17 November 2022

Our Lord Has Teaching Sessions in Heaven for Souls

This morning while I was praying, the angel came and said, “You know when you visit Purgatory, and you are amazed at how many people you see there, it is because many of them were not educated in the faith. They had very little spiritual education.”

“But after a period of time, when they have gone through their suffering, and when they reach Heaven, our Lord is so merciful and kind that He has prayer sessions for groups of souls who come to Heaven. He teaches them and trains them in spiritual things.”

I said, “Gee, that is amazing.”

The angel said, “Oh yes, our Lord never stops. He likes that the souls are ready to go to eternity with the knowledge of our Lord’s Life. Therefore, He trains them and teaches them in Heaven.”

I said, “Oh, now I understand. When I visited Veronique in Heaven (Message from 28 January 2021), she was in a group with many other young girls, and they were all being taught by our Lord. They were young and died prematurely, so now they have the school in Heaven and will continue to be taught by our Lord until they reach a high spiritual level. I never knew that our Lord would teach things in Heaven. I know He helps them, but I did not know He also teaches them.”

The angel responded, “Oh yes, He teaches them. Every day He holds sessions for groups of souls to train and teach them, group by group.”