4 January 2022

The Wedding Celebration in Heaven

Blessed Mother Mary, Most Holy, came today when I was praying. Dressed all in beautiful pure white, she invited me to come with her.

She said, “I invite you to come with me to witness a Wedding Celebration. It is to be a big celebration. Come and help me prepare to welcome the guests to this big Wedding Feast.”

Suddenly, a very nice saintly lady joined Blessed Mother and me, and she too helped us arrange the table with the beautiful white cover in this Heavenly place.

The saintly lady and I took the white table cloth and covered the very long table. Blessed Mother then placed what looked like little desserts in the centre of this table, similar to mini white meringues with swirls, very light and delicate. There were many of these desserts for the wedding guests.

She said, “See, my daughter, everything is ready. They should be here already.”

I was sitting on a chair on the side, and I was praying an Our Father and three Hail Marys for Blessed Mother’s intentions because I could see she was worried, for whatever she was waiting.

I stood up, and I went to Blessed Mother, and I said, “I can no longer wait. I have to go.”

Blessed Mother said, “I was hoping you would meet these souls; after all, you suffered for them.”

I said to Blessed Mother, “While we were waiting, I prayed for them.”

Blessed Mother then said to me, “I am still concerned for them. They should be here already.”

I cheered her up and said, “Maybe they are delayed a little bit for some reason.”

Blessed Mother answered, “Yes, yes, Valentina, but since you have to go, at least taste this wedding food.”

She offered me the food, so I took one and put it in my mouth. It was delicious. It melted in my mouth. I asked Blessed Mother, “What is this?”

She smiled and said, “Manna from Heaven.”

I said, “Oh, I thank you, Blessed Mother.”

The Manna at the wedding feast is for the nourishment of the new arrivals into Heaven.

Then we embraced each other and kissed, and my guardian angel took me back home. When I returned home, I thought to myself, ‘I could have stayed with Holy Mother and consoled her.’

She did not look too happy but was very concerned for the world and her children. That really worried me.

My Guardian angel instructed me, “Always ask Blessed Mother, ‘My Mother, is there anything I can do for you?’ That will console her and give her great help because usually, people only ask her to help them and intercede for them, not what they can do for her. Nobody thinks of that.”

I said, “Oh gee, I never thought of that either.”

We should always offer to help our Blessed Mother, to ask her, ‘What can I do for you?’ That will please her very much. She may need prayer, a little charity, a little offering, and to bring souls to her and to our Lord, and in that way, we console her.

2 January 2022

Pray always for My Priests and Bishops

During the Holy Mass, I offer everyone to our Lord Jesus, even the Holy Souls.

Our Lord Jesus said, “Valentina, My child, I want you to always remain humble and simple to Me. That way, you console Me, and your reward will be great in Heaven. Pray always for My Priests and Bishops and offer them to Me.”

Looking at Father Robert as he was giving his homily, suddenly I could see our Lord Jesus standing right behind him.

“Wow!” I exclaimed. I was very pleased to see our Lord standing behind the priest.

Referring to the priests, our Lord said, “What I show you and teach you, and what you see and hear, they wish they could see and hear. But I only reveal to some but not to everyone. They must trust Me blindly and serve Me at My Holy Altar, knowing that I Am fully present with them. That is why I ask you for your help. They need a lot of support and prayer from the people.”

Our Lord was looking at me and said, “I also want to remind you that this year alone does not look too promising for the world. Many events will unfold as prophesied; they have yet to come and be fulfilled. Since humanity ignores My warnings and remains sinful and unrepentant, that offends Me so much.”

“But do not lose hope. Have faith in Me.”

“I also want to tell you that I will soon send to the world the Holy Spirit. It will descend like a gentle dew upon the earth and touch every human heart, and that will transform everyone. What is now dirty, it will make it all pure and white and clean.”

“This is coming soon because I Am working on it. Valentina, proclaim My Holy Word and tell people to repent and be ready for when this will come and happen.”

Again, pointing with His index Finger and in a very firm voice, our Lord repeated, “And don’t listen to anyone, only Me!”

Thank You, Lord Jesus. Have mercy on us.

31 December 2021

Saint Padre Pio pleads to our Lord for the World

I prayed the rosary, and then I pleaded to our Lord for the world. I asked if He could heal the world from this terrible virus that is upon us all so that in the new year, the world would be healed from this horrible disease, and the people would be freed from the controls by the governments, constantly telling us what to do.

When I pleaded to our Lord, I thought, ‘I know what I’m going to do. I’m going to ask all the Heavenly Saints to intercede for us. I’m going to ask each one that I know of by name!’

I thought, ‘Wow, we have so many Saints in Heaven, why not ask them to intercede for us.’

I then prayed, “All of you Saints, Apostles and Martyrs, please intercede for the world for the poor people on earth. You are so close to our Lord. I am sure He won’t say no to you.”

I called upon everyone I could think of; I called each of them by name.

When I finished making my prayer offerings to all the Saints, St Padre Pio suddenly appeared to me about an hour later. He looked so radiant and beautiful. He was holding Baby Jesus in His Arms. Baby Jesus appeared as a little toddler.

St Padre Pio then sat Baby Jesus on a small side cabinet and turned to talk to me. He raised his arms to Heaven and started speaking to me in Italian. He said, “Valentina, I have come to tell you that for what you asked, you put the whole of Heaven in ecstasy. Our Lord specially chose me to come to you, and I also come to tell you that I interceded for what you asked for humanity, to free them from this Coronavirus because people are suffering.”

“I really pleaded with our Lord and asked Him to have mercy, but I could not convince Him for what I asked. With all my pleading, our Lord’s answer is No.”

“But do you know why? I will tell you. Our Lord is very offended by humanity in the world; they ignore Him, and they live in terrible sin, worse than ever before, worse than in previous generations. People do not realise that they are committing horrible sins, and they continue to live in this way, against God’s law, against His Commandments.”

“Valentina, don’t be discouraged. Proclaim our Lord’s Word that He gives you. Tell people to come to our Lord, to know Him. He is such a loving God. He waits for everyone to come to Him. But repentance is the key word. He wants everyone to repent and to come to Him.”

“Many events will unfold, especially in the new year, but if people repent and change their way of life, our Lord can change many things and not allow them to happen.”

After our conversation, I looked towards the small cabinet and noticed that little Jesus as a toddler was gone, then suddenly Lord Jesus appeared as an adult. I was so pleased that our Lord was present. I felt so secure in His holy presence. He was now standing raised high above the floor while St Padre Pio was standing on the floor. I watched as Lord Jesus and Saint Padre Pio talked to each other, discussing the present situation in the world. From what I could understand, I believe they were speaking in Latin.

St Padre Pio was pleading with our Lord for the world. He kept talking and talking, pleading for mercy for the world; he was pleading so hard. I was observing our Lord Jesus’s expression; He was so serious. The more they talked, the more our Lord raised His voice higher and above that of St Padre Pio.

Then in a stern voice, our Lord said, “No! I will not permit this.”

“Why should I grant them this and take away their suffering. They don’t plead to Me; they ignore Me, they go above Me, they disobey all My Commandments. They don’t humble themselves to come to Me,” said Lord Jesus.

But St Padre Pio raised his voice higher as he pleaded to our Lord. Again, our Lord raised His Voice even higher above St Padre Pio, and in a firm tone, said, No!”

Lord Jesus said, “If I let them go, they will continue to live in the mud and continue to offend Me, the way they do now. Nothing will change. Humanity has to change.”

I cried for our Lord because I know how hurt He is and how much He suffers. He is a good and gentle God. I could see that whatever St Padre Pio asked of our Lord, our Lord would refuse.

Our Lord then departed, and St Padre Pio remained.

I was so grateful to St Padre Pio. He showed me how he pleaded to our Lord for us, and he wasn’t afraid. Our Lord chose St Padre Pio to come of all the Saints in Heaven. He is very close to our Lord.

I said to St Padre Pio, “I really love you, and I thank you. You are so privileged with our Lord.”

St Padre Pio came again on the 2nd January 2022 while I was praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet, and he said, “Valentina, I tried so hard to intercede for the world. Did you see how we debated, our Lord and I? I am very close to our Lord. That’s how I intercede in Heaven for people.”

“You had to witness our conversation. I pleaded for the world, but I could not convince our Lord no matter what. Tell people not to give up and to keep praying.”

“There are many events that are supposed to happen this year alone. They are not good things. You must talk to people so that they will repent and humble themselves and change the way they live their lives.”

Thank you, St Padre Pio, for interceding for the world.

30 December 2021

Baby Jesus came dressed as children of today

When I was praying this morning, Blessed Mother came to me with Baby Jesus as a toddler. She was holding Him by His little Hand. To my surprise, He was dressed in a white top and little brown pants, similar to the way children dress today.

I said to Blessed Mother, “Oh, how cute is your Son, little Jesus in the little short pants. He now really looks like a little Boy.”

Blessed Mother, Most Holy, smiled and said, “I know you would like to see my Son dressed this way.”

“Oh, how adorable and cute He is. I love Him so much,” I said.

Blessed Mother said, “I thought that I would dress Him the way children are dressed on earth these days. My Son likes to come to you as a little Baby to give you courage and peace because you suffer so much for the Holy Souls.”

I said, “My Mother, oh how I appreciate and I love Jesus very much.”

She smiled and said, “We love you too and bless you.”

They then departed.

Thank you, Blessed Mother and Baby Jesus.

25 December 2021

Christmas Day

Tell Baby Jesus You Love Him

This morning while I was at home saying my prayers, and giving glory to the Infant Jesus, Blessed Mother appeared in a radiant aura of light with the Baby Jesus. She was dressed all in brilliant white.

She said, “Today, adore my Son Jesus, for He is born, and

He has come into this dark world as a Saviour and Redeemer to free you from your sins.”

Holding Baby Jesus, Blessed Mother said, “My daughter Valentina, to understand this mystery of His Coming to you all, it is like He gives birth to everyone Himself. This mystery, which happened the first time,

repeats every year. As Creator and Redeemer of all His children, it will

repeat till the end of times, until the end of the world. For this reason, you

should glorify Him and adore Him and tell Him how much you love Him and give Him thanks for what He has done for all of you, my children.”

Blessed Mother said, “To better explain this and so that people will understand, it is a spiritual birth, not a real birth, because He is

our Creator, He is our God, and we all belong to Him, all humanity belongs to Him.”

Blessed Mother and I were both looking at Baby Jesus, adoring Him, and telling Him how beautiful He is. He was glowing in holiness and smiling.

Baby Jesus loves to hear the words when we say to Him, “We love You very much, Baby Jesus.”

Thank you, Blessed Mother and Baby Jesus. We love you all very much.


24 December 2021

Christmas Eve

Australia gives our Lord the most Pain

During my evening prayers the day before, I was lamenting to our Lord, “Lord, now there are so many restrictions placed upon us, and there is so much pain and sickness in the world. A few years ago, You told me how a beautiful peace descends upon Christmas Eve in every nation of the world.”

“Maybe a miracle will happen this year?” I said, “Because You will permit it. Maybe everything will be alright, and there will be no more Coronavirus?”

This morning while I was praying, our Lord Jesus came, and He said, “I heard your plea last night.”

“But I tell you, Australia gives Me the most pain of all the nations! I will tell you why.”

He showed me; it was like a thin piece of steel, a rod, pressing onto the soft and sensitive tissue between the Toes of our Lord, like pinning Him down. It is constantly pressing down so that He is feeling terrible pain. It is extremely painful. I could see the thin steel rod stretching all the way from Australia up to Heaven.

“That is how I receive pain from Australia,” He said.

“It is sent to Me all the way up to Heaven. It is constant pain.”

“The people of Australia like to have good times, good things, they like to travel, they like to make money and enjoy themselves. They are greedy, worrying about how much money they will make, all for their self-interest. They like to keep industry going to make big profits. They want to make everything beautiful, more than any other nation in the world, but they don’t want to accept any suffering that comes to them. They constantly complain. They want to do everything the way they used to. It’s all ‘me, me, me,’ and they don’t worry about others.”

Lord Jesus lamented, “But nobody wants to repent. They don’t worry about repentance.”

“Today, I Am going to be offended very much because when people gather together, many will party and drink.” Our Lord was very serious and upset about Australia.

I said, “Lord, I am very sorry. Not all of the people know this.”

Lord have mercy on the people of Australia and on your priests.

19 December 2021

The World has Plunged into Darkness and Sin

Today during Holy Mass, after I received Holy Communion, I thanked the Lord for the grace to receive Him. Our Lord appeared, and He said, “Valentina, sadly I have to lament to you, people don’t know the meaning of My Coming to the world. They should accept Me with such love and embrace Me as their Saviour. Instead, they turn their backs on Me. I receive such a cold reception from people.”

“I also want to tell you that the world has really plunged into darkness and sin. You have no idea how bad it is. Accept whatever I send you to console Me,” said our Lord.

I felt so emotional. I went to the Chapel to pray. I said to Blessed Mother, “How can the world reject such a beautiful Jesus? He is so full of love and compassion.”

Blessed Mother said, “Trust My Son. He will always look after you and console you. He loves you so much.”

18 December 2021

I want You to be Simple My Children

When I was saying my morning prayers, our Lord Jesus came and said, “Valentina, My child, as Christmas is approaching, don’t look at the world, as people are rushing around. They are preparing to celebrate Christmas, but they don’t know the meaning of Christmas.”

“I want you to be simple My children. Make it all simple. Think of Me as your Saviour, how I came to this world, and I was born in a very cold and poor stable so that you can learn from Me. I was born for the poor, to bring light to this world because people were living in darkness and sin.”

“Today, the world is full of darkness and sin; hate, pride, greed, and selfishness and entertainment of sinful pleasures.”

Our Lord lamented, “Oh, how many of My children are dying of hunger every minute in the world, and they are completely abandoned and even killed by the evildoers, and nobody defends them and helps them.”

“How My Heart is bleeding with constant pain and suffering to watch all of this. I ask for special prayers right now for the world to obtain My mercy, but so few respond to My call.”

“My love for all is unconditional and great. But I Am also warning you, you are closer and closer to the severe chastisements, and I don’t have to remind you of these events, as you already experience them, and they are very severe.”

“Hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, monsoonal destruction, such as has never been before so often as now. Also, now you have to deal with the Coronavirus, which keeps repeating and coming back to you.”

I could see our Lord was annoyed when He said, “How long will you remain deaf and blind to My call?”

“I call you to repentance. These are My warnings for all of the world,” He said.

Our Lord was very sad and serious when He spoke His Holy Word in this message. He doesn’t want to punish the world because He loves His people, but He does not have much choice because we ignore His warnings.

Lord have mercy on us and on the whole world.

17 December 2021

Lord Jesus Thirsts for Souls

Today after Holy Mass, I walked from the Church towards the shops. Usually, as I walk, I always pray and in that way, I am not distracted. While praying, suddenly, I heard a very strong voice in my heart. Our Lord Jesus said, “I thirst for souls! Offer Me the people you pass by.”

“Offer Me the sinner, the non-believer, the sick, the dying. Do you understand Me how essential it is to do all this so that I can still save their soul?”

“While you offer them to Me, even the smallest and littlest gestures, count. I depend on you, and I know you will say, He is never satisfied.

“Every day, I need these offerings,” said our Lord.

I said, “Thank you, my Lord Jesus Christ, for saving souls.”

14 December 2021

We need to Gather in Prayer More Often

Today my friend Nives invited a group of people to her home for prayers and sharing the messages. During the Holy Rosary prayers, our Lord Jesus and Blessed Mother came smiling. Our Lord was wearing a burgundy-coloured vestment.

Blessed Mother and our Lord said, “We have come to tell you how essential prayer is in this time that you live in. These are very confusing times for all our children in the world.”

“Nives our daughter, she opened the door so beautifully to us and welcomed so many faithful children for prayer and for sharing our Holy Word and teaching. Through Valentina, everyone benefits, and they are hungry and thirsty for more. They want to hear more and more. Especially now that you all experience so much negativity from every corner of the world which controls you all.”

Lord Jesus said, “You need to be together in prayer more often. You need to remain close to Me and trust in Me, and in that way, you receive many graces.”

Our Lord smiled and said, “But today, you receive My special blessing.”

Then our Lord raised His right Hand, and with His two Fingers, He blessed us all by making the Sign of the Cross, saying, “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

Our Lord and Blessed Mother were both very happy. Our Lord said, “I understand that all of you went through a lot of trauma for the last two years, and you all need to be lifted up spiritually, so you don’t go down into despair and depression of which there is so much in the world.”

“Knowing that I love you all very much, and still you all quickly fall into negativity. You know I never abandon you. I Am always with you,” He said.

We have to trust our Lord. He wants us to be positive. When we share His Holy Word in a group, we encourage one another, and this benefits all of us.


12 December 2021

One must be Patient To Merit all the Graces

I received this message in October 2021. While I was praying the Holy Rosary, a very saintly lady visited me this morning. She was very pretty and friendly and was wearing a light blue coloured dress.

She came up close to me, smiled and embraced me. She did not tell me her name. We were both very joyous and happy as we embraced.

She said, “I was sent to you by our Lord Jesus and Blessed Mother Mary Most Holy. I have a message for you.”

“You have to be more patient. You will receive some graces for what you were praying for, but not all.”

In a vision, she showed me a lady amongst a group of people. The saintly lady explained the vision and said, “This woman, she is very fortunate because she received all the graces from our Lord Jesus. She accepted everything with patience and never complained.”

“Try to be more patient and accept things that our Lord sends you because Lord Jesus loves you. He also gives you strength and helps you to go through the situations you are in, in your daily life.”

Once again, she extended her hand to reveal the same group of people, and among them, the lady who received all the graces from our Lord Jesus.

I said, “How blessed she is.”

In the vision, I could see the lady in a church, kneeling, with many people around her, and she was the only one to receive all the graces.

Lord Jesus is teaching us that we must be patient in our daily lives to merit all the graces that come from Him.

Thank you, Lord Jesus and Blessed Mother, for this beautiful teaching.

11 December 2021

Those Who Have our Lord are Rich

The angel came early in the morning and said, “I was sent by the Lord. You have to obey and come with me.”

Suddenly we found ourselves in a huge abandoned warehouse in ruins; made of timber, all old, used and neglected.”

The angel and I entered this shabby place. I knew right away that we were in Purgatory.

He said, “Our Lord wants you to witness this and help these people.”

Inside was a large crowd of about two hundred souls, both men and women together, some older and some younger.

I noticed one lady was holding a little white poodle in her arm. As the angel and I approached the souls, coming up close, I could hear them talking and conversing amongst themselves.

The angel said, “Come closer.”

The souls were all standing, and in unison all turned around as we approached, probably sensing our presence. They looked at us with disdain and contempt, as we were not wanted here.

In a nasty tone, they said, “We are very rich. You are not welcome among us. You are very poor, and we don’t want you to associate with us. You know we are very rich, we are alive, and we don’t want anything to do with poor people.”

Angry and annoyed, they said, “We are going back!”

I turned to the angel and said, “Do they know they are dead?”

The angel replied, “You and me, we know, but they don’t know. They don’t want to know. They don’t want to accept that they are here. They are still tied to the world, and they don’t want to let go.”

I said, “Somebody has to tell them.” The angel and I were both smiling. These souls did not ask for my help.

In a split moment, the whole group were gone in a flash. It was like a wind had come suddenly and pushed them so quickly out into the open.

I asked the angel, “Where did they all go?”

He answered, “Well, they have to buy and sell. What they were doing on earth, they have to repeat over and over again, that is part of their penance until they let go, and until somebody helps them to get out of this place.”

“When you pray for them, offer them, deliver them and suffer for them. Slowly they will be delivered out of this, and they will realise the reality of where they are.”

When the angel was telling me all of this, I looked up to Heaven, and I started to sing spontaneously, “Money, money, money, … in a rich man’s world. Aha….”

The angel said, “That is good. You have such a beautiful voice. That is an appropriate song for this group and others like them.”

I said, “Why am I singing this song? I have never sung this before.”

He said, “Our Lord permits all of that. Nothing you do is without Him.”

I was surprised that I had such a beautiful voice, and I was so happy singing.

The angel then said, “Don’t get offended when they tell you, you are poor. You are the richest because you have our Lord, and who has our Lord is rich.”

Later that day, I said to my sister, “I was taken to visit some souls, when suddenly I started singing this song, Money, Money, Money..in a rich man’s world.

My sister immediately recognised the song, and said, “That’s Abba’s song!”

I said, “I didn’t know.”

Lord have mercy on these souls.


5 December 2021

Souls in Purgatory for Irreverence in Church

During my morning prayers, when I was praying the Angelus, the Angel of the Lord appeared, and he asked me to come with him.

He said, “Come with me to Purgatory. You have to witness for the Holy Souls, and you also have to help them and console them because they can no longer help themselves.”

Suddenly we arrived at this place. It was a building, like a church, packed with many souls sitting in pews. There were so many of them, both men and women, and young children, all very poorly dressed in dull clothing, very messy.

All the pews were in a disorderly arrangement facing all directions, unlike here on earth. Some people were sitting opposite each other and partitioned off from others. While others were facing different directions, some towards the entrance door and some towards the front. Everything was disorganised in this place.

The souls seemed to be moving around. They were restless, and some were eating and munching on something like snacks, behaving very strangely. During their life on earth, this is how they behaved in church, and now they have to do their penance here, repeating, over and over, the sinful actions they committed while alive.

I asked one of the souls, “What are you waiting for? Are you waiting for the celebration of Holy Mass? But where is the priest?”

“We are waiting for Holy Communion, but the priests are upstairs,” the soul replied.

I thought to myself, ‘The Holy Communion will not come; they cannot receive it in Purgatory.’

Looking around, I noticed a small flight of stairs leading to a raised floor area in the same building. Again, there were many souls there. Then I watched some men as they kept coming out from a room.

The souls said to me, “They are priests.”

There were six priests amongst these people. They were all dressed in ordinary clothing, as they were stripped of their priestly garments. I recognised one of the priests as soon as he stepped out of the room.

I said to the angel, “I know that Father. He used to be in my church.”

I continued to look around when suddenly, at least six ladies appeared at the back of this building, all standing in an aisle. They looked quite young and were dressed all in black, wearing sleeveless dresses, complete with frills on the shoulders. I came close to them and said, “Why are you dressed differently from the others here?”

They answered, “For many, many years, we were helping in churches, doing good things. We were Ministers of the Eucharist, and we helped with many other chores that needed to be done in the church. We thought we were doing good things, and we were very proud being Ministers of the Eucharist.”

“Now we know we were wrong. The priests and bishops did not tell us that this was all wrong. Instead, they encouraged us, telling us that it was alright. Now that we are here, we know that we should never have touched the Holy Eucharist. Now we are severely punished, that is why we are wearing black. We offended God very much, so deeply. It is so great a sacrilege against our Lord, to hold Him. We do not know how long we will be here.”

I said, “Yes, this is a great sacrilege against our Lord. Nobody should touch the Eucharist, only the consecrated hands of the priests and bishops.” This is what our Lord had told me.

Then I left with the angel.

Lord Jesus, have mercy on these souls.

3 December 2021

Cenacle Rosary Prayers

Lord Jesus says the world is in Total Desolation and Desperation

Today during the Cenacle Rosary Prayers, as we were offering our petitions, our Lord Jesus appeared and said, “Valentina, My child, I want you to offer Me the whole world, and pray for it. I know that you can do that. All the prayers will help Me to save the world.”

“Now the world is in total desolation and desperation, and they need My help.”

For the time being, I am willing to put My Judgement aside, and I bring forward My Mercy, to save the world. But I need your help to do all of this. I want you to spread My Holy Word and tell My people to pray.

While our Lord was present in the church, and while He was giving Me this serious message, He suddenly raised me up high above the horizon.

One moment, I was in the presence of our Lord, kneeling in the pew and praying, when suddenly, and in a flash, our Lord lifted me up, raised me high up, high above the horizon, above the clouds. Suddenly I could clearly see the world below me, covered by clouds.

I was now somewhere in outer space, with our Lord Jesus standing in front of me, as I was kneeling before Him. He was wearing a beautiful, deep creamy-coloured tunic. Our Lord’s expression was sad.

At the same time, coming from far down below me, I could clearly hear the echo of the rosary prayers being recited by our rosary prayer group and rising up. I could hear the people responding. I could recognise their voices. The prayers were echoing up, into space so that our Lord could hear them. The prayers were being raised up to Heaven.

I could now see how prayers, when they are sincere and from the heart, how they travel and echo throughout space.

I was above the world and above the clouds, kneeling before our Lord.

Our Lord was looking at the world below. He said, “I tell you, everywhere I look now, it is abomination and desolation and darkness. Most of it is caused by this horrible virus and the evil that is spread all over the world. People are in despair and are losing hope in their lives.”

He was looking at me, concerned for the world, but at the same time, was smiling a little, a sign of hope for the world.

He asked me, “Help Me, and together we can bring the light to the world and save it all.”

Gently nodding His Head in a hopeful way, He said, “All this can be achieved through prayers.”

He asked, “Can I count on you?”

“Can I?” He asked again.

“Tell My children to take My message seriously.”

“I bless you. Be at peace.”

Then I suddenly found myself back in the church, kneeling in my pew with my prayer group, praying the Cenacle Rosary.

The next day I was talking to our Lord, “Lord, I would like to tell everyone about this. How am I going to do this? How am I going to tell people to pray for the world?”

Lord Jesus said, “I never do anything unless I warn My children before time.”

Our Lord is always giving us a chance for things to change for the better. He wants to save the world, and He wants us to pray for the world very much.

Lord have mercy on the whole world.

2 December 2021

Little Jesus wants Little Children to gather around His Cradle

At home, when I said my prayers and thanksgiving for graces received, I had a beautiful vision of the little Infant, our Lord Jesus lying in a small cradle. Even though a baby, He was very serious, and seriously He spoke and said, “I want you to come near My cradle and adore Me and praise Me and tell Me that you love Me.”

Then He said, “For so many in the world abandon Me. Tell My little children to come around My cradle, to sing to an Infant King Who was born in a poor stable to save you all. Teach the little children to know Me and to love Me. I love them very much. They are like angels, and they bring Me such a consolation and joy, such is their love for Me. They sing Christmas Carols and Canticles in adoration, and I love them the most, and I bless them all.”

I said, “Thank You, my Little Infant and King. May You be praised forever and ever by everyone on earth.”

I could see Baby Jesus lying in a little cradle, all glowing and dressed in pure white and with His little Hands raised up, inviting people to come around the cradle. So beautifully, He was singing, “Come, come to My cradle and adore.”

After this vision, all day long in my heart, I could still hear our little Lord singing, “Come, come to my cradle and adore.”

We praise You, we adore You, and we love You Lord Jesus.