26 May 2024

Solemnity of the Holy Trinity
Prayer Gathering at Norma’s House

Today, we gathered at Norma’s house and prayed the Cenacle Rosary. As we were about to start the prayers, our Lord said, “Pray for this area (Cronulla)—they are very poor in spirit.”

Then Blessed Mother came. She was very happy, smiling, and dressed all in white.

She said, “Valentina, my daughter, we come to thank Norma for welcoming us to her house for prayer and for sharing the Holy Word and the Messages you receive from my Son and myself among my children. This is essential now in this present time that you live, in which you experience many troubles and sufferings daily.”

“Now is the time to pray. The Signs clearly indicate to you that what is happening in the world is not good with so many riots and demonstrations. Some are even deadly. That also tells you that people are not happy anymore—instead of praying, they are protesting. They do not understand that prayer is more essential than protesting.”

“Tell people to have hope because my Son Jesus will soon establish peace on earth. But He needs your help with prayer for this humanity.”

“Be at peace, my children. As a group gathered here today, you receive a very special blessing from the Most Holy Trinity.”

Then I watched as Blessed Mother raised her right hand and blessed us all with the Sign of the Cross, saying, “In the Name of the + Father and of the + Son and of the + Holy Spirit. Amen.”

Blessed Mother was smiling when she said, “We love Norma—she is very humble, she has a very strong faith, and she is determined to change people’s hearts.”

I said, “Thank you, Blessed Mother. Pray for us.”