16 August 2021

Honouring the Holy Trinity in the Sign of the Cross

Lately, our Lord has been giving me so much suffering. I did not sleep all night, until about six o’clock in the morning when the pain subsided. There were many, many suffering souls in my room.

This morning our Lord said to me, “Remember when Father Valerian was still alive, and one year you went with him to the Chrism Mass, and he told you to pick up the Chrism Oil.”

I said, “Lord, You know everything. That was a long time ago.”

He said, “Well, I will tell you something. When you received the Chrism Oil, a lady came to you and asked you to bless her with the Anointing of the Sick Oil. You opened up the oil, and you dipped your thumb in it and put a little Sign of the Cross on her forehead, and you asked Me to heal her. All of a sudden, all these other people also wanted a blessing, and you kept giving them the blessing.”

I remember when this happened in the 1990s, and at that time, another lady came up to me and said, “Valentina, you can’t do that! You’re not supposed to do that. They are Chrism Oils. They have to go to the Church.”

Anyway, I think I blessed about thirty people and then stopped after this lady told me that I was not supposed to do this. Afterwards, I felt a little afraid and guilty.

Father Valerian gave me a lift home because I came with him. I said to him in the car, “Father Valerian, I have to tell you and confess to you; all of a sudden, this lady came to me and said she was not feeling well and asked if I could bless her with the holy oil. I did so, but maybe I shouldn’t have done that. All of a sudden other people wanted a blessing as well. More and more people came, I think at least thirty.”

Smiling, Father Valerian said, “You did the right thing.”

This morning our Lord reminded me of this event with the Chrism Oil. I stood in front of Him. He was seated and held a little bottle of oil and said, “Dip your thumb in this oil, and place the Sign of the Cross on My Forehead.”

I said, “Lord, on You! You are supposed to bless me, not I bless you.” I really hesitated to put the Sign of the Cross on our Lord.

He said, “Yes, but this is a teaching about something you don’t know yet, about why you have to bless Me.”

I then proceeded to place the Sign of the Cross with my thumb on our Lord’s Forehead. As I did so, I said, “In the Name of the Father.”

Our Lord then interrupted me and said, “Now, bow down, right down, then rise up.”

I did as our Lord instructed, and then I continued and placed another Sign of the Cross on our Lord’s Forehead while saying, “And of the Son.”

Again, our Lord interrupted me and said, “Bow down again, right down and rise up.” I again went right down, genuflecting and bowing my head.

I then blessed our Lord a third time with the Sign of the Cross while saying, “And of the Holy Spirit.

Our Lord said, “Bow right down again.” I did so.

This is a teaching that I Am showing you. By allowing you to place the Sign of the Cross on Me, I Am teaching you how powerful it is when you do this, when a priest does this, or anyone can do this. Because, in this way, you give such a great honour to the Holy Trinity,” He said.

“And would you like to know some other good news?”

I listened intently to what our Lord was about to reveal to me.

He said, “Those people you blessed that time long ago and anointed them with the Holy Oil from the Chrism Mass, I healed them all. They all carried some kind of sickness in them, and I healed them all.”

So overjoyed with our Lord’s goodness, I said, “Oh, that is so beautiful, Lord.”

He said, “See how present I Am. This will teach you that when you go around to people and bless them in this way, you honour the Holy Trinity. There is such a power in this, and so much healing comes from this.”

Our Lord said, “Even when priests bless people, they just make a quick Sign of the Cross, rush, rush. They don’t know the meaning of how powerful is the Holy Cross.”

Thank You, Lord, for teaching us.