1 October 2021

A Terrible Chastisement is upon Humanity if People Do Not Convert

In the morning, while saying my prayers, Blessed Mother Mary Most Holy appeared.

She said, “My daughter, I come to tell you how sad I am to see humanity so blind, not to see what is happening in every country in the world.”

She said, “Right now, I want to warn you that the devil is spreading and is very much rooted all over the world. He is in charge of all governments and people, and they all lie to the poor so that they can control them.”

Looking at me, she said, “I was hoping the world would get better; instead, it is getting worse. Only a small majority pray devotedly; the rest believe in the injection to help save them. How blindly you are led by the devil!”

“How many prayers are needed to break this evil barrier! How many times have I told you and warned you; if people will not convert, a terrible chastisement is upon humanity, and it is not far away. I keep begging you to take my warnings seriously.”

“My Son is so offended but so little He achieves. He wants to save lives so that they can come back to Him.”

Blessed Mother, pray for us.