19 February 2023

The City of Sydney Suffers Severe Weather After Cardinal Pell Funeral

Yesterday afternoon we experienced severe weather. Due to the strong winds, many homes suffered from power outages and fallen trees. Today in the Church during the Holy Mass, our Lord revealed to me, why He sent the terrible storm over Sydney.

As I thanked the Lord for being able to attend Holy Mass after the severe storm from the night before, Lord Jesus suddenly came. He said, “Valentina, My child, I will tell you how much Cardinal Pell suffered, and He was abused shamefully for the false accusation. They treated him like a criminal. They pushed him around, and they spoke so evil of him.”

He said, “People tried to convince everyone how horrible a person he was till the end of his earthly life. Even at his funeral, they should give respect, but instead, evil persists to damage his reputation. I, the Lord of Justice and Truth, could no longer keep silent. Because of My Truth, I cannot permit unjustified lies.

As He raised His right Hand, our Lord said, “I let the first week pass by…”

Then again, gesturing with His right Hand, He said, “Then the second week passed by…”

“But on the third week, I came over this nation with the fury of severe storms to let everyone know I exist! And I defend the great Saint that ever existed (from Australia), faithful and truthful to Me. I, the Lord, know how much he suffered. Everyone should love him and respect him.”

“I want you to write what I tell you so that the faithful people will read it and have respect towards Cardinal Pell.”

I cried while our Lord gave me this message about Cardinal Pell.

Our Lord said, “Valentina, I can see how much My Holy Word has deeply touched you; you are very emotional.”

“Pray for Cardinal Pell and be happy for him. He now rejoices in Eternal Peace. No one can harm him, but woe to those who put false accusations on him.”

Comment: People are wrong in thinking they can falsely accuse this innocent man and bear no consequences. Our Lord may not act immediately, but His Truth and Justice will prevail.