19 May 2024

Pentecost Sunday

During the Holy Mass, the Angel appeared, and He said to me, “Today, we are all around our Lord in Heaven, praising Him, and the whole of Heaven is rejoicing.”

In a vision, I could see all the angels and saints in Heaven praising and glorifying our Lord. Our Lord wore beautiful red garments with rich gold embroidery. He was very, very joyful because the whole of Heaven surrounded Him, praising Him.

Our Lord Jesus Himself then moved forward towards me and said, “Every year, people set a date and say: today, we will all receive the Holy Spirit that will manifest in our conscience.”

Our Lord then smiled and said, “No! My children, don’t make any dates because that is for My Father. Only He knows when, but don’t give up hope because the Holy Spirit will come when, in the world, there will be terrible trouble.”

“People will think there is no more hope. Then the Holy Spirit will come in such a power that no one will expect Him, and no one will refuse Him. Very powerfully, the Holy Spirit will bring the truth to humanity—for humanity to know that the world is under the slavery of Satan. The Holy Spirit will manifest, revealing the truth to the world, and people will say: we were all under the influence of the slavery of Satan.”

“Be courageous and pray for that. You have to prepare yourselves, and repent and be pure and holy to meet the Bridegroom.”

10 May 2024

Soon a Very Big Sign Will Come from Heaven

During the Cenacle Rosary Prayers our Blessed Mother appeared, radiating joy, and said, “My children, we always wait for this moment when you gather together around us, and offer your prayers.”

“I want to tell you how much my Son is suffering, for all the horrific things that are happening throughout the world—so much suffering that brings my Son back to His Crucifixion over and over again because the leaders of the world cannot come to an agreement for peace.”

“I want to tell you, very soon, a very big sign will appear from Heaven that will affect every human being on earth. It will manifest so powerfully in the Spirit that no one will be able to refuse it. Everyone will see the truth how God sees it.”

“Tell people to pray and to repent and to be in a State of Grace.”

9 May 2024

Souls in Darkness for Not Sharing Their Riches

In the morning, the Angel came and took me to Purgatory. At first, he took me to a shabby building, where he instructed me to wash many plates and glasses—this helps purify the souls suffering here in this place.

While I was washing and then rinsing, two young boys suddenly appeared. They were about eight to ten years old. One of them came up close to me and asked, “Are you doing the washing of the glasses? Can we have some drink?”

I said, “Yes, you can have some drink, but wait a minute till I finish.”

He then said, “Show me if you are doing a good job washing them.”

Water dripped down my hand as I raised one glass for the boy to inspect. He looked at the glass and, very happily, said, “It looks good!”

“It’s crystal clear. Good enough,” He said.

As he spoke these words, I realised He was our Lord Jesus as a young Boy. The other little boy was his Angel.

Then suddenly, my guardian angel said, “Now that you have finished here, come with me—I have to show you another place so you can help the people there who are suffering a lot.”

Suddenly, I found myself with the Angel in a Cemetery somewhere on earth. I could see some fresh graves covered with very dark dirt.

I said to the Angel, “I don’t like cemeteries. I feel very uneasy.”

The Angel said, “Our Lord Jesus wants you to help these people who are buried here. They are in total darkness.”

Suddenly, I could hear all this crying for help coming from the graves. There were a lot of voices coming from the ground.

I heard voices pleading for help. One voice said, “Lady, please help us. Get us out of this horrific darkness.”

I asked, “What did you do during your life that you are punished so badly?”

They said, “We were very rich and lived lavish lives. We had everything, and look where we are now. We were very selfish and never helped others. We have to suffer very much for not sharing with others.”

“Now it is too late for us. Please help us!”

I said, “See where you are now? You didn’t take any of your wealth with you. You should have helped others, and you would not be here.”

The soil of the freshly covered graves were all black, just like the place where these souls were now. I talked to them for a while, and then the Angel took me away.

Usually, I suffer a lot of pain in my leg, but after the Angel brought me back home, our Lord gave me extra suffering for these souls. I was in so much agony all through the night and all day long until about twenty to three in the afternoon when I was praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet and offering it up, especially for these souls. I still felt sorry for them.

After saying this prayer, the immense pain in my leg eased. Our Lord wanted me to have this excruciating suffering to liberate these souls and to raise them from this darkness. They have to learn and purge themselves of their earthly attachments.

I was grateful to our Lord for being so merciful to all these souls.

4 May 2024

Lord Jesus Truly Manifests During the Holy Mass

This morning, when I prayed the Angelus, an angel appeared and said, “Valentina, our Lord wants to see you. Come with me. He wants to reveal to you something that you have never experienced before.”

Suddenly, I was brought to a place I had never visited before. In front of us stood what looked like an ancient stone church. The Angel and I entered this building. As I entered, to my left, I saw many priests and bishops wearing very beautiful vestments, and they were praying and praising God. But I didn’t stop there—my focus was not on them as I went further into the building and was taken straight to our Lord.

I was brought right before our Lord Jesus and immediately, without my control, fell to my knees. Bowing my head while making the Sign of the Cross, I said, “O Glory to You, my Lord Jesus Christ.”

Our Lord was seated right next to a wall. In His right Hand, He held a fairly large jug. The jug was from Ancient Times and had a very unusual curved shape not seen here on earth. It was dull and of a silvery colour.

Our Lord Jesus poured water from the jug onto the ground. As I watched Him, I asked, “Lord, is this water a Living Water?”

He answered, “Yes, this is a Living Water, but Sacred, that washes away all iniquity and sin.”

I noticed on the wall near our Lord Jesus, about a metre above the ground, a short pipe protruding from the wall. Water was coming from this pipe and falling to the ground as well.

As the water was pouring, I could still hear in the distance the Mass Offerings being made by the Bishops and Priests. They were further away from where I was kneeling. Suddenly, when the sound of the Mass Offerings stopped, so did the water pouring from the pipe and from the jug held by our Lord.

As I gazed upon our Lord, I could see He was totally exhausted and in agony. Suddenly, two angels appeared one on either side of Him.

With their hands under His Arms, they said in unison, “Up!”

Lifting Him, they then gently seated Him on a small sofa nearby. The angels then withdrew.

Completely exhausted, with no energy and appearing ever so tired, our Lord Jesus slumped to one side. I started to worry for our Lord, and I began to cry. I have never seen Him look like this before. I remained on my knees next to our Lord.

After a little while, the two angels reappeared. Again, they lifted Him, saying, “Up!” and then moved our Lord to a bed right next to the sofa. The bed was very ancient-looking and made of plain timber.

The angels laid down our Lord on the bed and then covered Him. Lord Jesus then rested. I moved on my knees closer to the bed. I watched Lord Jesus as He closed His eyes and rested from total exhaustion. I was so worried and crying for our Lord, thinking to myself, ‘People, if you only knew how our Lord suffered for you—why do you offend Him so much? Our Lord really, really suffered for us.’

I was so sorry for our Lord, to see Him so worn out and so skinny and tired.

Suddenly, I could see our Lord’s Hand moving beneath the cover, searching for my hand. I was so glad to see our Lord start to move. I was kneeling next to the bed with my hands clasped together, resting on the bed. Our Lord found my hand, and slowly, He started to squeeze it gently, giving me reassurance that He is okay.

After He rested, He slowly regained His energy and, with the help of the two angels, who reappeared, He slowly stood up, and again the angels withdrew. I also stood up.

I was upset to see our Lord wearing a very poor-quality garment of a deep blue colour. He turned around, and as He did so, with His back to me, I noticed two large holes in the fabric of His garment. The fabric was slightly moving, but when it stopped, I could clearly see through the holes the raw red scourge marks our Lord received during His Passion and Crucifixion.

Our Lord then started to move towards the centre of the building and I followed Him when all of a sudden people from outside started coming towards Him and our Lord became more energetic and cheerful. I stood next to our Lord Jesus, when He turned to me and said, “Valentina, My child, I wanted you to be here with Me today so I can show you how I Am fully present at each Mass celebrated on earth in all the churches. I Am truly repeating My Agony and Calvary over and over again. I consume Myself into nothing so that you will have life and forgiveness and redemption for your soul.”

“Thank you for being here to console Me. I know, Valentina, you were so deeply touched and sorry for Me that you cried. How I love you for that.”

“I wish My Bishops and Priests would feel sorry for Me, but many don’t even think I Am present when they celebrate the Sacrificial Mass.”

“Pray for them,” He said.

Then a Saintly lady came near me, practically running to me from the entrance to the building, hugging me and kissing me on the cheek. She said, “Thank you, Valentina!”

I thought, ‘Why is she thanking me? Then I realised that I must have suffered for her and she is grateful for that, and now, what a privilege for her to be so high up in Heaven, to be present here with our Lord.’

Our Lord then turned to me and to cheer me up because I was so shaken with worry He started to joke with me. He said, with a smile, “Valentina, My child, do you think she has a chance to be saved?”

We all laughed, including our Lord. Of course, she is already saved. I responded, “Lord, there is always hope!”

“Lord Jesus, You teach me that. You always say: when you pray for people, tell them there is always hope if they trust Me.”

I said, “Thank You, Lord, for the gift of the Holy Mass and graces we receive from You.”

“Valentina, accept everything I give you with love,” He said.

When the angel brought me back home, I could not move. I could not walk because of the pain in both my legs, which lasted till about twenty to three in the afternoon when the pain started to ease.


My dear Bishops and Priests, please be truthful to our Lord Jesus Christ. What an honour you have to celebrate the Holy Mass with the true presence of our Lord Jesus on Calvary that He comes to you.

Love Him and thank Him. He truly consumes Himself for our salvation, for millions of souls.

28 April 2024

Many Young People Dying Unrepentant

This morning, when I prayed the Angelus, our Lord Jesus came and said, “Valentina, today when you go to church, offer Me all the young people, especially the souls of those dying—so many young people are dying without repentance and ask Me to be merciful to them to save their souls.”

28 April 2024

God the Father Sends Lightning Strikes to the World

During Holy Mass today, after receiving Holy Communion, our Lord Jesus appeared. He showed me how He manifests during the Holy Mass. At first, I could see Him elevated above the priest, and then He moved around the Church. He was all in white and so luminous.

Our Lord shows us that He is truly present during Holy Mass, especially after the Consecration.

After receiving Him in Holy Communion, He said, “Remain on your knees because you are still very strongly in My presence.”

Afterwards, our Lord withdrew backwards, and God the Father appeared from the waist up and came forward, all illuminated.

He said, “My daughter Valentina, I come to lament to you how My Son Jesus is offended in every Eucharist in this Church and in every Church. People come to receive Him without repentance and confession. They receive Him by following what everyone else does, without remorse for their sins. They sacrilege My Son so much, but I tell you, My children, the world is so sinful I cannot look any longer on this humanity–so disobedient. I will send lightning after lightning to the world and I Am already doing so, to strike the world and to punish itThere is no way out until people wake up and know that I Am above them and I Am God the Father, and I have the right to chastise my disobedient children.”

In a vision, I could see God the Father holding His arms outstretched and a multitude of lightning bolts coming from Him, striking the earth.

O Lord, please be merciful to this disobedient humanity.

27 April 2024

The Lord Requires We Pray for the Conversion of Sinners

This morning, the Angel came and took me, in spirit, to the Chapel at St Patrick’s Cathedral, Parramatta. As we stood in the Chapel facing the Tabernacle, the Angel said, “I have to tell you good news. There are many prayer groups in this Church, but the most important is the Cenacle Rosary Prayer Group. It benefits this Church the most because it is the Blessed Mother who guides this Group.”

“What our Lord requires is that you must pray for the conversion of sinners in the world.”

I started to say to the Angel, “But we used to have beautiful devotions to our Blessed Mother….”

The Angel interrupted and said, “She knows all about that, but the Blessed Mother still guides you in the Cenacle Rosary.”

23 April 2024

We Should Praise Our Lord Jesus

This morning, the angel came and took me to a place in Purgatory, where the first thing I noticed was the multitude of jugs! There were so many of them; they were very dirty, old, and made of aluminium.

I asked the angel, “What are all these jugs doing on the floor?”

The angel said, “You have to make them clean and polish them.”

“Alright, I’ll take three, and I will clean them,” I replied. Cleaning the jugs is to help the Holy Souls.

I took three jugs from the very front. The angel said, “Come with me, and I will show you where you can get soapy water and steel wool to clean them.”

The angel led me to a beautiful house nearby. I knocked on the open door. I nearly stepped inside, but I thought, ‘No, show respect—I better ask if they can lend me some soapy water and steel wool.’

As I stood there, I could see that the soapy water and steel wool were already on the floor down the house hallway. I stepped inside and took the water and steel wool, and I went back outside, placed the water on the ground in front of the house, knelt, and started cleaning the jugs.

When I first took the jugs, they were little, about twenty-five centimetres tall, but the more I cleaned them, they grew taller, to about half a metre.

While I was cleaning, a man came out of the house and said, “I have no privacy anymore since all these people take over,” indicating with his hand in a sweeping motion.

I said to him, “Don’t be upset. One day, you’ll be happy, and you will not regret it.” I did not recognise this man. He then walked away. The man wore an elegant suit and carried a briefcase in his right hand. He was very distinguished-looking. I thought to myself, ‘That person is not a soul.’

While kneeling and cleaning the jugs, making them shiny, I looked over at the many dirty jugs still needing cleaning. I said to the angel, “Oh my, by the time I do all of them, it looks like I will be here forever. There are so many!”

The angel said, “Well, next time.”

Suddenly, a little toddler, about two years old, appeared. He held a square plate in his hand on which sat a thin square pastry. He said, “Would you like to taste my apple pie?”

“Ohh,” I said, “Not right now, I’m busy. But maybe later on.”

He kept moving around me with his apple pie.

I thought, ‘Oh, children, they touch everything and then make pastry with their unwashed hands.’

He said, “You promised you would taste my apple pie. Taste it. I made it myself.”

I said, “Oh, good boy.”

I chipped off a little bit of the corner of the apple pie and tasted it.

I said, “Oh, it tastes good.” The toddler smiled and was happy. Before tasting the apple pie, I was quite overwhelmed and depressed by the amount of cleaning I had to do. But after tasting the apple pie, my spirit lifted, and the depression completely left me.

He continued to surround me while I was kneeling and polishing the jugs. As I finished cleaning, a Confessional Box made of copper-looking material appeared before me. It also needed cleaning and polishing.

The angel said, “Blessed Mother is very particular. Try to get off as much of the marks as you can.”

I said, “Yes, I will make it clean.”

I polished and polished, but you know, copper, you can’t get rid of all the smudges—little marks remain in places. I could not reach the top of the Confessional as it was very high.

The little boy said to me, “See, this is the Confessional Box. They collect dust because hardly any people use them.”

Admiring and looking at the Confessional, which I had just cleaned, I knelt again and said, “I had better get rid of this soapy water and steel wool.”

The angel said, “Get some clean water. You don’t need any steel wool.” Suddenly, a clean, beautiful, round dish of water appeared in front of me where I was kneeling. The angel then brought me a little pink-coloured sponge.

The little toddler remained around me the whole time. He stood near me and asked, “Would you like to wash my hands?” Oh, I was so touched looking at his beautiful little hands. After I washed them, he then said, “What about my face?”

I said, “You don’t need to wash your face.”

He said, “No, no, I want you to wash my face.”

I then washed his face with the little sponge. He said, “I am like a child, and I get dirty too, touching things and eating.”

As I was washing the toddler’s face, a man in a suit appeared next to us, the same person who had left the house earlier, but this time he did not have a briefcase. The toddler looked up and said to the man, “Hello, Father.”

He responded, “Hello.”

The man looked down at me with a stern look, then left and returned to the house.

At that moment, as I washed the toddler’s face and admired his beauty and rosy red and chubby cheeks, he looked directly into my eyes—his little eyes pierced straight through me, deep into my soul. The look was so overpowering that I knew He could see my whole inner being. Then, at that moment, I realised that the Toddler is our Lord Jesus! The Man in the suit is God the Father!

When I finished washing our Lord’s little Face, suddenly, our Lord appeared to my right as a grown Man, about twenty years of age. The little Toddler and the apple pie disappeared. I looked up to our Lord Jesus, and He smiled. Suddenly, a saintly lady appeared, and other people were also present. She said, “I am a Saint from Heaven, and I am from the Caribbean.”

I said, “Oh, pleased to meet you.” She did not say her name.

She pointed to our Lord Jesus and said, “He is such a good Man. Such a good Man and God. He saved and redeemed millions and millions of people already. Everybody should be so grateful to Him, praising Him, and loving Him. How many millions of people He redeemed—He is such a good God.” I could see our Lord was so happy when she said that.

She was praising our Lord as she was telling me this.

Thank You, Lord Jesus, for Your goodness and Your mercy.

21 April 2024

Angels with Trumpets Announce the Coming of our Lord

As we left the souls in the run-down warehouse in Purgatory, the Angel said, “You have to come now with me as our Lord is preparing a beautiful surprise for you.”

When the Angel brought me back home, I was really surprised and stunned by what I saw.

The front yard between my house and my sister’s house was full of angels—beautiful tall angels. They were special angels. They all had beautiful shoulder-length hair and wore white gowns with gold trimming, which glittered not only on their white gowns but also on the tips of their beautiful white wings.

So much gleaming light emanated from them as they stood in a row, their wings pointed up towards heaven.

To the right of each Angel was a huge, beautiful green palm branch. With both their hands, each Angel held a long golden trumpet, more than a metre long. They had them to their mouths, ready to blow them.

I was so amazed at the vision that I thought they had come to take me and my brother-in-law.

Then one of the angels spoke and said, “We are sent by our Lord Jesus to tell you that we are the angels who go to all the continents of the world to announce the Coming of our Lord Jesus. Wherever we go, a sign will be given to each continent to repent and to make clean the road for the Lord to come. Repentance is now the most important that our Lord wants for all humanity in the world.”

While they were talking to me, I observed everything and listened intently to what they were saying, as I knew that as soon as they would sound their trumpets, terrible things would happen in the world.

Later, I returned to my room, switched on the light and sat down. I said, “Oh, my goodness, me. Lord, I panicked so much, I thought the angels came to get me and my brother-in-law.”

I know that when the Angels announce the Coming of Jesus, they have to purify the world.

As I said my prayers, our Lord said, “Fear not and write down what you saw. What the angels announced to you is all reality. You should be very joyful for My Coming.”

Later, during the Holy Mass, our Lord came again and said, “All that was shown to you is reality. My angels are now going all around the world to announce My Coming.”

“Write down what I tell you and what you experience. You know, My child Valentina, there is so much confusion in the world today. People who receive messages from Me are very few. The real, true messages that I speak through people—not much notice is being taken of them. They are being pushed aside.”

Lord Jesus, come quickly and have mercy on the whole world.

21 April 2024

Visiting Souls in Purgatory

This morning, while I was praying, the Angel came and took me to Purgatory. We arrived at a run-down building, similar in appearance to a factory warehouse. It was very old and grey and generally a very depressing place. Inside were many souls waiting to be helped. I could see greasy oil stains on the building floor, representing the sins of the souls. The Angel instructed me to clean the stubborn stains from the floor.

As I was sweeping and cleaning the greasy oil stains, a saintly lady from Heaven appeared. She brought with her three gleaming silver pots. One pot was sealed in a box, and she held the other two. The empty pots meant these souls did not offer our Lord anything. They brought nothing of goodness with them—they did not do good deeds while alive on earth.

She said, “Valentina, I have brought you a gift. I brought you three pots.”

I said, Oh Yes? Thank you.”

Then she said, “You know these pots, you have to fill them.”

I said, “Yes, I know.”

I told Angel, “I sweep a lot, but these oil marks won’t come off.”

He said, “Yes, they are a bit stubborn—they will take longer to clean.”

There are some souls there that need longer purification. I understood that the souls in this warehouse were all men, and some would need more prayers and sacrifices before they could progress.

All of a sudden, the Angel said, “Now we have to move on. This will need longer to clean.”

Later, at Holy Mass, I offered these souls to our Lord.

14 April 2024

Vision of Jerusalem

This morning, at 5 a.m., as I was saying my prayers, suddenly, our Lord Jesus showed me a vision of Himself. In this vision, I saw our Lord dressed in a white tunic and walking very fast. It appeared that He was walking on the earth, rubbing His Hands together in deep concern.

Our Lord looked like He was descending steps, and as He was coming down, down, down, a valley appeared to the left side of Him. A very strong light illuminated the valley.

Our Lord pointed towards a city in the valley, and I immediately recognised Jerusalem. The Lord then pointed to me but did not say anything.

I understood that I have to pray for this Holy City.

13 April 2024

The Evil Wants War

At 3 pm today, while praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet, our Lord Jesus appeared and said, “Valentina, My child, I can no longer hold back peace, the peace that is flowing from Me. The evil forces are very strong in the world now. They are about to start a war between Iran and Israel. The evil wants the war, but this war is not normal—it can escalate. There are not enough prayers reaching Heaven. People forget to pray for peace in the world.”

“Forget for a moment about the souls you offer Me, but pray for the living ones that will be involved in the war.”

Lord, have mercy on us and on the whole world.

Comment: For now, our Lord is keeping peace in the world, but He is telling us that He can no longer do so.

7 April 2024

Humanity is Blind to All Our Lord’s Warnings

During the morning Holy Mass at St Patrick’s Cathedral, our Lord Jesus appeared. Looking sad, He said, “Valentina, My child, the message I gave you on the 3rd of March (2024) was a warning for the world. It was not very well accepted by humanity—for humanity to return back to God and of conversion and repentance. My warning was almost ignored. How sad and painful that is for Me, for humanity to refuse My Mercy!”

“Let Me warn you: My justice has already started and is reaching many parts of the earth, with natural catastrophes, deluge of rain, floods, and earthquakes. At your door is war and famine, and you are still blind to all the warnings I Am sending you.”

“You should go on your knees and beg Me not to send you such an awful punishment that is hanging above the world.”

7 April 2024

During the Holy Mass for Divine Mercy Sunday at 3pm

During the Holy Mass for Divine Mercy Sunday, our Lord Jesus appeared wearing a beautiful white tunic and exquisite red mantle. He said, “Valentina, My child, today, all churches celebrate My Divine Mercy. It is a very special devotion after My Passion and Resurrection that I offer for humanity—that I care and love to save all souls who venerate Me.”

At that point, our Lord smiled and said, “But I will tell you a little secret. The celebration of the Divine Mercy, in all My churches throughout the world, are preparing for My Second Coming. But they don’t know about this. You still have to go through trials and tribulations a little longer, but then a New Spring will be sent from Heaven, such as you have never experienced before. It will be nothing but joy and happiness. Valentina, give hope to people and tell them of My Coming that will soon reign on earth. It will be all New Creation that I Am preparing. Tell them to be courageous and to pray and to trust in Me.”

Usually, our Lord talks about His mercy and encouraging people to repent, but now He is speaking of His Coming, which is very close.

Our Lord Jesus was filled with immense joy and love when He was telling Me this Good News. He wants people to have hope and trust in Him.

Thank You, Lord Jesus, for this encouraging news You give us. We love You.

5 April 2024

There Are Many Antichrists in My Churches

After Holy Mass, during the Cenacle Prayers, our Lord Jesus appeared. He said, “Pray for this Church and other churches that are very much down. My churches are already persecuted. My good shepherds are not allowed to speak the truth about My Commandments and Teachings. If they speak the truth, they are dismissed from their priestly duties and are no longer allowed to celebrate the Holy Mass at My Holy Sacred Altar.”

“But woe to those who permit all of this, for they will be severely punished. I tell you, there are many antichrists already in My churches. Pray for all this to change soon.”

I said, “Lord Jesus, have mercy on us.”