1st Saturday, St. Raphael’s Church, 7pm.

During Mass, Blessed Mother appeared to me. She looked concerned.

She said, “My child, once more I come to remind you that you have the worst drought in history. People don’t seem to worry, especially those living in the city. Your government tries to work out problems but they cannot arrive at the proper solution. My children, if only you would turn to God, He would solve all your problems and bless you with abundant water.”

Then She showed me many people in churches in a vision. With Her right hand She made an arc over the people saying, “See how many people are praying for rain, only a few.”

I looked and saw a small group, maybe five or six people praying. The rest were all quiet. Holy Mary said, “Not enough prayers are rising to Heaven. Prayer is a condition to receive which God gives to you.”

Then our Holy Mother looked at me and said, “I want you to spread this message to all churches, to others, not only Catholics and Christians but to all races and believers because you are all God’s children. Each one knows his own way to ask and pray.”

“If you all pray earnestly, God will hear your prayers and will bless you with abundant water.”

She repeated many times, “You must pray earnestly,” emphasising the word ‘earnestly’.