28 May 2021

Warning given to a Man living a Sinful Life

It was about one-thirty in the morning when I started to have a lot of suffering and pain throughout my body, but most severely in my leg. I tried to pray, hoping it would go away, but it didn’t help. The pain was severe.

Suddenly, the angel came about five o’clock in the morning. I was wide awake because I could not sleep due to the pain.

The angel said, “I am the angel of the Lord. Come, I will reveal to you why you have to suffer, and our Lord wants to reveal and explain to you why you are suffering.”

Whenever the angel takes me to a particular place, I do not feel any physical suffering.

Suddenly the angel and I were standing in front of a house. The door was open, so we entered. A man inside the house approached us and immediately fell to his knees because he was aware of the angel’s presence. The angel brought the light to the man who was in the darkness.

The angel said to the man, “Our Lord will now reveal your life and show you what you have done during your life. You have led a horrible life.”

I watched how everything was thrown in front of the man; a line of briefcases, all opened and full of money.

The angel said, “You know, you have lived a life of luxury, and you know that this money did not come to you in an honest way.”

He was selfish, greedy, a womaniser, involved with drugs; he committed all kinds of sins, everything only for himself. He thought he owned the world and could do whatever he wanted.

The man said, “I left my wife, and I keep playing with other women.”

I was witnessing what the angel was showing him about his life.

I asked the angel, “Is he a soul, or is he still alive?”

The angel replied, “No, no, he is still alive, but he will probably die very soon, and not of old age. That is why I want you to see this so that you can pray for him, to help him and for his soul to be saved.”

The man was still kneeling there and watching all these articles, and other material things appear before him. He was watching all the horrible sins that he committed in his lifetime.

The angel said, “Valentina, you have permission to talk to him. Go near him and talk to him.”

I moved forward, and I stood in front of him and, in a stern voice, said, “See, look what you have done. Shame on you! Most of all, how much you offended our Lord Jesus Christ. You committed so many sins, and you hurt our Lord Jesus.”

I then slapped him across the face a couple of times and then moved back and stood next to the angel. I was a little shocked at what I had just done. I said, “Oh my God, I have never slapped anyone like that before.”

The angel said, “Don’t worry about it. Do not feel guilty. You cannot do anything unless you are given permission from Heaven. So do not feel guilty, because what you have done, he deserved it.”

I said, “But how would he know, to change and to repent?”

The angel replied, “God will especially touch his conscience so he will be aware of it, and he will feel guilty of all the bad things he has done. There are many like him in the world, and they live so dishonestly. This man will be tormented by his guilty conscience so he may repent.”

I understood that it is like a permanent imprint on his conscience, placed there by God.

The angel said, “He lives a life of luxury; he is a playboy, happy in this world and very selfish, a cheater and a liar.”

After I came back to my room, my pain began to diminish slowly.

Today in church, when I came to Holy Mass, our Lord said, “What the angel revealed to you, and the suffering I permit you to have is to console Me and to save the soul of this person who is still alive. He has a chance to repent.”

Our Lord is so kind and merciful. He does not like to punish this person, so He sends a warning. This man still has a chance to turn around and adjust his life.

Lord Jesus said, “You console Me because I Am gravely offended by what I watch and what I see.”

I said, “Lord, I am very sorry that I slapped him. I have never done that before. It’s like I go to Heaven, and I’ll start slapping people!”

Teasing me, He said, “Valentina, when you come to Heaven, no need to slap people because they are all perfect.”

The angel told me that the man we came to warn, if he does not amend his life and leave his sinful ways, he will be condemned forever.

Pray for the conversion and repentance of all the people who live sinful lives and offend God very much.