23 June 2024

Our Lord Urgently Needs Our Prayers to Stop War

During the Holy Mass today, our Lord Jesus appeared to me. He said, “My child Valentina, the reason we manifested around you yesterday is to remind you to pray more and that you have to tell our children in the world to pray and to offer many, many rosaries and prayers to ascend to Heaven. I will tell you the reason why. You are now on the brink of war, and it is such a dangerous war. If that would happen, it would be catastrophic and horrific, with so much death and suffering. For now, I Am still holding it (the war) back, but I need a lot of prayers to sustain peace on earth, at least for the time being.”

Our Lord repeated, “You live in very dangerous times, and people take it very lightly. Tell people to take My messages seriously. A lot of things can happen, especially war—that would be the most dangerous thing. I need many, many rosaries and prayers to stop this from happening.”

“The world leaders are very evil, and they want war, but only I can stop them through your prayers. My children, pray for peace. Pray for the leaders of the world.”

Thank You, Lord Jesus, for protecting us. Have mercy on us and on the whole world.