2nd December, 2005

Friday. After receiving Holy Communion, I was offering thanksgiving to Our Lord. I had offered the Mass for Van Nguyen who had been executed this morning in Singapore.

Our Lord was very pleased that I had done this. Then He spoke, while holding His Holy hand on His Heart, “My Sacred Heart suffers pain to see so much injustice in the world and suffering among people. These people are so hard hearted. Living on this planet they have no remorse or feeling (no soul). They are very well dressed in their suits and ties, walking in the streets, ruling governments and nations, but in their souls lives the devil who only thinks how to kill and destroy everyone. People are pleading to stop, but there is no mercy or compassion to their hearts. So cruel is this humanity, they pretend they don’t hear or see, they block their minds to the truth.”

“I just wanted to tell you, be strong in your faith. This news which you hear and experience makes you sad and depressed but lose no hope. I am with you to protect you and give you strength to go through this tribulation. Pray and trust Me, it is the only way to bring peace.”

“I love you, My children, and I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, Amen.”

Our Lord Jesus was sad, I could see tears in His eyes as He departed. Before He departed I said, “My Lord, I am so afraid and sad to see all that we experience.”

He responded, “Be courageous and give courage to others. I love you, My child.” I said, “I love you too, my Lord. Have mercy on us. Thankyou for Your Holy Word.”