16 October 2022

Prepare for the Holy Nativity, to welcome Baby Jesus among us

Throughout the night, I suffered a lot of pain in my leg for the Holy Souls. I tried to start the Rosary, but I couldn’t as my leg was so painful, but then I started to pray The Creed, and when I finished, Blessed Mother appeared.

It was about three o’clock in the morning when Blessed Mother appeared with little Baby Jesus as a toddler. Three angels accompanied them. Baby Jesus was dressed in a cute pale-blue nightie, and Blessed Mother wore a veil and a pale pink and blue dress.

Blessed Mother said, “We have come to explain to you something about the Nativity of my Son. I want to explain to you the meaning of it.”

Then suddenly, I found myself in Heaven with Blessed Mother and Little Jesus and the angels. We were in a heavenly garden. There I noticed a lot of lush, green, beautiful trees. We were walking through the garden when Blessed Mother stopped at a particular huge green tree.

She pointed to the tree and said, “See this tree; this represents the Tree of Life. Firstly, it represents the birth of my Son, Jesus. The tree was blessed because He was born to come to earth as a human being.”

“I want to remind you, now that you are coming closer to the Nativity of my Son Jesus, the tree also represents the renewal of His birth each year. The tree represents that it gives special birth to all humanity each year because it brings joy and peace to all humanity.”

“Every year, we celebrate His coming to earth and renewal. He brings to humanity a new hope in life and a new faith in God. He comes to teach His Holy Word, to spread it among people, and to convert the non-believers from paganism. While He was teaching on earth and spreading His Gospel and His Holy Word, many people came to convert and to know our Lord, which brought many good fruits. They were born into a new faith”.

“Through the faith, He revealed His Kingdom so that people will know Him and love Him as their Saviour and God. That was spread throughout the world, and it was all good. It was spread by the Apostles to bring good news to the people.”

Then again, she showed me the tree, pointing to it.

She said, “See the tree. It was so beautiful in the past; it was full of faith and love for God. People really wanted to know God, and they were interested in learning about God. As time passed and right up to the present time, with the coming generations, they became non-believers, and they have become attached to worldly goods. That really distracted them from the true God, and they detached themselves from the true faith.”

“So more than half of the tree does not produce life as it did before. It has become sour.”

I said, “Blessed Mother, what is the name of this tree? It is so beautiful and so alive!”

She said, “This is a chestnut tree.”

Then she showed me the chestnuts.

They were huge, and the flesh was fresh and white, with the outer shell already peeled.

I said, “Oh, Blessed Mother, it is so beautiful. What a fruit.”

She said, “But I will show you the other half of the tree.

So we walked around to the other side, and Blessed Mother took a chestnut, she squeezed it, and some liquid came out.

She said, “This is very sour. There is no life in it. More than half the tree is no good anymore.”

“Pray! Unless the people wake up, and come back to the true faith, and be attached to my Son Jesus and His Holy Nativity, they can have no life but dryness in their souls. And that is very dangerous. That is why I am so sad, and I have brought you here to explain to you what Christmas really means. To bring the true meaning of Christmas to humanity.”

Blessed Mother continued to pick the sour chestnuts and throw them down on the ground because they are no good. When the tree does not produce good fruits, it falls and rots.

On one side, I could see silver decorations for Christmas; little stars and little bells decorated a small part of the tree. They were very simple and were waiting for the Baby Jesus to come.

The little Child Jesus, with three angels surrounding Him, was holding my hand. He had to watch all of this while his Mom was explaining to me about the tree and what was happening in the world. Lord Jesus was sad listening to His mama while she was explaining the meaning of the Holy Nativity to me.

I didn’t know that so many people had fallen away from understanding the true meaning of Christmas.

She said, “See why I brought you here. Do not be afraid to spread the Holy Word of my Son and what we showed you. Pray for non-believers. Tell people to prepare spiritually to welcome my Son among you. Do not be carried away by the rushing and selling and buying, because that is all meaningless. It is all worldly and useless, and it all passes quickly.”

Comment: We must bring Christmas alive again and bring the Life of Jesus into everyone’s heart. That will console Blessed Mother and our Lord Jesus, and it will make them very happy. In the world, we give less and less importance to the Birth of our Lord Jesus.

Thank you, Blessed Mother and Baby Jesus, for revealing to us the true meaning of Christmas.