25 April 2021

The Good Shepherd

St Patrick’s Cathedral


During the distribution of Holy Communion, our Lord said, “Valentina, My child, take a good look and appreciate when you receive Me in Holy Communion and be grateful. Everyone receives My Holy Body in the hand, only very few on the tongue. So much I Am sacrileged and offended, most of all they receive Me without repentance.”


“My priests and My bishops, they agree and permit all of this to happen. One day, they will be responsible for not speaking the Truth to My flock, about Repentance and Confession.”


“Also, I want you to offer Me all the soldiers that died in the war, the ANZACS, in remembrance of them.”


Today, in Australia, is the remembrance day of the ANZACS that died during the wars.


Our Lord Jesus said, “They sacrificed their lives and gave their lives for their country, and I accept their suffering. I laid My life for all My sheep, to give them life and salvation.”


“My sheep, they listen and obey Me for a while, and then the worldly amusements and temptations take them away because their faith is weak. Pray for these people so that soon they will return to the Father’s House before they are lost forever. The Father is their only salvation. He gives them Light and Life.”


“Pray for them. Pray for the people so that they soon return to God Who loves them so much.”


Lord Jesus have mercy on all the soldiers who laid lives for their country.

18 April 2021

Visiting the Catacombs in Rome

In 1996, I went to Italy on a pilgrimage. I was with a group of people, about thirty of us. We visited Rome and many other places. The priest said to us, “Tomorrow morning, after Mass, we will go to visit the Catacombs.”

I heard a lot about the Catacombs in Rome, so I was curious to see them. When we arrived there, I remember standing in front of a large ancient gate, waiting for it to be opened so that we could enter the Catacomb grounds.

The priest said, “I will open the gate, and you can then all come through and follow me.”

I was near the very front of the line. As our priest opened the gate, our group started to walk through. When I came to the gate, I simply could not move; I could not go through the gate. There was some blockage there that was holding me back. It was pushing me back.

The priest spoke in Italian and asked me, “What is wrong with you?”

I replied, “I can’t go forward. I just can’t!”

He said, “Well, try.”

I said, “I am trying.”

There was something that just would not let me through; I simply could not move forward. It was like a wall in front of me. Everybody behind me was getting quite upset and started shouting at me, “Come on! Why are you holding us up?”

I felt so embarrassed. The priest then went towards a little Chapel on the side and, taking out his prayer book, said, “Oh, I understand now. I think you have some evil around you that won’t let you go through.”

The priest then opened up his prayer book and said a prayer, and then he blessed me. I was then immediately able to go through the gate and enter the Catacombs. I didn’t really enjoy my visit there.

After my pilgrimage had finished, I went back to my mother’s home in Slovenia to visit her. I think I must have brought the souls from the Catacombs with me. They haunted me. I could hear their voices, screaming and calling me, begging me for help. I was exhausted mentally. I thought to myself, never again. If I ever revisit Rome, I will not visit the Catacombs.

I told the local priest that I thought I was going mental. He said, “No, no. You are a person who attracts the souls. They all want something from you. You are in the middle, and they are all begging and begging.”

There must have been souls there from ancient times that were trapped and still needed help. The whole experience was quite amazing, and the souls wore me out.

Lord, have mercy on these souls.

18 April 2021

Blessed Mother working for the Holy Souls


This message was received on 18 March 2021. During my prayers, two angels came and took me to an unknown place. It was a dull place, and there I could see lots and lots of clothing needing washing. There were both men’s and women’s clothing, a mixture of shirts and various other items, of many different colours.


The angels said, “You have to clean these clothes and hang them up to dry.”


I did as asked, and began to wash the clothing in a basin and then hung them up to dry. Once I finished, the two angels came and said, “It is time you take down the clothes and fold them.”


A little puzzled, I said, “I don’t think they are dry yet. I just hung them out not long ago.”


The angels said, “Don’t you see that we have dried the clothes instantly?”


Then I saw that the angels were holding something round, similar to a fan, blowing onto the clothes and drying them.


Cheerfully and playfully and laughing, they said, “See, we can do anything!”


I was in the open again, and I noticed that the clothesline seemed to move up higher once the washing had dried.


The angel said, “It is pretty high up. Can you reach it?”


I said, “Well, I would need somebody to help me. I would never be able to take it all down by myself because there is so much of it.”


The angels said, “We are here. We will help you.”


So, together with the angels, we took down all the clothes from the line, which was now very high up. I was folding them neatly and putting them in order when all of a sudden Blessed Mother came. She was carrying all the whiter clothing, all nicely folded. This clothing was not coloured. I understood that it was the clothing belonging to souls that were ready to go to Heaven.


Blessed Mother put them into my arms and said, “These are all ready, and they are all finished. Take them to another room.”


I did as Blessed Mother asked and carried all the whiter clothes to a different room and placed them on a bench. There were no longer any souls in this room, meaning it was no longer a place in Purgatory. It was a place in Heaven. The clothes in this room were all clean and white. Blessed Mother had also ironed the clothes, and in this way, you see, she purified them.


These souls needed a little more prayer, meaning they needed a little more time in Purgatory, but then Blessed Mother, she interceded, she covered up for these souls. She asked our Lord to be merciful to them.


She would say to her Son, our Lord, “But Son, you know they are ready to go. It’s time they finish their suffering.”


Our Lord does not say no to her. Oh! It is such a mystery. Blessed Mother is always working; she is working in Purgatory. She comes to console the souls and to give them hope.


We then found ourselves in a little garden, and not too far from us, in the distance, on the gentle slopes of a mountain, I could see one long line of clothes drying. Most of these clothes were not white.


I said to the angel, “Gee! I don’t remember washing all these clothes and hanging them up to dry.”


The angel said, “They are dry and ready; you’d better take them down and fold them nicely.”


The angel was showing me all the clothes which were not white. He said, “See, these clothes they still need a little further purification. The whiter clothes do not need much. They are already purified.”


Our Blessed Mother is so beautiful; she comes to Purgatory to help the Holy Souls. Our Lord Jesus also comes to Purgatory, but the souls don’t know Him because He disguises Himself when He comes. Sometimes He comes disguised as an angel, and at other times He comes dressed in conventional clothing.


This dull place is a part of Purgatory, and here our Lord and Blessed Mother are preparing the souls to go to Heaven for Easter. The washing of the clothes is the cleansing of the souls from the stains of sin. The water is purifying for the souls.


Through the water, it is the Mercy of God that purifies the souls and prepares them for Heaven.

17 April 2021

Funeral of Prince Philip

During the televised funeral service, I was praying for the soul of Prince Philip. After a while, our Lord Jesus appeared to me. He was happy and smiling.

He said, “Valentina, I blessed Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth with a long life because their marriage was solid as a rock. They give an example to many people, unlike today with couples, for any little thing that goes wrong, they part from each other straight away.”

Our Lord was very pleased with Prince Philip. I said, “Lord, may you bless him and may he rest in peace.”

As I was watching the funeral, while they were carrying the casket into the church, suddenly, for a split moment, I saw our Lord present. He was dressed all in white, with a beautiful yellow stole around His Neck. Our Lord was happy to accept his soul. I looked again, and our Lord was gone.

Thank You, Lord Jesus.

10 April 2021

Divine Mercy Sunday

At home, when I was praying, I was given a vision of an enormous body of water, as by the ocean, as far as the eye could see.

Suddenly an angel came and took me with him. He said, “Our Lord wants you to experience the Mercy of His Love.”

I asked the angel, “What does this ocean represent?”

The angel answered, “This is the Ocean of Divine Mercy, that washes away sins and restores life in full when a person washes in these waters.”

Suddenly, we came to the edge of this vast ocean, where I noticed a small wooden fence about half a metre high. This fence stopped the water from spilling over. On the inside, facing where I was standing, was a little wooden bench on which you could sit. All along the edge of this vast ocean, it was the same.

The angel directed me, “Sit on the very edge of this seat and dip your feet in the water and touch the water with your hands, splashing it around.”

I did as the angel asked.

I felt so good and peaceful. I saw other people who were doing the same. The angel then took me away.

We were being purified in the Ocean of Mercy of our Lord. When I finished, I was brought back home. I could not get over how happy and peaceful I was feeling.

Before I was brought back home by the angel, he told me, “Tell people that whoever comes to these waters, our Lord will give them enormous grace, and their sins will be forgiven. How good is He, Praise Him and thank Him.”

At the Divine Mercy Mass at 3 pm, our Lord spoke to me and said, “Valentina, My child, this year I give special graces on Divine Mercy Sunday. Last year you suffered due to the Coronavirus, and the churches were all closed, and you were all very upset, but this year I pour enormous Mercy on you, hoping that many people accept it and receive it. What I desire is repentance and conversion because this will not last. I give you a limited time now.”

“Thank Me for all My goodness and love that I pour on all of you.”

I could see the Light coming into the church and onto the people present. It was so special. I could not thank our Lord enough for this beautiful grace.

O Blood and Water which gushed forth from the Heart of Jesus as a Fount of Mercy for us, I trust in You.


9 April 2021

Message for a Prayer Group

I visited a very lovely family for prayers and we shared God’s Holy Word and I shared my experiences with them. Our Lord wants me to share with the world.

While we were praying the Holy Rosary, our Lord Jesus and Blessed Mother Mary spoke to me and gave me a message for Olivia and her family.

“Valentina, you were called here to give the message to this family, to tell them what I want from them.”

Our Lord said, “Valentina, tell Olivia that in this house, we want to establish a prayer group. It is very essential for these times that you all live in. These are very crucial times, and we want many people, and many families to pray, and to invite others to pray, and to learn how to pray, so as to be protected from so much evil that is in the world right now.”

“I tell you, you will all receive very special Graces and Blessings if you accept My invitation. I bless you all and love you. Be at peace.”

The family was very happy to receive this message and to accept our Lord’s invitation to start a prayer group.

4 April 2021

Easter Sunday

Our Lord Jesus appeared in my room on Easter morning, in the most brilliant radiant light, fully clothed in a glorious white garment.

Next to our Lord on the ground, on a white napkin, I could see the three nails, lying one next to the other, that came from His Holy Wounds.

Later at the Holy Mass, He appeared very happy and joyful and said, “Valentina, My child rejoice in My Resurrection and be glad for your Lord is truly risen, to bring to all of you a new meaning of Life and Hope.”

He was looking at me, and He said, “But sadly for many, I do not exist at all, as they don’t accept Me. They rather live in the darkness and not in the light. This I call the generation with no hope. In My Passion, I suffer the most for these people who reject Me. Pray for them to return to the Father soon before they are lost completely.”

“I also want to remind you that you should praise Me for giving you a Special Grace to celebrate this Easter in the churches, and also praise Me and thank Me for the very beautiful weather you have, compared to last year, when you were not able to enter the churches.”

“This is My Special Gift to My people who love Me.”

Smiling, He said, “This is the day that I, your Lord, have made. Rejoice and be glad. Praise Me and love Me and pray for the non-believers.”

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for all your special graces that you give us, and we love You.

2 April 2021

Good Friday

In the morning, I was praying when our Lord Jesus came to visit me. I suffered intense pain throughout the whole night.

Our Lord said, “Valentina, My child, I come to tell you why I give you very severe pain on your body. It is for the world that offends Me so much.”

“I also want to tell you that the world, in the present time, is so sinful, and it plunges into the deepest darkness, with its sinful pleasures, greed and entertainment. People only live and think of a good life here on earth, but they think of nothing after this life ends. Their souls are dry like a leaf that falls from the tree and crumbles because it has no life. It crumbles and dries into dust,” He said.

“How that offends Me and makes Me sad, to the point of breaking My Sacred Heart. Pray for the conversion of humanity and for the whole world,” He said.

Lord Jesus, have mercy on us and on the whole world.

1 April 2021

Holy Thursday

St Patrick’s Cathedral

During the Holy Thursday Mass, I noticed sitting opposite me a young man who was very restless and agitated. He could not keep still. He was chosen, amongst others, to have his feet washed by the Bishop for Holy Thursday.

I prayed for him, and I said, “Lord, can you give peace to the boy?”

Our Lord answered, “He needs to go to Confession. There is a bad spirit around him.”

Thank you, Lord Jesus.

31 March 2021

Chrism Mass

St Patrick’s Cathedral

I attended the Chrism Mass, which was very beautiful with many priests present from the Diocese.

Our Lord was very pleased with the celebration and the congregation, until the Holy Communion was about to be distributed.

Suddenly, I noticed a young lady going to the Tabernacle to bring to the Holy Altar the Ciborium with the Holy Hosts.

As she was carrying the Ciborium to the Holy Altar, our Lord instantly said, “Valentina, there is no need for this. With all the priests here, that is their duty to do all of that. I don’t agree with women around My Holy Altar. That offends Me so deeply in front of all of Heaven. All of Heaven is sad for Me.”

28 March 2021

Feast of Palm Sunday

St Patrick’s Cathedral Parramatta

During the night, I was suffering intense pain in my leg. Later that morning, during the Holy Mass, our Lord said, “Bear it with love. Valentina. Do not look sad when you suffer because the whole of Heaven is watching you. You are in My Holy Presence.”

“All those souls that you offer Me, they will be with Me in Heaven for Easter, and they will be crowned with the Crown of Eternal Life.”

He said, “Pray for the congregation in this church and for congregations in all the churches.”

I said, “Lord, I really appreciate the beautiful weather and the grace You give us to celebrate the Feast of Palm Sunday freely. Thank You, Lord Jesus.”

Our Lord said, “Don’t think of the past. That is gone! Think of the moment that you are here. I give you a special grace and blessing for all of you to be here present.”

“Pray for those who are far away from Me,” He said.

During the distribution of Holy Communion, our Lord lamented, “Valentina, My child, look around you! The church is full, and everyone comes and receives My Holy Body, but only a few come to Me to confess their sins.”

“You don’t know how this offends Me. Pray that I will be merciful to these people.”

May the Lord Bless you this Holy Easter and protect you and your families. Trust in our Lord and continue to pray, and do not give up.

27 March 2021

Souls in Purgatory must pay the price for their Sins

During the night, I suffered from a lot of pain in my leg. Even throughout the day, I was still suffering, but this time from an upset stomach. Our Lord gave me all of this suffering, especially now that it is coming close to Holy Week so that souls will go to Heaven.

While I was saying my morning prayers, suddenly, the angel appeared and said, “Come with me, we will visit many souls in Purgatory, and I will tell you why you have to suffer so much.”

We came to an open space, where there were gatherings of souls everywhere. We approached a large group of them; they were in a garden, surrounded by a fence about a metre and a half high. These souls were continuously walking around in a circle, round and round continuously and never stopping. They were packed together so close, like sardines and moving in the same direction. This place is ever so depressing.

The angel said, “Come closer to the fence, come closer to these people.”

As I moved closer to this large group of people, I noticed they were all women, each wearing different clothing but quite bright, including floral patterns. These souls looked like they were going through purification, so that is why they were wearing more colourful clothes.

I recognised one person I knew while she was alive on earth. This person approached me, and when she did so, the whole group just stopped and looked in my direction. They all looked so sad and depressed.

The lady moved up close to the fence. She appeared in such a sad and depressed state and utterly run-down like she had given up. She looked at me, and she allowed me to make the Sign of the Cross on her forehead.

In my heart, I said, ‘Lord, may you have mercy on this soul and hope she will come to Your Kingdom, whatever is Your Holy Will, but I hope it is soon, and Lord, all of the rest of the souls that are here I offer them up to You.’

The angel then said, “Let us move away from here, from this place.” You cannot stay in one place with the souls; otherwise, they will want you to suffer more for them.

We then approached an old-fashioned bus, all grey and raggedy, not in good condition at all. I could see it was entirely packed with souls, and as I looked closer, I noticed they were all men.

I asked these people, “Where is your driver?”

Nobody answered me; they just looked at me with sombre and sad faces.

The angel said, “The souls are everywhere, and they all need your help. There are as many souls in Purgatory as there are people on earth.”

It made me think very deeply of the Poor Souls. People on earth don’t know what is going on here, what a constant torture it is for these souls.

The angel said, “While living on earth, these souls did many wrong things, and now they have to pay very dearly the price for the sins they committed.”

I wish everyone would witness this, to see what the souls go through; people would then live their lives differently. There is constant pain and suffering in Purgatory until the soul is purified.

Lord Jesus, have mercy on these poor souls in Purgatory. Grant them the Grace to go home to Heaven for Your Holy Resurrection this Easter.


27 March 2021

Many have died by Suicide

This morning, I visited a particular part of Purgatory which was overcrowded with very sad and depressed souls, a place of torment. The angel then took me away from that place, and as we started to walk away from them, the angel stopped, turned to me, and said, “I have to tell you some very sad news. Do you know how many people on earth die by suicide each day? It is like a pandemic! Many have died by suicide in New Zealand.”

Quite surprised, “New Zealand?” I said.

He said, “Many there die from despair. Everywhere in Australia too, but most of them that commit suicide and die are in Japan and Malaysia! For every little thing that worries them, or for which they feel guilty, they cannot take the pain, and they commit suicide. But this is also happening throughout the world.”

“Would you like to know why? What is the reason for all of this?”

I listened to the angel as he explained.

He said, “They use too many electronic devices, and that makes them very depressed. There is no one to help these people. Majority of suicides are by young people. The only solution for all these people is to teach them how to cultivate and touch the soil. The earth is healing. There is something in the soil that when they touch it and mix it, that helps make the person better.”

He continued, “Touching and turning the soil is good. All these electronic objects affect the mind and body of people. You’d better tell people and let them know how dangerous electronic devices are.”

As the angel was talking, he was tilling the earth with his hands.

“God gave the earth to people as a healing for them; there is something very special in it, a lot of goodness for your mind and body,” he said.

I said, “Thank you, my guardian angel. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for teaching us about Your special creation for humanity.”

Lord, have mercy on us and help us and protect especially the young people.

24 March 2021

Nails around the Altar

In the morning, around five o’clock, I was suffering so severely that the angel came and said, “Come and witness something. You will be shocked at what you see.”

He brought me to a church that I could not recognise, nor did I know its location. Inside I could see a priest in priestly vestments behind the Altar. There were only a few people in the pews. As I was standing to the side of the Altar, I could not see the priest’s face.

The angel said, “Kneel down and listen.”

I did as the angel instructed and watched and listened to what was happening in front of me.

The priest turned towards the few people in the church and said, “I cannot serve the Mass until I nail every nail around the Altar. When I finish hammering all the nails around the Altar, then I will celebrate the Mass.”

I could see the nails were new and very long, about fifteen centimetres in length. The Altar was covered in a white tablecloth and had what looked like timber surrounding the edges. The priest proceeded to hammer each nail into the wood using a huge hammer. He hammered each nail right next to each other. As I watched what he was doing, I thought to myself, ‘he will never finish; this will take forever.’

I started to cry and said, “Oh my Lord, he is hammering our Lord Jesus to the Cross!”

I looked around and asked the angel, “Where is the Tabernacle?”

“Go to your right, it is an L-Shape, and there you will find the Tabernacle,” answered the angel.

I looked around the corner and saw the Tabernacle on the side. I noticed that there was no Perpetual Light.

In the meantime, the priest was still hammering the nails into the Altar. I could see the people waiting and looking, wondering what is going on.

Then our Blessed Mother, St Joseph and little Boy Jesus appeared next to me. I ruffled Jesus’s wavy hair, and He smiled. The Holy Family came to console me because I was crying at what I saw happening in front of me.

Blessed Mother said, “They try to cover up my Son and deny Him so they will do anything to get rid of Him.”

“This is happening throughout many churches in the world today,” they told me.

Lord, have mercy on us and on the whole world.


24 March 2021

Do Not Obscure the Holy Tabernacle


Today, when I prayed the Divine Praises during my morning prayers, our Lord came, and He was smiling. He said, “Valentina that pleases Me very much. I Am going to give you an example. There was a man at one time living on earth, and he loved Me very much. He used to come to church every day, and he was so devoted to Me. He came every day to the church for years and years. He was lonely, and he lived by himself. He would come and lament to Me, and pray to Me and converse with Me, even if I didn’t answer him. But he knew I was listening to him, and he would receive peace.”


“One day, he came to the church and found that the Tabernacle was obscured by flowers. It was all covered up with greenery and flowers, and he received the shock of his life. He said, ‘Why did they do this? That never happened before! It looks like they don’t want me. He thought, ‘If the Lord cannot see me or hear me that he would not talk to me.’”


“So, he walked out of the church with a broken heart. So disappointed was he that he never came back any more. Soon after that, the man died because he was elderly.”


In a vision, the Lord showed me the gentlemen. He was a rather tall man, an elderly person. The only consolation he received on earth was being in front of the Holy Tabernacle in the church.


Our Lord said, “When the man died, I, with My open arms, accepted him in Heaven, because He was so devoted to Me, and I was very upset for him, that his heart was broken because he could no longer talk to Me and come to Me. I explained to him that even though they covered the Tabernacle with flowers and greenery, I would still see him and listen to him. But because he was such a simple and loving person, he did not understand this. When I explained all that to him, I rewarded him in Heaven for being so devoted to Me, and now he lives so happily ever after in Heaven with Me. His reward was big in Heaven.”


Our Lord continued, “For instance, I do not like that some churches put a lot of flowers in front of the Tabernacle. I do not like any flowers in front of the Tabernacle. I want the Tabernacle to be free.”


Our Lord explained, “It is like a blockage. I Am Divine, I can still see, but people think they please Me to place a lot of flowers in front of the Tabernacle, but I don’t want that. I want It free. The Tabernacle must be free. It must be on Its own, and in the centre. If they place flowers, they should be put on the side or at the bottom, but not in front of Me.”


My heart was so touched by our Lord telling me about the loving, sensitive and simple elderly man.