4 October 2021

Many Rosaries are Needed for the World to Convert

This morning when I was praying, the angel came and said, “I have a message from Blessed Mother and our Lord; they want you to come with me as they want to speak to you.”

Suddenly we came to Heaven where Blessed Mother Mary Most Holy waited for us. Blessed Mother and I affectionately embraced, and then we walked arm in arm through the heavenly garden. We came upon a beautiful, huge and spacious building. We entered the building, and inside were the most elegant cream-coloured lounges made of a soft, lovely woven fabric. Seated on these beautiful lounges, in small groups, were heavenly people, all of them women.

Blessed Mother said, “I want you to meet some of my heavenly children. These are the ones that you prayed and suffered for.”

Watching them, I said, “That is so good.” While these souls were in Purgatory, I understood that I offered prayers, masses, and my suffering for their release. They are now in their eternal home in Heaven.

Blessed Mother was entertaining us all, talking to all of us. I could hear some of the heavenly women speaking in French to her.

I said, “Oh Blessed Mother, you speak French!”

She said, “I speak every language.”

Blessed Mother then sat down on one of the beautiful sofas, and as she did so, she asked me to sit next to her.

She then gently placed a baby in my arms. The baby was about two years old, dressed in a little white outfit. As Blessed Mother shared her talk with all of us, the baby fell asleep in my arms.

I said, “Blessed Mother, it is so peaceful here that the little baby fell asleep!”

Blessed Mother then stood up and said to me, “Valentina, my daughter, bring the baby here.” I followed her to the other side, where the lounges were slightly larger. Gently taking the baby from my arms, she placed her on a large cushion to sleep.

I noticed the baby wore no nappy, so I said, “The baby needs a nappy.”

Blessed Mother smiled and said, “No need for nappies. The baby doesn’t need nappies because this is Heaven; all here is pure and perfect.”

Mary Most Holy then turned to me and said, “No wonder my Son loves you so much. You are His favourite; you are so humble and simple.”

I said, “Blessed Mother, where is the Lord Jesus? I miss Him very much.”

She answered, “He is everywhere, so don’t be sad; He loves you so much. We love you very much. We often bring you here because we know how sad you are not to be able to go to church. But today, He gives me the privilege to talk to you.”

Mother Mary then sat down again, among the other saintly women.

I watched as in her hand there suddenly appeared a white sheet of paper with writing on it.

I was standing in front of Blessed Mother, and she said, “Valentina, my daughter, the message I gave you on the 1st October to share among people, you are still holding it back. We want you to publish and share it among the people. The world is increasing with sin, and it is spreading like an incurable disease; how I beg my children to change and turn to God. Right now, humanity is under the slavery of the devil, and he leads you all exactly where he wants to lead you to.”

I felt so terrible when Blessed Mother told me this, about holding onto the Heavenly message.

She said, “Tell people they must take our messages seriously. These are our warnings. A great catastrophe is upon humanity if they do not convert and repent of their sins. I cry for my children, so many die and even lose their soul because they die unrepentant. I was entrusted, and I inherit to be the Mother of all my children. My heart grieves to see children of mine snatched away from me, children that I want to bring to their heavenly home.”

Blessed Mother was very, very sad while telling me all this about her children on earth.

She said, “I ask my faithful children to say many Rosaries this month, especially now in October. I am the Queen of the Most Holy Rosary.”

“Valentina, tell people to say many Rosaries for the world to convert.”

The white sheet of paper that our Blessed Mother held in her hand was the message she was giving me for the world. As she was reading from this paper, I noticed that it was glowing with a brilliant golden light all over, that I could hardly see the writing from the luminosity. It was ever so beautiful.

The heavenly people were all listening to our Blessed Mother as she spoke, and, observing the glowing paper, they were amazed and were admiring, as was I, how holy is the Word of God.

Our Blessed Mother explained, “This is the message for Valentia; she had to spread it to others on earth.”

The heavenly people said, “Oh, how privileged you are.”

Blessed Mother permitted me to converse with the saintly women since we were all near each other. I asked them, “Do you have relatives here in Heaven?”

One lady answered, “Yes, I have my husband here in Heaven.” Others said they have children in Heaven.

I asked them, “But don’t you meet them? Do you see them?”

They answered, “Oh yes, occasionally we do see each other, but here in Heaven we don’t live the earthly way; we are mixed with other people because we all love one another. We live as one family.”

Thank you, my beautiful Mother, for your holy message and warnings to us. I pray people will take them seriously.