24th SEPTEMBER, 2006

Inside church, before Mass. I had a vision of an Altar and Priest who was setting up before Mass. The next minute the Priest had been replaced by Jesus Himself. Our Lord began saying the Mass. Then I saw a crowd of people forming the congregation. They were noisily joining in with the words, which Jesus was saying. The sound of the people became louder and louder, until I could hardly hear Jesus.

He stopped and looked at the people, placing His Holy hands flat on the Altar. Then He started again, proceeding with the prayer of the Mass. The people started repeating the prayers with Him again, even louder than before. He stopped and became very sad, even emotional. It appeared that the people were saying the Mass instead of Him, very proudly instead of humbly.

He said, “This is happening in many churches, My child, people don’t respect My Holy Presence during the celebration of the Mass. There is no more reverence or silence. Everyone wants to be important. They sacrilege My Holy Word, they mock Me and blaspheme Me.”

“I Myself, I am Eternal Priest at the High and Holy Altar. Please tell Priests to tell the people to have Holy reverence for Me during the Mass and not to repeat what the Priest is saying.”

“I am truly present on the Altar and wish to be very highly honoured with silence and reverence. My Sacred Heart bleeds because of these offences. It has never happened like this before in the past. People were very reverent and humble. There is too much noise and talk inside the church. The devil is really confusing everyone. To follow the Mass you must all listen and absorb and be grateful that you are present.”

“Remember, My children, I died for you all on the Cross. Remember, you are all sinners and that I forgive you and wash you of your sin each time with My Precious Blood.”

Lord Jesus, the Eternal Priest, have mercy on us.