27 October 2022

The Good Times are Over and Gone

I had a lot of suffering, and then the angel of the Lord came and took me to Purgatory to meet many souls.

They were all begging me to help them. They were all asking me for fifteen or more dollars. I said, “I don’t have any money to give you, but I will pray for you.”

The angel explained, “They have debts to pay, so that is why they ask you for money.”

I understood that I need to help them through prayers and good deeds, and I have to offer them to our Lord, and then He accepts them.”

People, please pray for the Holy Souls, and you have to offer them to our Lord so that He will show His Mercy to them.

The angel and I remained in Purgatory, but we stood a little further away from the group of Holy Souls.

Then the angel said, “Valentina, you know that our Lord Jesus in Heaven is very offended by the world. People sin terribly in His Presence. We all feel deep shame for the Lord, and He will chastise humanity soon. A great sign will soon appear for all to witness. The good times are over and gone, now it is bad, and the worse has yet to come. Valentina, tell people to repent of their sins and change. Don’t be afraid. Our Lord and His Holy Mother are always with you, and so are we, the angels, here to protect you.”

“See how many souls you meet, and they beg you for help, but when they are living on earth, they think very little of their soul and afterlife.” The angel told me all kinds of suffering the soul has to go through before they are purified to enter into the presence of God.

Better think before we do wrong. May our Lord have mercy on all of us.