14 June 2024

Lead Everyone Under My Holy Cross

During the Holy Mass, our Lord Jesus said, “Honour My Sacred Heart, full of love and mercy, that I have for all humanity. Every day, My Sacred Heart is pierced and agonised by all that I see in the world—so much injustice and misery and suffering of My poor children. They are dying of starvation and being killed around the world—that should not happen. There is enough food for everyone. If only the rich would help, but they are only for themselves and greedy.”

“The leaders in the governments are all corrupt and lying to the people. Even if a good person steps into government, they soon train that person to be unjust and to lie. That person may have a good idea to improve things, but they are soon trained not to do that. They have to obey them (the corrupt leaders) if they want to keep their job.”

“Where will all this end? Tell Me,” He said.

I said, “Lord Jesus, we trust that You are the only One who can help and change the world.”

Our Lord said, “Well, they will be severely judged. They think they can get away with everything, but they forget that I see everything. I Am merciful, but I Am also very Just.”

He smiled and said, “Valentina, lead everyone under My Holy Cross and offer Me the poor, the oppressed, the dying, the sick, the abandoned, everyone you can think of, and in that way I can still save their souls.”

Lord, have mercy on us.