10 February 1997

In Memory of Father Valerian’s Late Mother

When I was praying the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Holy Rosary, our Lord Jesus suddenly appeared. He was so beautiful, but even more so because of His joyfulness. His radiance was overwhelming.

Jesus said, “Valentina, My child, today I come to reveal to you about the Holy Mass that your priest, Father Valerijan, celebrated and offered for his beloved mother. This Holy Mass was not ordinary, but very special. I give you an example, this does not happen every day, but very seldom, occasionally, that a son is offering Holy Mass for his beloved mama.”

Our Lord said, “See Valentina, the whole of Heaven was present at this Sacrificial Mass. I give grace to all the angels and the saints to be present. They were all united, rejoicing joyfully and admiring his (Father Valerijan’s) mother, for giving her son to the Priesthood, and for him celebrating the Holy Mass. She, herself, offered her son to God. She sacrificed everything for her son and prayed for him daily. She received a great reward in Heaven. Now, she is enjoying herself with all the saints in Heaven and for the love and praise for her Lord and God.”

“All the Holy Masses that are offered in Churches are, together, united with Heaven, and all the celebrations and offerings go to Me, your God and all Glory and thanksgiving,” our Lord said these words while pointing towards Himself.

“She received a big reward in her Heavenly home, for all the sacrifices and graces she offered during her life on earth.”

This vision was indescribable, it was so overwhelming to watch this beautiful and joyful event. As I watched this Holy Mystery, I shed tears of joy.

All the saints and angels were rejoicing happily in the Lord’s presence. They constantly praised and glorified Him.

I said to Father Valerijan, “Jesus is very proud of your mama. I saw her standing right next to our Lord, on His right side. She was so happy, smiling and joyous. She looked young and beautiful, wearing a white, flowing garment. Her hair was loose, shoulder length. Everyone in Heaven was so happy for what she had done. She sacrificed everything and did good deeds in her life, but most of all offered her son, as a child, to God, and that her son was a faithful and devoted shepherd to his people and to our Lord Jesus Christ.”

I said to Father Valerijan, “I congratulate you. You should be proud that you received such a beautiful grace to become a priest, and also you should be proud of your mother, that she herself is now rejoicing with our Lord Jesus, and I know she will pray even harder for you now. Be happy, our Lord Jesus really loves you.”

Father Valerijan said, “You never met my mother, you never knew anything about her, but what was revealed to you is all true.” He was deeply touched by this message about his beloved mother.

Father Valerijan told me that when he was a little boy he was very sick, but that he did not know his mother offered him to our Lord so that he would recover from the sickness. He did recover and his mother continued to pray and was grateful to God.

After studying in Vienna as a student, he came home one day and told his mother that he decided to enter the Seminary.

His mother was overjoyed and happy to hear this decision, it was like Heaven opened up to her. She only then revealed to him that when he was sick she dedicated him to God, and God accepted him.

The angel later revealed to me that this message is a teaching from our Lord Jesus about how great a blessing it is for a mother to offer her child to God, to the Priesthood, a great reward awaits her in Heaven.