24 May 2024

Our Lord Asks Us to Honour His Mother

During Holy Mass today, our Lord said, “Honour My Mother, and love her very much. In that way, you can console her.”

“Today in Heaven, she is honoured in a very special way—for being Mother of the True God. But sadly, on earth, not all people love her. They make vile comments about her and ridicule her, and they treat her like an ordinary woman. Many times she sheds tears of sorrow, and her Immaculate Heart is full of sorrow and pain.”

“If only humanity would understand how she constantly intercedes for her sinful children, to protect them from the snares of evil, they would love her much more deeply and give her thanks and gratitude in return. That would give her consolation.”

Blessed Mother, we love you, your faithful children, for interceding and praying for us, and we thank you.