15 May 2022

Woman throws away petitions for other children

I was once taken to a church somewhere in the world, where there was a most beautiful statue of our Blessed Mother Mary Most Holy. I could see many photos of children lined up in front of the statue. People would come and leave petitions and pictures of their children in front of Blessed Mother and pray to her to intercede for their children.

Suddenly, I watched as a woman walked up the aisle and came before the statue of Blessed Mother. With anger, she grabbed the photos of the children, and forcefully, she threw them to the side. She then placed photos of her own children there, right next to the statue of Blessed Mother. She thought that the Blessed Mother could only pray for her children and not the others.

Blessed Mother was crying when she said, “See! Forcefully, she wants that I intercede only for her children and not the others. That upsets me so much because I love all my children.”

“I was sad whenever they would do that, and I would even cry. Some people in the world are so persistent that they only want for themselves and for everything to be answered quickly. They only think of their own children but never think of others. I love the others too, and the others probably suffer more.”

Blessed Mother was very upset. I remember this well. The way this woman threw away the photos of the other children, as in her mind, she thought, ‘you are all nothing; only my children are important.’ This is very offensive to Blessed Mother.

Graces are given to us when we pray for others because we are being charitable and humble.

Blessed Mother can intercede for all her children.