1 October 2023

Angels Come to Announce the Coming of Our Lord Jesus

This morning, while I was praying, three angels appeared in my room. They were all dressed in beautiful pure white. They said, “We were sent by our Lord Jesus to remind you that when you talk to people, tell them to repent. Why is Repentance so hard for them to accept? Nobody wants to accept it. They don’t understand the love of God, that He waits for them, to accept them and to forgive them.”

Do you know that our Lord’s Coming is not far away anymore? It is on the doorstep. He is already working on the New Creation that will take place on Earth. Our Lord is all excited, but He is also very sad because people do not want to accept Him.”

The angel explained, “Now you experience a lot of disasters in the world, but that is all part of the purification of the world. And the disasters will continue to come. That is a sure sign of the Coming of our Lord Jesus to the world; He wants to purify the world.”

“Be happy. It will be such a New Creation that people have never experienced before.”

Lord Jesus, come. Come to Your Kingdom.