25 February 2024

Lord Jesus is Reluctant to Let Go His Hand

Today, during the Holy Mass, Lord Jesus appeared and said, “Write down what Heaven has told you. This is reality—it is not a joke. You are living in a very dangerous time. My Hand, for the time being, is reluctant, but I cannot always hold back. If people do not change and repent, My Hand will let go.”

Lord Jesus, have mercy on the whole world.

23 February 2024

We are Now in Very Dangerous Times

In the morning, while I was praying, the angel came and said, “Our Lord has sent me to tell you to come with me.”
Suddenly, the angel and I found ourselves in Heaven, standing with a group of saints and angels.
They said, “The times you are living in now are very dangerous. Right now, you should pray very much for President Putin. He is very close to sending a nuclear missile. He is very determined to do so, and it can happen at any time.”
“You people on earth, you take things too easily and don’t care much about this. Putin is very angry at everything and everyone. He hates the West.”
Then one of the angels in the group said, “You know, when the people will find out about this, many will try to come to Russia to be protected there. They will think that this is the only safe place in the world, while the missiles will hit the western world.”
While we were standing there, Father Valerian, my late parish priest, suddenly appeared and stood with us in the group.
He had a sad look on his face. He came up very close to me and said to the group, “Why I have come is to talk to Valentina and to warn her of this danger. She must warn people to take this message seriously and to tell people to become more spiritual. Nothing is more important now than to become more spiritual and to be united to our Lord Jesus in prayer. That is the only solution for your protection. Prayer and repentance are what our Lord Jesus wants from all humanity. Maybe if people pray and change, there is still hope that our Lord can save you from this dangerous situation that is upon you all.”
After meeting with the angels and saints, the angel accompanying me said, “Come with me. The Blessed Mother wants to see you and talk to you.”
We had walked a short distance when we suddenly came to a beautiful place and found ourselves indoors. There I could see Blessed Mother surrounded by Saintly ladies talking to her.
As we approached Blessed Mother, I could hear her say to one of the saintly ladies, “Bring me a container.”
The saintly lady returned with a beautiful dish and placed it in front of Blessed Mother. It was like a bowl of pale blue colour; inside, I could see all white ingredients—similar to semolina. With a wooden spoon in her hand, Blessed Mother slowly began to mix the white ingredients.
I thought to myself, ‘What does that represent? If the ingredients are white, then it must be something good.’
All of a sudden, two little boys, about nine years of age, appeared around Blessed Mother. One of the little boys was our Lord Jesus, and the other was His guardian angel.
Little Lord Jesus came up very close to His Mother while His little guardian angel stayed behind Him. Lord Jesus took the spoon from His Mother, Mary Most Holy. She permitted Him to stir. I watched as He slowly started to stir the ingredients. As He was doing this, He looked around with a cheeky look.
I thought, ‘Oh, any minute, He will be throwing chunks of the mixture at the people.’
Suddenly, He stopped mixing and started to throw chunks of the mixture at people standing around, including the angel and myself.
As I was thinking to myself, ‘..and we deserve it..’ a huge chunk came flying towards me, landing on my chest.
Then He stopped, and Blessed Mother said, “My Son knows how much you worry when you receive a very serious message, so He likes to cheer you up and to play so that you don’t think about this too much.”
Our Blessed Mother confirmed the message, saying, “Warn people and tell them this is a serious message. Tell people to convert and to change and to pray.”

16 February 2024

Be Careful of False Teachings Being Spread in the World

Early in the morning, while I was praying The Angelus, the angel appeared and said, “Come with me.”

Suddenly, the angel and I found ourselves in a beautiful garden, all green and so fresh that you could inhale the pure freshness. It was so beautiful, with many varieties of shrubs and ferns.

As we arrived, we could see our Lord Jesus talking to a group of Saints. I noticed that He was not happy, as He had a very sad expression on His face. He then left the area and secluded Himself among some greenery. He sat down on a chair with His Head slightly lowered and the palms of His Hands facing upwards in prayer. He wanted to be alone.

The angel said, “You have to go there and console Him. See how sad He is for the world that rejects Him and is so sinful.”

At that moment, I came up closer to our Lord. I didn’t want to interfere while He was praying and resting.

I bowed before Him and said, “Glory to You, my Lord Jesus.”

As I said this, I slightly disturbed our Lord from His deep thoughts.

I asked, “Lord, why are You so sad?”

He didn’t answer.

I then said to Him, “There is a large group of children and mothers waiting for Your blessing.”

He looked up like I had startled Him and said, “Oh yes, yes, I will do that for you.”

I could see the big group waiting on the side. I felt that this group were all still living on earth.

After our Lord blessed them, He became a little more cheerful.

We were both looking at the children when He said, “See these children, when they will be adults and grown up, some will be good and some will not.”

“Valentina, My child, I thirst. Give Me a glass of water.”

The angel directed me to a little grotto where there was spring water. I filled a glass with this crystal clear water and gave it to our Lord.

Our Lord took the glass of water and walked away to a different part of the garden to sit down. He was still very sad.

The angel then started to tell me, “There is a nun, circling from place to place, and telling people how important she is, and telling them she has been sent from the Vatican. She thinks she is very important, spreading all kinds of different teachings.”

While the angel and I were talking about this nun, suddenly, she appeared in front of us. Her hair was grey and tied back, and I noticed she did not wear a nun’s habit. She was all happy as she held in her arms a big metal bucket full of strawberries.

The angel and I were standing on the side, observing what this nun was about to do. With their backs to each other, our Lord sat elevated and looking in the one direction while the nun sat lower than our Lord a short distance from Him, looking in the opposite direction.

With so much pride, the nun said to our Lord, “Look at the good fruit I have produced!”

From my observation, I could see that most of the fruit was rotten. I said to the angel, “To me, they look rotten and no good.”

The nun then proceeded with her hand to search through the rotten fruit to find one strawberry, which was not so bad to give to our Lord. She found one, picked it up and twisted her body around to try to place the fruit in our Lord’s glass of water. Our Lord did not move—He did not acknowledge her and ignored her offering. He did not offer His glass to her, nor could she reach it.

Realising she could not reach our Lord’s glass, the nun popped the rotten fruit in her mouth and consumed it.

She was full of vanity—proudly and tightly holding onto her rotten fruit. She kept repeating that she is from the Vatican.

Smiling and continuing to boast, she said, “I have done good to come here from the Vatican. I am big there and very important.”

The angel said, “Our Lord wants to reveal all this to you so that you can see what is true and what is false.”

11 February 2024

The Joy of Blessed Mother When We Gather Together in Prayer

Today, during the Cenacle Rosary prayers, the Blessed Mother appeared. Looking joyful and smiling, she said, “Valentina, my daughter, tell Veronique we are very happy that she invited us to her home. Me and my Son Jesus—we thank you for coming together and for the beautiful prayers that all the group offers to us, especially when you place your intentions for our own needs.”

“Valentina, we are very joyful when you share the Holy Word and Teachings that me and my Son give you and that you all share and which will benefit you all one day.”

“One day, you will all understand the meaning of the fruit that benefits your soul.”

Blessed Mother smiled and said, “Me and my Son Jesus are fully present among you. Valentina, my daughter, can see us while we are present. My children, pray very much for humanity, for many are living in terrible sin that offends my Son so much.”

“We love you, and we bless you on this very special day. It was on the 11th of February in Lourdes that I appeared to my little daughter Bernadette and revealed to her my Immaculate Conception.”

Thank you, my beautiful Mother, we love you very much.

9 February 2024

The Purification Has to Come to the World

Throughout the night, the Lord gave me a lot of suffering for the Holy Souls. I was praying the Divine Praises when suddenly our Lord appeared and said, “I Am sorry that I permit you to have so much suffering, but I need your help. So many people lately have died without repentance. I would still like to save their souls.”

Our Lord then started to converse with me. He said, “You know, to tell you the truth, while I look around the world, it needs to be corrected and punished. But when I look at every country, it has good people and bad people in it, and for Me, it is very hard to punish humanity because I don’t like to punish good people because they are faithful to Me and they like to pray and I know they love Me.”

“But other people are just the opposite and they do all wrong, and evil deeds in their life and they under the influence of the evil. They prefer to live in the darkness instead of the light.”

I said, “But Lord Jesus, You said You are coming soon, and then maybe these people will still change.”

He said, “I doubt they will change. Some will, and some are very stubborn, and they will not change.”

“The purification has to come to the world before the Reign of My Kingdom—that is the only way.”

“So, My children, do not lose hope, pray and remain faithful to Me.”

Thank You, Lord Jesus, for giving us encouragement. Lord, have mercy on the whole world.

4 February 2024

Souls Enter the Church During Holy Mass

During today’s Holy Mass, just as the distribution of Holy Communion was almost finished, I was kneeling in my pew and thanking our Lord for receiving Him when suddenly, to my amazement, a large group of people came into the Cathedral from the Chapel.

These were Holy Souls, and there were so many of them. Enveloped in darkness, they were walking directly towards the Altar. It was an eerie sight because of the darkness they brought with them. There were men and women.

I was so shocked and thought, ‘What is this? Who are these people? Where did they come from?’

As I thought this, many voices spoke in unison, saying, “We are so many. We are like sand in the sea. You cannot even count us. We are totally rejected, and nobody remembers us. We have been walking in procession, from one part to another, for a long, long time, and nobody can help us.”

“Lady, we come to this church—please help us. We are tired of begging. Please don’t reject us. Offer us to the Light and ask God to be merciful to us,” they said.

At that moment, I offered them to our Lord. I said, “Lord Jesus, I surrender these souls to You, and please be merciful to them and take care of them.”

I prayed the Our Father and Hail Mary quite a few times for them.

After that, they just disappeared.

3 February 2024

My First Saturday Prayer Group

Today, I attended my First Saturday prayer group, where we pray all four Mysteries of the Rosary, the Litany, the Divine Mercy Chaplet and read scripture.

While we were praying the Glorious Mysteries of the Holy Rosary, our Lord Jesus appeared and said, “Everything these days is not easy—it is an effort. Even in prayer, it is not always easy, but rather difficult.”

“But, My children, continue to pray because your reward will one day be a great reward. All of you present here and praying now, I promise you, you will all enter into My New Era of Peace that I Am preparing for My people.”

Smiling joyfully, our Lord Jesus outstretched His Holy Hands towards the group, and in an instant, He pulled us towards Himself as if we were all in a moving carriage.

He said, “Continue to pray for the world that offends Me so much, and have courage, My children.”

Thank You, Lord Jesus, for giving us courage to pray and to persevere in prayer.

2 February 2024

Create Something Beautiful for Me – Surprise Me

During the night, the angel came and took me to Purgatory. We arrived at a run-down building that had many dirty windows.

As we entered the building, I did not see any souls, but I felt them still present outside of it. The building was generally in a very messy state.

The angel told me the souls were waiting till I finished the cleaning.

Inside, the angel instructed me on what to do. He told me to clean the windows and tidy the place, and he said, “I will help you.”

The angel said, “Don’t worry, you are doing a great job. The souls need this last cleansing so that they can enter Heaven.”

When we finished, the angel said, “Our Lord Jesus would like to see you.”

Suddenly, we found ourselves in the presence of our Lord Jesus in Heaven.

Our Lord said, “Valentina, My child, I brought you here so that you can tell Me if you did a proper job. Did you do a good job? Did you clean the windows properly, tidy the place and clean everything the way you are supposed to?”

I answered, “Yes, my Lord, I tried my best. I think I did everything right.”

He said, “Good. That is all I want to know.” Our Lord smiled. He was happy with the job I had done.

I said, “Lord Jesus, what can I do for You? Would You like me to wash windows for You or anything else?”

He smiled and said, “No, you have already done that. Here, you don’t need to wash windows – everything is spotless; this is Heaven.”

Suddenly, our Lord Jesus came close and started talking to me in Croatian. I thought, ‘Doesn’t He know I am Slovenian. Why is He talking to me in Croatian?’

Speaking in Croatian, He said, “I would like for you to create something beautiful for Me, something unusual, to surprise Me—to make Me happy.”

To my left, drapes suddenly appeared very high up, as tall as the Cathedral.

Jesus said, “See those drapes. Would you go and remove them? Mary, My Mother, will help you. Would you do that for Me?” I could hear Blessed Mother conversing with some ladies behind the drapes, but I could not see her.

I said, “Yes, Lord, I will do that.” I thought, ‘How am I going to remove these drapes—they are so high.’

Suddenly, the Holy Spirit enlightened me in the presence of the Lord. I understood that removing the drapes is like removing the veil from people’s eyes so they can see the truth—to see what is truly happening in the world. People are blind to what is happening in the world.

Our Lord referred me to our Blessed Mother as she would help me and guide me to spread the Holy Word of God to people so they would change and repent.

I thought to myself, ‘How am I going to create something beautiful for our Lord to surprise Him?’ I was starting to worry.

Suddenly, as I turned around, a beautiful wooden container appeared to my left. In it stood the most beautiful three little naked baby angels. They were giggling, laughing, talking to each other, and playing. They were so adorable.

“Oh, how beautiful you are,” I said, looking at the baby angels. “You made by day.”

Our Lord placed them there because He knew that I worried about what He asked of me, and the presence of the baby angels would make me happy and not worry.

Comment: As I was dictating this message, our Lord said, “What you are reading now and what you write, this is My Gospel. All the messages are My Gospel and My Teachings.”

30 January 2024

The World is Like Sodom and Gomorrah

Early this morning, I started praying the Creed to start the Holy Rosary. During the prayer, our Lord Jesus visited me.

He said, “I come to tell you, My child Valentina, that Sodom and Gomorrah will happen. It will spread all over the world. Not only in one part of the world but all over.”

“For the time being, I have pushed it aside (the punishment), but it will happen,” He repeated.

He said, “But now I will explain to you why it will happen. Because the world is now so sinful that it had never been in the past like it is now. The world now is in total darkness. All My Commandments are now totally broken and ignored, and that offends God so much that He can no longer watch anymore.”

He said, “Pray and tell people to repent of their sins before all this happens.”

Our Lord Jesus showed me the globe of the world. Around the globe, I could see a lining of white and then a blue colour above the white. It was very beautiful, similar to an aura surrounding the earth, but inside, the world, it is in darkness.

Our Lord’s Love and Mercy, for the time being, has put this horrible disaster right to the edge of the world, to one side, but only for a short time.

Maybe if people convert and change He will not permit this severe punishment to happen.

25 January 2024

The Sorrow of Baby Jesus

This morning, when I was praying the Angelus, Blessed Mother came with little Baby Jesus in her arms. She said, “I come with my Son because I know how much you love Him, and I want you to console Him.”

I said to Blessed Mother, “Oh, how beautiful is Baby Jesus!”

Then she placed Him in my arms. I was admiring Him and adoring Him. He had such beautiful, rosy, and chubby cheeks.

Blessed Mary, our Mother, lamented, “I keep offering my Son to humanity, but they keep ignoring Him and rejecting Him completely.”

Suddenly, I noticed Baby Jesus change. His Holy Face became very pale and started to bleed. I was so worried I said, “Blessed Mother, why is Baby Jesus bleeding? Did He hurt Himself?”

She said, “No, my daughter! The people cause my Son so much pain that His Sacred Heart is bleeding of sorrow because they reject Him.”

Blessed Mother was so sorrowful and drawn that she could barely keep back the tears from her eyes. She was so overcome with sorrow that she could hardly speak the words.

She said, “Valentina, talk to people and tell them to stop offending my Son.”

It has come to the point that our Lord is so offended that He can’t take it anymore.

24 January 2024

Humanity Ignores What is Coming to the World

In the morning, while I was praying, the Angel came. He said, “Come with me.”

Suddenly, we found ourselves in Purgatory and visited many groups of souls. The Angel would be with me, but I would talk to the souls and give them encouragement. I would also do a lot of cleaning for them. That represents cleaning for their sins because they cannot help themselves. This helps them be raised up to go closer to Heaven.

Suddenly, a very nice gentleman appeared. He was a priest. He said, “Valentina, would you prepare a nice meal for me? I am so hungry. I have been waiting and waiting, and nobody has helped me.”

I turned around and said to him, “Would you like me to cook something for you?”

He said, “Oh yes, please. You cook very tasty meals!”

I thought, ‘Oh my goodness, he must be watching me while I am cooking.’

Hunger represents that the soul hungers for our prayers such as the Holy Rosary, the Litanies, and Holy Mass offerings and for our personal sufferings to be offered for them.

I asked him, “But what have you done that you are rejected here?”

He lamented to me and said, “In so many ways, I offended our Lord by not speaking the truth in church, not speaking about repentance or confession. So I neglected all those things. I was more afraid of offending people than offending God. I didn’t know that it offends our Lord so much.”

For every priest, it is their duty to speak about these things and to speak the truth in the church, to save a soul,” he said.

Then the Angel interrupted me and said, “Come with me. Our Lord wants to see us.”

I understood our Lord doesn’t want the souls to be too comfortable. They have to suffer for their sins and pay their debts. While the Angel and I are in their presence, they do not suffer as much.

Suddenly, we found ourselves among the Saints in Heaven. There were many groups of Saints, and angels were present.

One particular group talked amongst themselves and with the angels, and they said, “Humanity does not recognize the evil power and darkness that is now in the world, which blinds the people. They are disobedient. They don’t care about anything. They keep ignoring it. They go about their lives as though everything is normal.”

“In three to four months, it will become so bad in the world that people will say, “This is not the world that we used to know. It is totally different.”

“The economy will go down, and everything else will collapse,” they said.

The Angel brought me to Heaven because our Lord wants me to hear what is going to happen in the world in the near future.

Lord Jesus, have mercy on the world.

21 January 2024

Our Lord and Blessed Mother Desire that People Dress Modestly in Church

During Holy Mass, at the distribution of Holy Communion, our Lord always comes to tell me how offended and sacrileged He is because people come to receive Him unrepentant—some even with grave sin.

Today, after Holy Communion, I said to our Lord, “Lord, I thank You, and I ask You to be merciful for all those who offend You during the distribution of the Holy Eucharist.”

After the conclusion of the Holy Mass, our Lord always asks me to go to the Chapel, kneel before the Blessed Sacrament, and make reparation to console Him because He is so gravely offended.

Today, while I was in the Chapel making reparation, after praying The Divine Praises, which our Lord always asks me to pray and which console Him and make Him feel better, it was at that moment that our Lord Jesus spoke to me.

He said, “Valentina, My child, would you ask the Bishop or the priest what I request from them? Tell them that I, the Lord Jesus, said, “Jesus and Blessed Mother desire if you would announce in the church or write in the bulletin, to tell people to dress modestly, to cover their flesh and not to expose their nakedness, when they enter My Church, because that offends Me greatly. People should dress modestly, and that applies to both men and women. Today in the First Reading (Jonah 3:1-5,10), you heard how the Ninevites would be punished unless they renounced their evil behaviour. That was a warning given to them. They listened, and they were saved from the punishment. The same is true today—people have no values, no morals, and no shame. So casually they come into the church before the living God.”

Comment: Our Lord is warning us. People, you’d better believe it. Wake up and listen because after you die, you will have to give an account to God and suffer for all the wrongs you have done on earth, including your immodesty. We should humble ourselves before God and not follow the evil fashions of today.

21 January 2024

Souls in Purgatory Suffering for Immodest Dress

This morning, the Angel took me to visit some souls in Purgatory.

First, the Angel took me to a part of Purgatory, where I encountered and spoke to many different groups of younger women. Calling and begging me to help them, they said, “Valentina, can you help us? Can you pray for us?”

I asked some of them, “What is the reason for you to be here? What did you do?”

The women answered, “We were wearing fashionable clothing and dressed provocatively—wearing short skirts and dresses. Now, we are punished very much for that. We didn’t know that we offended God so much.”

I said to them, “Fashion is evil. It is not from God.”

“Nobody wrote about that or told us. We thought it was alright, and now that we are here, we cannot help ourselves. We have to suffer,” they lamented.

I said to them, “I did put a message out about how to dress.”

They said, “Yes, but not in the churches and other places. Nobody put it in writing for people to read.”

I said, “That really offends God to show the flesh, especially for the women.”

They said, “We have to be here for a long time. Now we regret it.”

I said, “Blessed Mother always teaches me and tells me to tell people that we should be covered—not above the knees but below the knees and even longer, to cover up our flesh and not to be exposed.”

“It’s also the fault of the churches, as they do not teach people how not to dress—some people dress like they are going to the beach.”

After the Angel and I left the young women, we passed by another group of souls who were looking at us. They were pointing, and I could hear them saying to each other, “That’s the lady. She is the visionary.” The Angel and I looked at each other and smiled.

These souls approached me and said, “Valentina, you are the visionary—can you pray for us?”

“Yes, I will pray for you,” I said.

We left these souls, and the Angel took me to another part of Purgatory, where I had to enter a particular building.

As soon as we entered, I said to the Angel, “My goodness me, I wouldn’t like to be in this part.”

The building was huge, very run down, and neglected—a fearful place. Inside was a huge corridor with many doors. Doors, doors, doors everywhere. I have never seen so many doors, all loose and hanging. I walked through the corridor and tried to see what was behind the doors when I could hear heavy, eerie sounds like howling—the sounds of bad spirits. The tormented souls trapped here are all men.

The Angel came up to me and said, “No! Don’t go further in. It is not for you, and don’t open the door!”

Later that day, at the Holy Mass, I offered to our Lord all the souls we visited, especially those trapped in the building, leaving them at the foot of the Holy Altar.

I said, “Lord Jesus, have mercy on the souls who are behind those closed doors.”

“Lord Jesus, I open all the doors,” I said.

Our Lord said, “See, they were calling to My mercy.”

I couldn’t get over the sounds I heard—like howling and wailing. Nobody prays for them. It was so dark and depressing and eerie. It took me a few days to get over this experience.

This last place I visited in Purgatory was so depressing that I was so glad to return to my room.

21 January 2024

This Church needs Lifting Up

Today, during the Holy Mass, our Lord Jesus said, “Offer Me everyone that you know and that you can think of. Offer them to Me before the Consecration at My Holy Altar. I also want you to offer Me this Church and the congregation here in this Church, which is not the way it should be—it is quite down and needs lifting up. Pray for this.”

So, during the Holy Mass, I did as our Lord asked of me. I offered this Church and the congregation to our Lord so that He will be merciful and that it will improve.

Comment: This also depends on the priest and what they speak about to people, and the way they explain the truth to people, especially in the homily. Our Lord Jesus requires that priests speak the truth and talk about Repentance and Reconciliation before people receive Him in Holy Communion. It also all depends on how people respond. The Church is very much down, and it needs to be raised up. It needs to be lifted up, and this can also be done through prayer, fasting and sacrifices.

19 January 2024

These are Decisive Times Given to Us By Our Lord

Today, during the Cenacle Prayers, our Lord Jesus said, “Valentina, My child, I want to tell you that nothing is more important now than prayer and being more spiritual. The material will not save your soul. Only spiritually, when you come close to Me and are united to Me, will you be protected when many catastrophes will hit and envelop the world.”

“Tell people these are decisive times that I offer humanity because the devil tries very hard to harvest and destroy humanity, especially dividing families, causing much chaos with the wars which are killing many people. For now, the devil is succeeding with his aggression because of the wars and the corrupt leaders of the world—telling them evil lies about what to do, to harm people and to kill them.”

“And he is succeeding, but not for long because his reign is very short. He will be defeated soon. My Immaculate Mother will crush his head with Holy Michael, My Warrior, when I give them permission to do so.”

“But, My children, I need your prayers now more than ever. Pray the Holy Rosary, pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet, and in that way, you pray for the world—for the conversion of sinners and for their repentance so that many will be saved when real things envelop the world. Some will die—not everyone will enter into My Reign of Peace and Glory. People must convert and repent now and not wait until the last moment.”

“Valentina, my child, be at peace. Proclaim My Holy Word to people. Tell them that these are very decisive times given to humanity. Don’t be afraid, for I Am always with you to protect you.”

Comment: When our Lord talks about decisive times being given to humanity, He means you have to decide now—for good or evil. This is a grace given to us now, and it cannot last forever. We have to decide now and take it.

I love You, My Lord Jesus, and I thank You.