14 January 2022

Evil Pride in Government Leaders

I was praying for the tennis player Novak Djokovic as he was having visa problems with the Australian Government. I prayed, “Lord, please help him.”

Instantly, our Lord answered, “My child, now you know why I Am so upset with the Australian Government, why Australia doesn’t please me.”

Our Lord then asked me, “What kind of crime did he commit?”

I answered, “I don’t think he committed any crime.”

Our Lord continued, “He didn’t accept the needle, is that a crime? Where is the compassion and mercy in the hearts of the leaders? Again, I will put a question and ask, are they without sin, those who condemn a person so unjustly?

“I tell you these people, the way they condemn and unjustly judge him, there is a lot of evil pride in them. These people in the government are not suitable, they are the wrong people to lead this country. Pray for them.”