21 January 2018

This morning while I was praying the Angelus, our Lord Jesus came to me.


I said to our Lord, “O Glory to You my Lord Jesus. How beautiful You look.”


He smiled and was so joyful as I said this to Him. He then moved up close to me and gently whispered, “I look beautiful to you, because you love Me very much.”


Our Lord said, “I come to tell you to keep praying and to tell all My elect children that sadly, the people of the world are very confused. People do not know if they are coming or going. They keep running in all directions, without knowing what it is all about. That is how confused they are. The governments of the world tell them all kinds of lies. World leaders would like to join all humanity into a One World so that they can control every person’s life. You are now in prison. You are not free anymore.”


He was looking at me and then He said, “Sadly, it will get worse before it gets better. But do not lose hope My children. I Am always with you, and that is why I urge you to stay close to Me, so that I can protect you. That is why it is so important to pray now, more than ever before, to overcome all this evil that is upon you. I promise you, soon I will change all the evil rulers of the world and will make all new for my elect people so that they will rejoice and be happy for what I have done for them.”


Our Lord wants us to really trust in Him and to pray more and to not lose hope.

Have hope in Him and trust in Him. He will never abandon us.

I could see how much He would like to set us free. He wants us to persevere in prayer.


After our Lord departed, the angel of the Lord appeared to me and said, “Come with me! Our Lord Jesus wants me to show you how offended He is today, by the sins of the world.”


Suddenly we found ourselves in a country side, somewhere in the world.  It was a very flat area, and I could see for miles and miles. The ground was densely covered in dry leaves that had fallen from the trees. I initially thought that all the leaves around me were souls that have died.


The angel said, “These leaves represent people living on earth.”


Then pointing to the leaves on the ground, the angel said, “This is what our Lord wants you to see.”


“Oh, so many leaves!” I said to the angel.


I could see miles and miles of leaves covering the ground. Looking more closely, I could see that many of the leaves were completely brown, and many were rotting away to the point where they had completely decayed. There were some that were mostly brown with just a little bit of green left around the edges.


I asked the angel, “What does all of this mean?”


He replied, “The leaves that you can see represent people who are living in the world today. They are alive but they are spiritually dead. Some barely believe in God. Some believe in nothing at all.”


“How sad,” I said


The angel continued, “You are the anointed one, and you have to walk across all of this and I will follow you. You must go in front of me and I will follow after you.”


As I started walking across this field of leaves I could hear the angel behind me shouting at the top of his voice, “Repentance! Repentance! Repentance!


At the same time, to my right, these words appeared in huge capital letters, suspended in the air:




I turned around and I saw the angel holding a large watering can. He was holding the can in the palm of his left hand whilst pouring water with his right hand. He was pouring the water over the dry leaves as we walked past them.


I asked the angel, “What are you doing?”


He said, “I am pouring the water over the dry leaves to keep them alive. They are barely alive.”


As we were coming towards the end of this field, we were approaching a long black line which was about thirty centimetres in width. I was about to continue walking across this black line when the angel said, “No, stop! You must not cross over the line.”


I obeyed the angel but no reason was given to me as to why I was not to cross the black line.


He said, “Tell people to pray for the conversion of sinners and for non-believers. Pray for people to convert and to repent. The world needs repentance.”


During Holy Mass later that day, our Lord once again spoke to me and said, “See, what the angel showed you this morning is all true. I confirm this to you. That is why I wanted you to be at the 11am Mass at Parramatta Cathedral. This is the High Mass even if the Bishop is not present. It is still a High Mass.”


Due to the hot weather I had planned to attend mass at my local church but our Lord asked me to attend the High Mass at the Cathedral.


During Mass our Lord said, “Offer Me all that you saw and experienced this morning, so that I can still be merciful and sanctify all the non-believers.”


Jesus wants us to offer all non-believers to Him at Holy Mass but He also wants us to continue to pray for them so that He can save them.


Lord, have mercy on us.