16th MARCH, 2007

In St Patrick’s Cathedral, Parramatta. I was thanking and praising Jesus after receiving Holy Communion.

Our Lord spoke, “My child, these days I am more and more offended in the churches. The lay people distribute Me all the time in Holy Communion to one another. They have no idea how sacred is My Holy Body. Everyone is touching Me. They have no reverence for Me. Please console Me for this irreverence toward Me.”

He looked at me and said, “This is a new order that they have in the church. My church is placed on a strong foundation, but those who serve Me are disobedient toward My law and the devil is very pleased to destroy all these things. My children, have hope and be joyous. In the not too distant future My churches shall be rebuilt and renewed.”

“Everyone will live in My divine will and will obey Me, and I, as their Lord and King, shall live in My churches and guide My shepherds and My flock. They will understand that it is the proper way, the right way and the Holy way. People will praise Me and love Me night and day for doing all this.”

“Valentina, do you know that I am very eagerly awaiting for the day to come? I can tell you, it is such a joy in My Sacred Heart. That is not too distant, the day of My Reign and coming. For this, I promise you to come soon.”

“Everybody will be happy and will love Me. My love is strong and will live in the hearts of all My children on earth. Peace and tranquillity as well. No one will ever be hungry again. Everyone will receive the same share. No more greed in possessing for some. Everyone will have the same. I shall destroy evil for good.”

These are very strong and hopeful words from our Lord. He cannot bear injustice.

Thankyou, sweet Jesus, please come soon. We love You. Come Lord Jesus.