15th July 2011

In the morning at 5am, a powerful wind noise awoke me.

It came into my room with such a power it transformed into a brilliant light, so bright. It glowed in a golden bronze colour. The whole house was illuminated which gradually became brighter.

I was raised up, holding my arms above my head. I felt a great happiness and I started to praise the Lord Jesus.

“You show Your power. How great You are, my Lord. How almighty and great you are. No-one is above You. You pour Your grace upon us.”

Slowly the light diminished until it vanished.

Then the Lord Jesus appeared, smiling. He asked, “My child, do you love Me?”

He repeated this a few times.

I replied, “Yes my Lord, I do love You. You know that.”

Jesus said, “Remain faithful to Me and tell others to do the same. I came to tell you that you are living the most terrible times than any other previous generation in history. Your government and society will supress you more and more, controlling you by ordering you what to do (Christian Church). If people refuse, they will even arrest you and put you to death for your beliefs and religion. I beg you, My children, remain faithful to Me, no matter what they will try to convince you. It is all lies. These are the worst times you will all go through.” “You saw My power which I showed you.”

“Fear not, call My name often. I promise I will remain with you always.”

“I bless you My children, in the name of The Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost.” Amen

Say Jesus I Trust in You and love you stay with me.