1 January 2023

Key Word for the New Year

This morning at about one thirty, I asked our Lord, “Lord, what is the Key Word for the world for the New Year.”

Then around three o’clock this morning, our Lord came to reveal to me the Key Word. He said, “Repentance, Conversion, Prayer and Trust in Me!”

“But I also tell you, I shall break through the evil, and I Am coming to save My humanity and make all beautiful, all new and peaceful again.”

As our Lord was telling me this message, I saw in a vision thick, dark clouds, and I watched our Lord come and, with His Mighty and Holy Hands, push through the clouds, pushing them away to the right and the left. The dark clouds represent the sin of the world, which is so thick and blocks the way for our Lord to come to the world.

This is a beautiful message of hope.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for giving us hope.

Come, Lord Jesus.