1st January 2015  

This morning when I thanked the Lord for a peaceful day and asked Him for His mercy He appeared to me.
Our Lord said, “My child it is necessary to ask Me and to pray for peace in these troubled times that you can all see and are going through in the world, especially in those countries where there is so much misery and war. People don’t want peace.”
“Rather they look for hatred and trouble. Some live in fear, especially after what happened in your own city of Sydney, because of the terrorist attack. This year, there will be a lot of conflicts and problems in the world. Mainly in those countries in which the terrorists are breeding. There will be a lot of suffering, but people remain blind and they do not turn to God in prayer. They deny God because their pride will not permit them to believe in Him. My Child, I speak to you as a loving Father to tell people to open their eyes and to see what is going on in the world. You can no longer survive without Me. It will only get worse. People gather together and place flowers and express sadness for lives lost and killed, but no one
mentions God.”
Our Lord was very sad when He said this.
Our Lord said, “Rarely a prayer is said for the deceased, it is only publicity of the event which goes around the world. My Children, that won’t solve the problems of terrorist attacks. Only I your Lord can give you peace and stability through prayer and My Mercy.”
“Pray to My Divine Mercy for the world which sinks deeper and deeper into the abyss of sin.”
Our Lord was very sad telling me this message. We better take it seriously and beg Him for His Mercy for the sins committed in the world.