21 February 2023

Our Lord Jesus Shows Me His Creation

After a night of intense pain and suffering, in the early morning, I made my prayer offerings, and consecrated myself, my family and the whole world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Suddenly the Angel of the Lord came and said, “Valentina, our Lord Jesus sent me for you to come with me.”

Suddenly, we found ourselves among many angels and saints in a building that looked like a church. They were all kneeling and facing in the same direction.

One of the angels came up close to me and said, “Valentina, make the Sign of the Cross in a loud voice so that everybody can hear you and follow you.”

I did as the Angel asked of me, making the Sign of the Cross, saying, “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.” I then expected that we would all join in prayer.

Instead, our Lord Jesus suddenly appeared amongst all these saintly souls. He came directly to me and said, “Today, I shall raise you high up.”

He said, “Valentina, My child, come with Me. I will take you on a tour to see My Creation.”

I obeyed our Lord and started to follow Him. I felt such immense joy and happiness, but at the same time, I wondered why He didn’t ask all the people present.

Our Lord smiled and said, “Valentina, I know you suffered very much for Me. Today I will take you on a special tour of My Creation. That is your little reward.”

Suddenly, we were going high up over the beautiful mountains and nature, covered in the whitest snow with green patches here and there. Our Lord was very happy and joyful. He wore a white tunic and red mantle. He had shoulder-length hair.

He looked and me and asked me, “Valentina, are you happy to see these beautiful glaciers of the high mountains? This is all My Creation. Do you believe this is all My Creation? Do you believe that I created everything that exists?”

I answered, “Oh yes, my Lord, I believe always that You created everything, and I praise You for it, for all that You have done. I love You so deeply.”

Then pointing towards the mountains in front of us, our Lord said, “These are My favourite high mountains. They point to Me in the highest Heavens. Many times I like to be alone, and I stand on the High Mountain, so peaceful in My adoration, and I question Myself, ‘How can humanity deny all that I created?’ They never thank Me for it.”

While our Lord lamented, a deep sadness came to my heart, and I became very emotional for the Lord. He does not deserve so much rejection from humanity. After all, He created everything. I feel so low that humanity rejects the Creator of the Universe. Shame on the world! It needs to wake up.

Our Lord continued, “You know, My child, I like to reveal wonders to you and show them to you. You are always so deeply touched in your heart, and you love Me and console Me, and I love you so much, you have no idea.”

Our Lord asked me again, “Do you like My Creation that I show you?”

I answered, “Oh yes, my Lord, it is so beautiful.”

He asked, “Would you like to know where we are?”

I answered, “Oh yes, Lord, what is the name of this place?”

Smiling, He answered, “Kathmandu!”

I said, “This is far away. Thank You, my Lord Jesus, for this beautiful scenery and, most of all, for being with You.”

Then our Lord smiled and said, “Now I have to go back to the Highest of Heaven.”

I felt so nostalgic, wanting to go with Him. Our Lord read my thoughts and said, “But you have to stay longer here to spread My Holy Word to people and to speak to them about My Love and to tell them to repent.”

At that moment, I wanted to go with My Lord because I missed Him. I became very emotional, but He made me understand that I have to remain here on earth to do His Holy Will.

Thank You, my beautiful Lord and Creator.