2 April 2023

Mediating on the Seven Sorrows of Blessed Mother

Yesterday during my prayer group, we were praying the Seven Sorrows of Blessed Mother.

Blessed Mother appeared, looking so sad.

She said, “My children, every insult my Son received during His life, it was the very reason that He suffered for you on earth, for your salvation and for teaching you the Way of Life. You should all meditate very often on His Passion because you received your salvation through His Passion—the salvation of your soul. For instance, when they placed the Crown of Thorns on my Son Jesus, and they mocked Him so badly, saying ‘Hail King of the Jews’, but in reality, He is a KingHe is the King of Kings.”

“But He remained so humble, so He did not react to their evil deeds, but rather He prayed for them.”

“Today on earth, people wear crowns, and they are very proud of them. They like to be above others. Not only royalty and important people in the world, but even ordinary people like to be above others; full of vanity, they praise themselves through material goods, education and intelligence. They believe all of this comes from themselves. But in reality, they should not forget that all of this comes from God. Nothing comes from themselves.”

“That is why my Son accepted the Crown of Thorns, which was so painful, and He bore it for the pride of humanity. He bore it with love; otherwise, no one would be redeemed.”

“So, my children, step into the Passion of my Son and console Him because He is so offended and rejected by humanity.”

Lord Jesus, we thank You for Your Passion and for suffering for us, and may You have mercy on the whole of humanity and the world because they do not understand.

Comment: May you have a very Blessed and Holy Easter. May the Risen Lord Jesus bless you all abundantly and give you peace.