10 February 2023

Blessed Mother asks for Prayers for Earthquake Victims

In the church during the Holy Mass, before the start of the Cenacle Rosary, the Blessed Mother came. She said, “Today, as you come to join me in this prayer, permit me to offer to my Son Jesus for the victims of the earthquake.”

Our Blessed Mother refers to the recent massive earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria, killing thousands of people and leaving many more homeless.

She said, “Valentina, my daughter, explain to the group of my children here not to put any petitions of their own before the Rosary. God knows each of you and what you desire, but today we need this Rosary for the victims of the earthquake, who endure much devastation and hardships and broken-heartedness.”

I did not have a chance to tell the prayer group what Blessed Mother requested because people had already started putting in their own petitions.

As we prayed, suddenly, Blessed Mother came beside me.

She was with Lord Jesus. Very seriously, she said, “Valentina, why are you keeping silent? Speak up about what we asked of you to do. Why are you afraid to speak up? No one can harm you. We are always with you.”

I did offer the Holy Rosary for the intention of Blessed Mother, but she wanted that the whole group would meditate on and pray for the poor people in the earthquake region. I felt terrible not telling the entire group. I hope Blessed Mother will forgive me.

Thank you, my Mother, for your love and help for the poor, suffering children. Do not abandon them.