24th December 2017

Christmas Eve


This morning while I was praying the Angelus, the Holy Family appeared to me. Blessed Mother was holding Baby Jesus. He looked so beautiful, dressed in a pure white garment. Blessed Mother looked radiant and beautiful, dressed all in white, with St Joseph next to her wearing a dusty pale purple tunic.


Blessed mother outstretched her arms towards me while holding Baby Jesus. She said, “Take Him. Help me to put Him in the manger.”


I then took Baby Jesus in my arms, and gently lowered Him down to place Him in the little straw manger, but then He started to cry.  Each time I tried to put Him in the manger, he would just cry and cry.


He said, “Don’t put Me down! Hold Me close to yourself and console Me. The people of the world reject Me and offend Me so much. I come to give you this message for the world. How much I would like for the people of the world to accept Me and love Me, the way I love them.”


“People of the world love material things. They do not care about God and Faith anymore. I come from Heaven to give you an abundance of Love and Peace, so you can share it with one another, so that you can live in tranquillity and peace with one another. The world has become so sinful and so evil. Life does not mean very much to one another. There is constant hate and killing. The hearts of people have become very cold. Their hearts have become ice cold!”

“You must pray very much for non-believers, so that they will come to recognise the Truth.”


“Tell people that the Life and the Truth only come through Jesus Christ. There is no other God, except for Jesus Christ, who came down from heaven to give you blessings and abundance in everything.”

“Adore and Love Me, for I love you and I bless you abundantly this Holy Christmas.”

“Be in peace My children.”


Thank you Lord Jesus, have mercy on us and on the whole world.