13 February 2021

Good and Bad Fruits


In the morning, two angels appeared. They both wore what looked like a uniform in two shades of blue, darker and lighter. One angel put his arm around my shoulder and said, “I have known you all your life. I know you more than you know yourself.”


They showed me a bowl of fruits and vegetables. They said, “Not all the fruits are good. There is the good cholesterol, and there is the bad cholesterol. The good cholesterol is when people are humble and do the right thing. The bad cholesterol is when people are too proud.”


The angels continued to explain, “You see these capsicums, when they are thin they are bitter, the same with souls that do not do the right things and are not with our Lord, they produce bitter fruits. But the capsicums that are thicker they are ripe, and they produce a lot of goodness, same with souls that are close to our Lord, they produce a lot of fruit.”