16th August

Our Lord Jesus appearing sadly, said to me, “Many disasters are happening in the world. I, your Lord, told you long before it happens to pray (to avert it), many disasters are still coming. People are blaming and finding excuses for all this happening. My child, tell them I permit all this to happen. I want people to repent of their sin and come back to me, their God and their Father. The more they deny me, the more they will experience troubles, but you would rather live in sinful pleasures, greed and worship worldly goods, than me, your loving God, who loves you so much. Soon you will come to bend down and ask me to be merciful to you.”

Our Lord looked at me with pity, and continued, “I feel so sorry for you, my faithful remnant and devoted children. You have to suffer and see all this evil that is constantly around you. Be courageous, have faith and trust in me, your Lord Jesus and Saviour. You don’t belong to this world. You all belong to my Heavenly Family. Console me, my children, a little bit longer. My victory will happen soon. Put your full trust in God and in Heaven. We of Heaven all pray for you to endure these chaotic times. I Bless you all, my children, be at peace.”