23 May 2021

Pentecost Sunday

St Patrick’s Cathedral, Parramatta

During the Holy Mass, celebrated by the Bishop, our Lord Jesus appeared wearing a beautiful red tunic and a white undergarment which had a small round collar around His neck.

Our Lord said to me, “Today, offer Me all the congregation in this church, gathered around My Holy Altar, and all the bad things that have happened in this church, as I will turn them from bad to good. You will see.” Our Lord was smiling when He was telling me this. 

Our Lord said, “Pray for the world. I tell you, they are planning to start another world war. North Korea, China and Iran, are all dangerous. Even in the Middle East, there is no peace. They have stopped fighting, but there is no sure peace.”

“They just stopped, but it is not a secure peace. It can spread from the Middle East to the rest of the world. This is ever so close. Tell people to convert and to repent and to pray,” He said.

Our Lord continued, “See, the suffering that I permit you to have, it is always for the Holy Souls and to console Me. But today is the Feast of Pentecost, and a lot of souls want to go to Heaven.”

I asked our Lord, “When are You going to send the Holy Spirit to the world? Today would be the perfect day; it is the Feast of the Holy Spirit.”

Our Lord answered, “Not today. It is ever so close. I Am working on it. It will happen!”