11 February 2022

You Live in My Divine Will

This morning while I was praying, our Lord Jesus came.

He said, “Valentina, My child, don’t be upset when people upset you. I don’t want you to put yourself down because you will then soon be under their feet if you do that. They will give you all kinds of advice and tell you what to do. You should listen only to Me! Right! Only to Me.”

“This is not what I want, that you put yourself down. You live in My Divine Will, and people should respect you for that.”

“They judge the messages, but they don’t realise that it is My messages they criticise, My Holy Word and not yours.”

“I Am present everywhere; people forget that I see and hear everything. Nothing escapes Me, and I Am the One that will judge each one who ridicules My Holy Word.”

“Do not listen to anyone’s advice.”

As our Lord was looking at me passionately, He said, “Pray for the enemies.”

Lord Jesus, have mercy on all of us.