Blessed Mother came. She embraced me and said, “My daughter, I know you are sad. I was supposed to deliver this message of warning to you, but it saddened me too much, so My Son chose to do it Himself. Tell everyone to pray very hard, especially the Holy Rosary. The great Chastisement is upon you my children. I can no longer stop it.” She looked at me and said, “Be courageous and spread this message. We are with you always. Go in peace in the name of Me and My Son Jesus.”

I concluded, “Thankyou Blessed Mother. Please help us.”


September, 2001

After Mass, I was still kneeling and thanking Our Lord for the Holy grace that we receive during Holy Communion.

Our Lord, as the Divine Infant of Prague, dressed in His red dalmatic and mantle, with white lace collar and cuffs, wearing a gold crown appeared at the Tabernacle and moved to the font at the doorway. There He stopped, and looking very serious.

He turned to me and said, “I want to tell you to tell the Priests that I want to be honoured here in this church and would also like My image to be in a visible place. Where everybody can honour Me and pray to Me. I promise that I will give many graces to the sick and needy. Also, it will be a protection for this place. The more you honour Me, the more I will bless you.”

I replied, “Thankyou Lord, Little Infant King.”


6th January, 2002

In St Raphael’s Church.

Our Lord Jesus lamented during Holy Communion, “My child, people here and everywhere receive me full of unconfessed sin. They don’t even ask me to be merciful before the Holy Eucharist. They come as a habit, they don’t even examine their conscience or fear how it may offend me. I am so sad. Please speak to the priests and tell them to teach people to come to me pure and to confess beforehand and not to live in mortal sin. I will forgive because I am a merciful God when they ask me.”
“Today is the Feast of the Three Wise Men. It was prophesied long before I came to you and was born to this world. They shall find the true King and bring Him gifts of gold, myrrh and frankincense and present them in front of Him. They honoured me and bowed in front of me. My child, they were led by the bright star to pay homage to the Holy Child, but they also came with a humble and pure heart to see me and adore me. Nothing has changed since then. I want all my children to praise me and adore me and to come with true contrite and sincere hearts when you receive me in the Holy Eucharist.”

“Thank me, my children, for so great a gift I give you. I nourish you with my own body. If only you knew and understand and see, you would love me more, and be sorry for your sin.”

I replied, “Thankyou Lord Jesus for loving us. Have mercy on the whole world.


7th June, 2002

In St. Patrick’s Church, Our Lord Jesus said to me today when I prayed for all the Priests and Bishops, “My child, many of My chosen Priests and Bishops are not worthy to wear My vestments because they offend Me gravely. My Sacred Heart is deeply wounded. Console Me and pray for
them all. My churches are attacked by so many evil doings. People are all confused, some people are even losing faith and not trusting in the church and Priests. Tell people to pray to My Divine Mercy so that I will be merciful to all these wrong doings. I will soon establish all new. I shall purify all My churches. They shall flourish and be truthful, humble, pure and Holy to My Sacred Presence. My love will be so strong amongst My people that has never been before and My churches shall shine all the way to Heaven. People shall praise Me and love Me as never before.
I, the Lord, have spoken the true Holy Word. Let them know what I, the Lord, have said.”

I responded, “Thankyou, my Lord Jesus. Have mercy on all of us and Your churches.”


4th August, 2002

Our Lord Jesus said to me, “Peace be with you, My child. Be at peace even when you see things that are not right.” (He was talking about things that are wrong in the Church).

He continued by saying, “I am persecuted in nearly every Church now. How sad that makes Me. (He was very sad and lamenting). My Holy presence has been moved away from the center of the Church. It seems that they cannot stand my Holy presence any more. In the Churches it is becoming more Protestant. Priests don’t seem to care much any more. They are teaching people to receive Me t in the hand instead of on the tongue, because My children, your hands are not consecrated. Only priests hands are.

The laws have been changed to suit man but My law remains always. The ladies are so proud to be My ministers of the Eucharist. Oh, My child, how offended I am everyday. Soon it will all be taken away from you because you don’t appreciate Me and disobey Me. Then they will know that I the Lord have done that. Pray for priests and bishops because they are so confused.”

I responded, “Have mercy my Lord Jesus.”


14th August, 2002

God the Father said to me today when I prayed, “My daughter, We of Heaven tell you an always warn people of the world in advance the things that will happen. We give people a chance to come to God, to love Him and not to offend Him.

Look My child, haven’t I always begged My children to return to me. But they ignore my call that I speak through simple souls. They ridicule and persecute them. How sad that makes me and all of Heaven is sad (for God the Father). The Mother of My beloved Son is sent constantly to warn of you of dangerous times that you will live in and experience. The threat of horrific wars is upon you. They threaten the human life that is a gift from Me, your loving father. Only I have the right to take it, not the evil one to destroy it.

I have been so humiliated that I cry with sorrow. Where are you all heading? To self-destruction, corruption, so much sin. It is on a open scale no. My children, REPENT, REPENT, REPENT (My Father said as He was looking at me very sadly). My children, recognise that I am the Father of all love and that I love you very much. Recognise the times the times that you live in are full of troubles. The time that you live in has been given an extra time of my mercy to change your way of life and live in My love and not in sin.

I am waiting to embrace you all. The smoke of sin is so thick that it is reaching all the way to Heaven. Listen to My word and obey it. I will pour abundant graces and mercy on all of you. Don’t be afraid to come to me. I love you so much. Pray, repent and return to me. Come to me, I am the living waters so that I can give you life in abundance. I myself will wash you and cleanse you so that you will be pure. Only in Me will you find true life and happiness. So many people wonder why all these disasters are happening everywhere. People have been warned before in previous messages but they don’t take any notice.”

I responded, “Thankyou God the Father for you constant warnings, love and patience. Have mercy on us all your children.”


February, 2003

While at church after receiving Holy Communion. I received a vision of people in church, all moving around laughing and talking to one another, and not giving any recognition or reverence to the Holy Presence in the Tabernacle.

I asked, “Lord Jesus, is this a vision of things to come in the future?”

Our Lord appeared and said, “My child, I gave you a full glance of what is taking place now in the churches.” He lamented, “It is the pride of people that ruins all. When pride is in everything, then the devil is in the church. I withdraw Myself away, and I suffer to see my children so disobedient and proud.”

I then asked, “What can I do to repair all this?” He said, “Valentina, my child, they should look upon you, instead, they crucify you and ridicule you. How sad that makes Me and My Beloved Mother. People live so much for this world, they think very little of the next and NOT to please Me. All their work and achievements is vanity. This is so important for their goal, nothing to please Me, all for themselves.

Please console Me. Please speak to Priests about this. Maybe, My Word will be heard. It needs a lot of prayers to purify the sins that are in every church. Even in the fashions worn today and come into My Holy Presence offend Me greatly.”

I wept and answered, “My Lord, My Jesus, Please have mercy on us all.”


January, 2004

Today while I was praying, an Angel appeared and said, “I am the Angel of the Lord. He sends me to take you to the place where souls are kept and are suffering”.

In the next instant, I found myself in a very grey and depressing place, all rocky and damp like a gallery or tunnel. The Angel said to me, “You will experience many bishops and priests who offended God during life and didn’t serve Him as they should”.

The Angel raised one hand and called a person who approached us. The angel gave the person permission to talk to me. The person was tall with blond hair and young. As he came forward he was holding both hands out, palms upward. Between his fingers there was a flame.

He spoke, “Valentina, look how I suffer. While I was alive I was a bishop but I didn’t serve the Lord properly. These changes in the church are devastating. Serving Holy Communion in the hand is the greatest sacrilege against God”. He continued, “Valentina, don’t be afraid! Speak out. You have to let them know how we suffer. Tell them not to serve Holy Communion in the hand. No one should touch the Blessed Eucharist except consecrated priests”. He said, “Look at our hands. They are on fire and burning constantly. Who knows how long we are going to stay here and suffer?” He was pleading and I felt so sorry for him, He concluded, “Please help us, pray for us. God gives you this grace so you can see how we suffer”.

When he finished talking, another priest appeared before me and said, “Valentina, the world is in such a sinful state and living in darkness. God is going to punish the world severely soon and it will be worse than Sodom and Gomorrah. We all fear for you. The time is approaching fast. There is nothing left but prayer and conversion for you people on Earth”.


28th March, 2004

Lord Jesus said today after receiving Holy Communion, “Suffer with Me, My child, and console Me. I suffer for my churches, they are all attacked by the devil. There is no reverence at all in them. People are talking in full voices, laughing, clapping for every little event that happens. They make it like a theatre. They ignore My Holy Presence. In various parts of the churches throughout the world, especially around the tabernacle I am very much abused.”

Our Lord looked at me and said, “You know My altars in the church are like a burning bush, they are so sacred. No-one should walk wearing their shoes near them. When Moses came to the mountain of Sinai, I told him not to come so near and I also told him to remove his shoes for he was standing on Holy and Sacred ground. That law remains still today. I am a living God and My Holy ground in these places should be revered and highly respected, and the Priest should teach people about it. Instead I am abused, ridiculed and pushed aside more and more. Today everything is accepted in the churches. The devil lives in My churches and he controls everyone and people go along with it. I am sad to see all this disrespect. My Angels and Saints are crying for Me in Heaven. They are so sorry for Me. Think of how much I suffered for you all and what do I get in return? You repay Me with your sinful deeds and abuses in My Sacred Presence. I tell you, no-one will escape My punishment.”

“Pray for them and console Me, My children, especially the Priests and Bishops for they are the ones I shall judge the most. Pray to My Divine Mercy.”

I answered, “My Lord and My God, have mercy on Priests and Bishops”.


May, 2004

After receiving Holy Communion, My Lord Jesus said, “Valentina, My child. My churches are persecuted everywhere and are poisoned.”

He looked at me and said, “Not all Bishops and Priests are truthful to Me. Only some. Others offend Me very much. They cover all sinful deeds that are in their lives. Not enough prayers and sacrifices are offered to Me. They succumb to a lot of temptation which is around them. Pray for them. You must pray for Bishops and Priests.”


8th May, 2004

When reciting the Creed to begin the Holy Rosary, Our Blessed Mother came and she said, “I come to tell you and warn you that people should pray more and devote themselves more to God than to worldly things. I tell you from the beginning of this year many catastrophic events will happen all over the world. There will be a great earthquake in which the whole Earth will be affected and many people will die. God will permit this to happen because people will not turn away from sinful deeds. God has already planned in advance where these events will happen. He is in charge of all creation, but men still resist His commands and reject His mercy and love. Mankind rebels against God. My children, you must be blind not to see what is happening in so many countries in the world with so much bloodshed and unhappiness. Innocent people are suffering because of injustice.”

“My children, I always warn you to change your way of life and call you to conversion, repentance and prayer. I always pray and intercede to the Most Holy Trinity on your behalf. Many souls go to hell because they live in terrible sin, especially young people and men. Priests don’t seem to care much and do not teach repentance and prayer in the churches. Everyone thinks it is not necessary to confess and be in a state of grace before receiving Holy Communion.”

“My daughter, do you see the changes in the weather and how quickly it changes? These are the signs given by your God and Creator so that mankind will wake up from their sleep. Evil spirits blind them and deceive them so they believe that all is well. My children, wake up, pray, change and convert. Many things can be stopped through your sacrifice and prayers.”

“Be at peace. My children, I love you and bless you.”

I replied, “Blessed Mother, Thankyou and thankyou for your prayers.” The Blessed Mary always tells me to pray to the Holy Spirit. Pray to the Holy Spirit for enlightenment and guidance.


20th May, 2004

After receiving Holy Communion, Our Lord Jesus spoke, “Offer Me all those who are ungrateful after receiving Me. Thank Me on behalf of all of them. My children, be always grateful and thank Me for being present in the church. It is My will that you are there.”

“I want to remind you again that it doesn’t please Me when the Priest announces the sign of peace and people begin shaking hands and waving to one another, it distracts you just before receiving the Holy Eucharist. You should kneel down and unite yourselves to Me and ask Me to be merciful toward you. My children, you must remember that you are all sinners. In My Holy Presence you must be sorry for offending Me and ask Me to be merciful to you.”

“Valentina, tell people that shaking hands and greeting others should be done outside the church. I disapprove because it is the devil who wants you to be distracted and you turn your backs toward the altar. How sad I am to see all this. You are disobedient and irreverent. My children, you lose many graces for doing this. Pray very hard for the churches when many laws are being changed which doesn’t please Me. By prayer I will sanctify My churches.”

I said, “My Lord, remind me each time I am in a church, not to shake hands and clap but to be reverent toward you. Lord Jesus be merciful to us.”


31st May, 2004

Message 1:

At home, 5 am, I was awoken by an Angel. He said, “Come, I will show you,” and he took me to Purgatory. (Each time I have an experience of Purgatory it happens in a different level).

This time I had the feeling of being taken down. The Angel brought me into a very dark tunnel. It seemed like a mine, filled with charcoal, burning in areas. The smell, similar to the aftermath of a house fire, was overpowering and airless. I saw people working, digging the charcoal. They were all blackened. The only light in there was issuing from the Angel beside me.

The reason I was taken there was because I knew a lady with whom I had been acquainted. The Angel told me that most people passed through that tunnel after death, depending on the soul’s state of grace. The person who I knew was crying. She begged me to help her saying, “Don’t leave me here, I’m going to go mental. Our minds are perfectly clear and are aware of everything we have to do.” She was doing penance by cutting the charcoal into blocks, crawling on her knees, putting it into position. She felt she would not survive and asked me to pray for her. I told her to be courageous and to have hope, that I would pray for her to help her rise above this dark, depressing place.

While I was there, seeing all this, I felt anger towards our Lord that He could allow this to happen to souls. God has His reasons for doing this. How we live on Earth, how we offend God, this is very painful for Him who loves us very much.

We cannot see God unless we are 100% purified. There cannot be any stain on our souls. Take care of how you live on Earth. Practice chastity, honesty and obedience toward the Ten Commandments. Pray and do penance while you still have time. God is full of surprises. He does not force anyone into doing anything. He gave us free will to choose the way we go. Constantly we all must be aware that we are sinners.

The Angel spoke, “Tell your Priests to teach their people and speak about Purgatory in the churches.”

I answered, “May God have Mercy on our Souls.”


1st July, 2004

This morning, while praying, Our Lord Jesus spoke, “This coming month, July, is My special month that I choose for you to adore My Precious Blood, which I spilled abundantly during My Passion and Crucifixion and the wound in My side when the soldiers speared Me. The most agonising wound that I received. My merciful heart opened like a river and streamed with water and blood for the whole world and people so that they would be washed and forgiven from their sin. Still today it is washing you from your sin when you ask Me to pour it on you all.”

He smiled and looked at me, “Valentina, do you know that My Precious Blood is so powerful, a drop of it is sufficient for the whole world and you can be purified from all the sin and ugly guilt that you carry in you. If only people would ask Me for My Precious Blood, but you don’t know the value of it. Don’t hesitate to ask Me to cover you with My Precious Blood abundantly. I will pour all over you and protect you from all malicious enemies who constantly surround you.”

Jesus then said, “Now I speak to My beloved Priests and Bishops. I wish you to practise this faith by asking Me to cover you with My Precious Blood. Instead you struggle on your own.” He said, “My daughter, how I wait for them to ask Me to cover them with My Precious Blood to protect them from all adversity that is constantly hanging round them. The enemy just flees away when I sprinkle on My children My Precious Blood. Practise this often and it will always stay on your mind, your lips and your heart and then it will turn into a beautiful prayer and a precious gift to you all. My children, from your loving Lord and God who loves you unceasingly.”

I answered, “Lord, pour your Precious Blood on us and protect us. We love you and we thank you”.

Pray everyday…

May the Precious Blood of the Saviour Jesus Christ protect and keep me.
May the Precious Blood of the Saviour Jesus Christ keep my family safe.
In the Divine love of the Blessed Trinity.