2 November 2021

All Souls’ Day

This morning when I was praying my morning prayers, Blessed Mother came, and she was smiling.

She said, “Write down the good news; how many souls went to Heaven today, and they joined all the Saints, and together they praise and thank God for His mercy and His goodness.”

“After all the suffering they endured for a long time, and now having been cleansed and purified of all their sins, which they committed during their life on earth, today came their liberation.”

“They are the most happy to have entered their Heavenly home. However, not all of them went to Heaven today; those who remained behind are not yet ready to go to Heaven. Many have to stay longer in a place to be purified.”

Blessed Mother was then looking at me, and she said, “My daughter Valentina, at times it seems very difficult and hard for you when my Son permits you to endure very severe pain, but if you only knew and could see how many souls benefit from your suffering you would be more than happy.”

“My Son gives you strength every day,” she said.

I said, “My Mother, I couldn’t do it without our Lord Jesus.”

She said, “That is why you must trust Him always.”

Blessed Mother Mary Most Holy was very joyful and smiling for so many souls entered Heaven on the 1st and 2nd of November.

Thank You and praise You, Lord Jesus, for Your mercy and goodness.