20 January 2018

I offered up a decade of the Rosary for the intentions of our Blessed Mother.


Suddenly, I could see a large Crucifix and standing in front of the Crucifix I could see our Blessed Mother. She appeared as our Lady of Fatima wearing a long white mantle with her hands held in grace.


Blessed Mother smiled at me and said, “Thank you for offering prayers for my intentions. We need so much prayer for the world. These days, people live in a very sinful state.”


All of a sudden I could see Blessed Mother move her right hand down and she opened up a large space. What I saw was so horrific. I knew it was Hell. I could see these ugly creatures. Some were pitch black, like monkeys, climbing charcoaled stumps and branches. They had the most frightening red eyes. They were staring at me.


I could see other creatures that transformed from human form into ugly creatures, all black and like charcoal. There was also a very putrid smell. The smell was like that of burning sulphur.


Blessed Mother said, “See my child, how sad I am, so many people are falling into this place because there is no one to pray for them. This place where they are now, there is no way out. It saddens me so much, to see so many souls here.”


Being the Mother of all human beings she would like to save all souls. She said, “My children, there is not enough prayer to reach those that die suddenly and unrepentant.”


Our Blessed Mother appeared under the Crucifix so that she would have the power to open and show us Hell without the demons having any power. Our Lord paid the price on the Cross.


She has the authority to show how horrific Hell is so that we can pray for those that die suddenly and unrepentant. If we offer souls that are unrepentant, then God can be merciful to them and save them.