31 December 2020

I have Chosen you as My Prophet

New Year’s Eve – Saint Silvester

I was speaking to a friend over the phone telling her about the problems I have been having lately with my phone.

She said, “But you are always having problems with your phone.”

I said, “Yes, there must be some problem with the cable.”

After I finished the conversation with my friend, I went back to the kitchen to continue cooking.

Our Lord immediately spoke to me. He was not happy. He said, “Why explain everything to her? Am I not enough that you tell Me? She does not need to know all your problems. I Am the One that wants to know your problems.”

Then our Lord continued. He said, “You see when you talk to some people, they always compare themselves to you. That does not please Me. Valentina, My child, I choose you to be My servant and My instrument, My prophet. I did not choose them. I Am with everyone, but I speak through you, and I come to you, and that is the difference. So, you cannot compare yourself to others, or others compare themselves to you. You are different. You are My prophet.”

I said, “Lord, I am sorry, but people like to receive a blessing from You. They like to be in Your holy presence.”

Jesus said, “Yes, but I speak to you, I give messages to you and not to them, you then pass on the messages. You have to realise that. I only speak through certain people that I choose. I do not speak through everyone.”

I said, “Thank you very much, Lord.”

Our Lord wants us to trust Him completely and not to trust in people. He wants each of us to be intimate with Him, to talk to Him about everything that is happening in our lives, even the littlest things. I pass on the messages received from our Lord so that people can learn about Him and come closer to Him. It is very beneficial for them in the afterlife.