23 October 2022

Souls Demanding that I help them

Today, while visiting Purgatory with the angel, I met some very strange and peculiar Holy Souls. They were women.

In a very blunt tone, they said to me, “Why don’t you help us? They told us that you can help us!”

They were very rude, insisting that I help them.

I asked them, “What did you do that you want my help? Did you pray while you were alive?”

They answered, “No, we never prayed. We lived good lives. We thought we didn’t have to pray. Prayer is old fashioned.”

I said, “How can I ask our Lord to be merciful to you? Lucky you are here. Did you see my leg, how swollen it is, and how much I suffer for all of you?”

They said, “Well, that is your bad luck!”

I said, “Lucky that you are safe in Purgatory.”

Lord Jesus, we thank You for Your Mercy for these ungrateful souls.