1 October 2023

Our Lord is Sacrileged in Holy Communion

Today, during the Holy Mass, during the Communion Rite, I received Holy Communion, went back to my pew and knelt to offer praise and thanksgiving to our Lord.

Initially, the Holy Host was sweet and beautiful in my mouth. I thanked the Lord for nourishing me and for nourishing all of us. I also thanked the Lord for those that are ungrateful.

Suddenly, as I swallowed the Holy Host, a bitterness came in my mouth, so strong like a poison.

Immediately, our Lord Jesus said, “I give you the taste of bitterness that I receive at the distribution of Holy Communion. Without repentance or Confession, they approach Me full of evil and sin. I blame My priests and the church for not teaching them the truth about repentance and Confession. They don’t want to offend people.”

So our Lord gives me the taste of His bitterness. I have never experienced this before during Holy Communion.

Our Lord Jesus then asked me to do reparation in the church. He said, “Do reparation in front of the Blessed Sacrament to console Me.”

I said, “Lord, I would talk to all these people and tell them the truth, but they would not listen to me, especially in the church, as they are against private revelation, especially the priests.”

Lord, have Mercy on the church and the clergy for not speaking the truth.