20 November 2022

St Patricks Cathedral

The Solemnity Christ the King

During the Holy Mass, our Lord appeared to me. He was dressed so majestically, in royalty to signify His Kingship. He wore a tunic in gold combined with red and purple over a white gown.

He said, “Valentina, do you believe I Am the King?”

I answered, “You are the King of Kings, my Lord!”

He then asked, “Do you believe I Am holy?”

I answered, “You are the Holiest of all Holiness.”

Our Lord said, “You do not know how I Am rejoicing in Heaven today. All the Saints, the souls, and all of Heaven praise Me so beautifully.”

I could see our Lord seated on His Throne while they were all bowing and praising and adoring Him.

“They praise Me on earth but not as much as in Heaven because on earth, only a minority believe in Me, and they praise Me today in the Churches.”

“In the very near future, the whole world will praise Me.”

Our Lord asked me, “Do you believe in Me as the King?”

I said, “Oh, yes, my Lord. You are the King and the Most Holiest Person of all Holiness, and a kind and gentle God.”

Our Lord said, “You see how intimate we are? How you console Me when you talk to Me like that.”

“Valentina, My child, there is so much to tell you about the world, but let us leave that aside for now. What I want you to know and what I want you to do today is to praise Me as the King, the King of Kings.”

He said, “Now the world rejects Me, but one day, in the very near future, I will be known very beautifully in the world. Everybody will know that I Am King, and they will praise Me and love Me the way they should, but for the time being, there is still evil in the world, but that will change. Now the Liturgical Year of the church ends, and Advent will come. Prepare for Advent very well. Be humble in Advent, don’t look at the world with all the buying and running around. Keep it all simple. Prepare yourself spiritually to receive Me with repentance and Confession. Start with the good preparation for My Coming as a Little King.”

After Holy Communion, our Lord said, “Vividly, I know, today people offend Me a lot in Holy Communion, in all the churches, I do not say only in this one. They receive Me without Confession, but, still today, I will bless people in a very special way.”

Then I saw how our Lord passed amongst the people in the church, blessing each one. Even though we will receive a blessing from the priest, this was a special blessing from our Lord before the final blessing by the priest.

He said, “If only earth praised Me the way they praise Me in Heaven, it would be beautiful, but it will come soon, in the very near future. The world will praise Me and know Me as the King.”

Our Lord will be praised and known as the King of Kings.