28 June 2024

Germany Offends Our Lord Very Much

During the night, I endured much pain and suffering for the Holy Souls. Then the Angel came and said, “Come with me. The Holy Family would like to see you.”

Suddenly, I found myself in Heaven with the Angel and before us stood a beautiful building. As we entered the building, I was greeted by Blessed Mother, St. Joseph, and little Boy Jesus. Other angels and saintly people were also present.

They were all looking at a very large map hanging on the wall. As I looked closer at the map, I could see the country of Germany.

I said, “Very interesting.”

I heard the saintly people speaking to our Lord, the little Boy Jesus. They said, “Lord Jesus, You must go to Germany. It is Your duty to go to Germany and to protect it.”

As they said this, little Boy Jesus became very restless and, almost screaming, said, “No! I will not go to Germany!”

They asked, “Lord, but why do you not want to go there?”

“Because they offend Me too much. I will not go!” He said in a determined voice, feeling very emotional.

Blessed Mother, Saint Joseph, and little Boy Jesus, and all of us present, stepped out of the building and entered the heavenly garden. Blessed Mother was dressed in a very pale blue, almost off-white gown. She looked so beautiful and so young. She did not wear a mantilla to cover her beautiful flowing hair, which looked so natural.

Then, Blessed Mother entered another building while we waited outside for her. She came back carrying four small objects, all white and resembling combs. I noticed clear water droplets on all four of the items.

Turning to me, Blessed Mother handed me the white objects, saying, “Valentina, these are for you.”

I took them from Blessed Mother, saying to her, “They are all wet. They have water on them.”

She said, “This is not water—these are my tears that I shed for my children on earth. I always fear for my children. I want them to repent and to pray and to come back to my Son.”

“My children pray for the conversion of sinners.”

Thank you, Blessed Mother, Lord Jesus, and St Joseph, and holy angels and saints. Let us all pray for the country of Germany.

Whenever I receive a serious message about the world, Lord Jesus always comes as a little Boy to console me as He knows I worry.

During this experience, He came with a little water pistol similar to what little children play with. He was very playful, squirting water with it.

Suddenly, He squirted water directly on my face. I knew it was coming because He was looking directly at me, and I thought, ‘Ahh, Ahh, He is going to do something.’

Lord Jesus continued squirting water at me in a playful manner.

While our Lord was looking at me with His beautiful eyes, I could feel how His look pierced right through me, through to my soul.

Afterwards, God the Father came and began speaking to me in Italian. In a loving but concerned voice, He asked, “Did My Son bother you?”

I said, “No, Father. He was good.”

He said, “You know, He tried to cheer you up because we gave you a message that is serious for the world (Message from 26 June 2024). But don’t worry because you trust in Heaven.”

Thank You, God the Father, that all goodness and kindness comes from You.

We thank You, and we love You.