16 July 2022

Demons Attack Me at Night

Last night I prayed to our Lord and said, “Lord, they are trying to scare us with the Coronavirus again. Please don’t let it happen again. Protect us.”

After I finished my evening prayers, I also prayed the Litany of the Most Precious Blood of Jesus and the Litany of Loreto. It was past midnight when I finished all my prayers and went to sleep.

The minute I switched off the lights, I heard the sounds of grunting coming closer and closer, and then all of a sudden, demons were surrounding my bed. There was a lady demon, who was quite large, along with six male demons of whom she was in charge. Each one of them held injection needles.

They said, “You thought you could get rid of us, but you interfered with our plans. That is why we have come to give you the needles, and you can’t run away from us. You will belong to us!”

The lady demon said, “You should respect us!’

I said, “Oh yeah! I’ll give you respect; I’ll push you off! Go away in the Name of our Lord Jesus.”

The lady demon said, “See, we will walk around amongst the public, and we will push the needle into people from the back, right through their clothing.”

I said, “Only if our Lord permits otherwise, you will do nothing, and you are nothing! Lord Jesus will not allow that.”

The lady demon responded, “Humans are dumb. They would believe anything.”

I would spray holy water at the demons, and then they would leave, but after a while, they would return. I would call upon our Lord Jesus, St Joseph and Blessed Mother, but it was not until about six-thirty in the morning when the demons left permanently.

When our Lord Jesus came, I asked, “Lord, where were you when I called you when I was attacked by the demons?”

Our Lord smiled and said, “They tried to scare you, they tried to convince you, but I will not permit anything to happen to you because I Am always with you to protect you.”

Our Lord wanted me to see how powerful the devil is right now. We must trust in our Lord to protect us.

After the demons left, the angel came and took me to console some souls in Purgatory.

There I saw an Australian lady who was familiar to me. I knew her while she was alive.

She was lying in what looked like a hospital bed, covered with terrible sores that looked like scales.

The room was all open like a warehouse, in very poor condition, and was full of beds with sickly people lying in them. There was no partitioning. The beds represent that the souls here are very sick. Each one has to suffer here and make reparation for the sins committed during their lives.

They need our help; otherwise, they will not be able to get out of those beds.

I asked the lady, “What happened to you? This is the second time I have seen you here. I thought you would be better.”

“No! I am so sick,” she replied.

Feeling pity for her, I said. “I have to pray even harder for you.”

Lord, have mercy on this poor lady and on all the poor souls in Purgatory.