4 April 2023

The Warning for what is coming to the World

During the night, I experienced much suffering from the pain in my leg; as much as I was suffering, I still tried to pray but could not.

Suddenly the angel came to me. He said, “I am the Angel of the Lord. Come with me.”

First, we visited some souls in different parts of Purgatory. We were talking to them, trying to console them. Then after we finished, the angel said, “Come, I have to show you something else.”

We came to an open space where we could see the sky. The angel pointed upwards and said, “Look up to the sky.”

While we were both looking at the sky, a big moon appeared. It was very bright and shimmering. Suddenly the moon changed, and huge flames of fire started in the moon. Then, next to this moon appeared another, much bigger moon, and it was in the flames of fire as well. The flames were fiercely blazing, with tongues of fire shooting out.

Next to this second moon came massive, thick pitch-black smoke. As I watched this, I could see many men on Earth climbing onto their rooftops with high ladders, trying to extinguish this fire, but the more they tried, the more they could not reach it. As the flames of fire were so high, I could see they could not succeed. I have not seen anything like this before.

The flames were getting bigger and bigger, and the more I watched, the more frightened I became. Suddenly the angel came up very close to me, and he said, “The scene that you see in the sky is reality, and it tells you, and it indicates that our Lord Jesus’ Coming is very near.”

As I was watching this very frightening vision, I started to pray. It looked like the fire was going to fall onto the earth. Men tried to climb higher with their ladders to put out the flames, but their efforts were in vain; they could do nothing.

As I continued praying, the angel again pointed towards the sky and said, “But there is something else that you have to witness.”

He said, “Turn your eyes again to the sky.”

I looked up towards the sky, which was now very cloudy, covered in dark clouds. Suddenly a beautiful bright golden light appeared in the sky, and it began to push apart the dark grey clouds to the left and to the right. The golden light started to expand in the sky, and in the middle of this golden light appeared God the Father. He appeared from the waist up in this beautiful aura of golden light. In front of Him was a flock of many doves.

The colour of the first flock of doves was a mixture of grey, as you would see on earth. Next to this flock appeared pure white doves. They were very beautiful. Then next to this white flock appeared orangey-red doves.

I was amazed to watch these beautiful doves and what God the Father was showing me, as I had never seen this before.

Then God the Father said, “My daughter Valentina, what I Am showing you, this is what I Am going to send to My children on earth. Tell them to be happy and to praise Me.”

God the Father explained that the white doves represent peace, which will descend upon earth. The orangey-red doves represent the Holy Spirit, which will descend upon earth, renewing the whole earth and humanity. The grey doves represent humanity on earth.

All three of the recent messages I have received are all connected; the New Era on earth, the two moons with the flames of fire in the sky will be the cleansing and the purification of earth, and the doves that God the Father will send to earth. The third vision of the doves that God the Father will send, the orangey-red doves, represents the Holy Spirit manifesting in each soul, the way God sees each one of us interiorly, to purify the souls. The white doves will bring peace to humanity.

In the morning, after I returned from experiencing these visions, I began to pray the Angelus when a beautiful Saint appeared to me.

He held a book in his hand. He was all aglow and shining. He smiled at me and said, “Valentina, I came to tell you that there is a most beautiful Church in the world, and it is seven hundred years old.”

I asked the Saint, “Where is this beautiful church?”

He answered, “In Czechoslovakia.”

He also told me the name of the church, but because I had experienced all the visions just before, I could not remember, as I was focusing more on the revelations I had received from God the Father.

I believe our Lord sent the Saint to cheer me up because our Lord knows I worry, especially after seeing the frightening vision of the two moons in fire.

The Saint was very happy, and he was smiling.