18 December

Fourth Sunday of Advent


This morning while I was praying at home, an Angel appeared to me and took me to Purgatory.

I saw many, many souls. I could see millions and millions of them coming towards us. It was so overwhelming. It looked like the whole of Iraq and the whole of Syria was here and the Angel told me that there were even souls here from Singapore. I could see many  Muslim women. I said to the angel, “I better be careful of what I am saying.”

The angel said, “That is why they are approaching you. They need you to help them so that they can go to Heaven for Christmas.”

These Holy Souls are blessed to be saved, because many of them did not get a chance to repent. There was a multitude of them. I found myself in a huge open space, like a field in the countryside, as far as the eye can see.

I did not see them going into the darkness. They were all anxiously moving in the same direction, they were all coming towards me.

Later that morning, during Holy Mass I offered at the Foot of the Cross each of the groups of Souls that I encountered this morning.

At the Foot of the Cross is the Holy Altar, where Jesus sacrificed Himself for the atonement of our sins.

I said, “Lord, there are so many of them. I am so grateful that you have saved them.”