22 May 2022

Be At Peace and Do Not Panic

This morning I was saying my prayers and making my offerings. While I was praying the Angelus, being the last prayer I say before getting up, our Lord Jesus came.

He was sad and lamented to me, “Tell M and Z that I Am not very happy with what happened in this country [Australia] and what is happening in the world. I Am very disappointed with the Election and the outcome that the people chose.”

“You see, people are blind, and they put their hopes in empty promises instead of putting their trust in Me, your Lord, and praying for a good outcome.”

“I tell you, right now, there is so much confusion all over the world. All kinds of confusion are circling, and people are running everywhere. There are so many false messages being put out for people to read, and they are not from Me, and that is why people have become so panicky and confused right now.”

“Valentina, I want you to tell people to be at peace and not have panic attacks. Tell them not to run away from where they are staying, but to stay where they are and to pray for the world and for the conversion of sinners.”

“Right now, the devil is advancing in the world. He comes to deceive many people. What I want from all of you is conversion and repentance and to become more spiritual.”

“You do not need to run away, but have more faith and trust in Me. Prayer can change many things for the better. There are people who predict what is to come, and they give you the date of when I Am coming. They say what you must do. This is not true, and it is not for you to know, for only My Father knows when all these things will happen. He reserves this for Himself.”

Thank you, my Lord Jesus, for your Holy Words and Teachings.